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How To Draw Pumbaa


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How To Draw Pumbaa

  1. 1. how to draw pumbaa Learn to draw one ofyour favorite characters from THE LION KING with celebrated DisneyAnimator, Tony Bancroft. © 2011 Disney.
  2. 2. how to draw pumbaa STEP 1• Start with a very simple circle• Then add a set of cross hairs horizontally & vertically to define the eyeline © 2011 Disney.
  3. 3. how to draw pumbaa STEP 2• Define the headshape with a big round form extending from your initial circle• From the left of the head shape, add a rounded tube form to define Pumbaa’s body © 2011 Disney.
  4. 4. how to draw pumbaa STEP 3• Add in his tail which sticks up like a flag• Drop in his four skinny legs © 2011 Disney.
  5. 5. how to draw pumbaa STEP 4• Add a large triangular shape to represent his nose• Add his smile line and the top line which defines his snout• Add his tusks• Put in his wide open mouth and don’t forget his bottom lip © 2011 Disney.
  6. 6. how to draw pumbaa STEP 5• Place Pumbaa’s eyes above his smile line and draw in his eyebrows• Add his triangular wart shapes to the side of his face• Add Pumbaa’s tooth and tongue• Define Pumbaa’s nose by adding his nostrils © 2011 Disney.
  7. 7. how to draw pumbaa STEP 6• Add his big ears• Add more detail to his torso• Place his hooves at the end of his legs © 2011 Disney.
  8. 8. how to draw pumbaa STEP 7• Define Pumbaa’s hair which is very un- kept…he’s a bachelor• Add a fluffy bush of hair to his tail• Shade in his mouth and nostrils © 2011 Disney.
  9. 9. how to draw pumbaa STEP 8Practice these sevenbasic steps and you’llbe drawing like a trueDisney Animator!Have fun! © 2011 Disney.
  10. 10. how to draw pumbaa Practice these seven basic steps and you’ll be drawing like a true Disney Animator! Have fun! © 2011 Disney.IN THEATERS SEPTEMBER 16 INON + + OCTOBER 4 LIMITED TIME © 2011 Disney.