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Rappahannock Area Council for Children and Parents Newsletter (RACCAP)


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Here is a newsletter I did for RACCAP; a nonprofit organization which helps prevent child abuse and promotes positive parenting in the Fredericksburg area in Virginia.

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Rappahannock Area Council for Children and Parents Newsletter (RACCAP)

  1. 1. Welcome to RACCAP The Rappahannock Area Council for Children and Parents, has beenhelping and supporting parents and children for over a decade, providingeducational and supportive services to the Fredericksburg Areacommunity. RACCAP began its efforts to educate parents about positiveparenting techniques in September 1989. In January 2006 RACCAPchanged the name of the organization to its current name - theRappahannock Area Council for Children and Parents - to reflect thepositive mission of the work of the organization. RACCAP works withother local, state and national organizations to help families byimplementing new and innovative child abuse prevention and awarenessprograms and provides the technical support needed to ensure ourprograms continued success. Our motto - Cherish Our Children -demonstrates our commitment to the children of our community. IN THIS ISSUE - MARCH 2011 - ISSUE 1 - VOLUME 1 Adult Topics Talk With Your Child About Drugs 2/28 - 3/3 Meal Times - Good Times 3/7 - 3/10 Fitness, Food and A Healthy Weight For Your Child 3/14 - 3/17 Childrens Activities Just say no to Drugs! 2/28 - 3/3 Healthy Habits 3/7 - 3/10 Saint Patricks Day Craft 3/14 - 3/17 The Circle of Parents program offered through the Rappahannock Area Council For Children and Parents (RACCAP) provides parent support services as listedbelow. For directions to the group meeting place, click on the site name below to access directions.
  2. 2. The Circle of Parents program is sponsored by Dominos Pizza of Caroline, Papa Johns Pizza of Fredericksburg, Stafford,and Spotsylvania, Dannys Pizza of Spotsylvania, WaWa Corporate Charities, VA Family & Childrens Trust Fund, and the VADept. of Social Services Community Based Child Abuse Prevention Program. Circle of Parents groups meet from 6:30pm - 8:00pm unless otherwise stated below. A pizza dinner and childrens program is provided for free.
  3. 3. Caroline: Wrights Chapel U.M.C.; 8063 Ladysmith Rd.Fredericksburg: Bragg Hill Family Life Center; 400 Bragg Dr., group conducted in Spanish.Fredericksburg: Hazel Hill Community Center; 100 Princess Anne Street.King George: Group is currently not scheduled.Spotsylvania: (Courthouse Area) Christ Church; 8951 Courthouse Rd.Stafford: Meets at 6:00pm - 7:30pm. Head Start Building; 610 Gayle Street.Stafford: Regester Chapel U,M,C.; 85 Bells Hill Rd.WaWa Salem Sposylvania; (Towne Centre Area) Salem Baptist Church; 4044 Plank Rd. Talk With Your Kids Talk with Your Child About About Drugs Drugs Dont put off talking about alcohol and other drugs. As early as fourth grade, kids worry about pressures to try drugs. School programs alone arent enough. Parents must become involved, but most parents arent sure how to tell their children about drugs. Open communication is one of the most effective tools you can use in helping your child avoid drug use. Talking freely and really listening shows children that they mean a great deal to you. Talking with your child about drugs....Who has done it? How What do you say? did the talk go? How did you approach it? How do you feel  Tell them that you love them and youabout bringing up the topic? What want them to be healthy and happy.positive, drug free alternatives do  Say you do not find alcohol and other you do as a family? How do you illegal drugs use acceptable. Many parents never state this simple principal. talk about it? Is this difficult?  Explain how this use hurts people. Physical harm - AIDS, How do you as a parent deal with slowed growth, impaired coordination, accidents.that question as to why it is okay Emotional harm - sense of not belonging, isolation, for adults and young people to paranoia. Educational harm - difficulties remembering and paying attention. drink but not your child?  Discuss the legal issues. A conviction for a drug offense Making Meal can lead to time in prison or cost someone a job, drivers license, or college loan. Times More  Talk about positive, drug free alternatives, and how you Pleasant can explore them together. Some ideas include sports, reading, movies, bike rides, hikes, camping, cooking, games, and concerts. Involve your kids friends.
  4. 4. Dont run a restaurant. How do you say it? Enjoyable conversation.  Calmly and openly - dont exaggerate. The facts speak for themselves.  Face to face - exchange information and try to understand each others point of view. Be an active listener and let What about manners? your child talk about fears and concerns. Dont interrupt or preach.  Through "teachable moments" - in contrast to a formal lecture, use a variety of situations - TV dramas, books, etc.  Establish an ongoing conversation rather than giving a one- time speech.  Remember that you set the example. Avoid contradictions Are any of your children between your words and your actions. And dont use illegal! helping plan and prepare  Be creative! You and your child might act out various meals? situations in which one person tries to pressure another to take a drug. Figure out 2 or 3 ways to handle each situation and talk about which works best. Fitness, Food, Healthy  Exchange ideas with other parents. Weight for your Child To learn more, please join us for our one of our groups. All are welcome!! See Calendar for days, times, and locations. MAKING MEAL TIMES MORE PLEASANTFitness and Nutrition are hottopics with health providers, educators and legislators these days. Everyone is making their recommendations in regard to the problem of childhood obesity. Dont Run a Restaurant Make one meal, but offer options on how to have it served (Do you want your burger or on your plate?). When most of us were kids Click here to we ate what was put in front of us. There was never any ambivalence from our parents about any other options; therefore participate in our we ate. Make Dinner Conversation Enjoyable survey This is not the time to admonish a child about her late homework assignment or to question her current choice of friends. This is theContact Information: time to share ideas and share stories. This is an opportunity to have that quality time we hear so much about but often dont haveRACCAP: time to pursue.Our Location: Teach Good Table Manners at Home
  5. 5. 1320 Central Park Boulevard If you wouldnt think it funny to have your child display his mouth full of food to your hosts at a dinner party, I suggest not letting himSuite 263/264 get away with it at home.Fredericksburg, VA 22401Email: Relax your Attitude about Food The more focus and attention you place on eating habits, the morePhone: (540) 785 - 6217 of a battle ground food will become. Keep a few important pointsFax: (540) 785 - 1397 in mind: Kids needs to eat more often than 3 square meals. Kids can thrive eating the same foods over and over and avoidingToll Free: (877) 785 - 6217 anything new and different. Kids are hungry when they walk in the door after school, the routine of a healthy after school snack canMailing Address: ward off all kinds of battles. When healthy options are all thats available, kids will eat healthy food. Mealtime can be enjoyableP.O. Box 7402 when you serve the food, then simply take the time to enjoy it,Fredericksburg, VA 22404 without monitoring everyone elses eating habits. Encourage your Children to getWebsite: Involved in Meal Planning and Preparation It will motivate to eat whats served and it will teach them valuable skills that will enrich their lives. You will probably be pleased to see that they actually enjoy helping in the kitchen. To learn more, please join us for our one of our groups. All are welcome!! SeeCircle of Calendar for days, times, and locations. Fitness, Food and A Healthy Weight for Your ChildPrevent Child Abuse . On a scale of 1 to 5 - with one being a big problem and five being something that you are not concerned with in regard to your child(ren) would you rate the issue in regard to your family concerns? See the following chart for some ideas of snack wise examples for you children.Prevent Child Abuse Snack - Wise Plan healthy snacks for children Fats And Sweets Limit ChoicesRappahannock United Way Milk Group Meat Milk and fruit milkshake Hard cooked eggs
  6. 6. Apple wedges and cheese Peanut butter onMini yogurt cups crackersBean dip on crackersVegetable Group Fruit GroupCarrot, celery, green pepper Tangerine sections or cucumber sticks Chunks of bananaCherry tomatoes in small pieces or pineappleSteamed broccoli or green beans Canned fruit Grain GroupCracker stacks - wheat crackers spread with cheesespreadReady to eat cereals Ginger snaps or fig bars Graham crackers