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It is not only the small companies that are falling. V&D, Macintosh are going bankrupt to. Retail is changing rapidly. VraagBod is bringing the evolution from Retail-Etail to Metail. A consumer centered model that uses basic trade rules as it’s main driver in providing business.

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  1. 1. A M E T A I L S T O R Y B Y V R A A G B O D Why Retail is evolving to Metail Martijn Brouns Co-Founder VraagBod Site: Twitter: @vraagbod_nl, @martijnbrouns
  2. 2. Our service returns the power of the purchaser back to the consumer by offering a truly unique trade platform to retailers THE FIRST ME- TAIL PLATFORM OF ITS KIND
  3. 3. Barriers for buying a product: - No market overview - Lack of buying power - Not able to ask for a discount - Payment- or log in problems - Who can I trust? - Possibility of scams - Delivery problems - Additional shopping cart costs
  4. 4. Barriers for selling a product: - High overhead costs - Limited reach - Customer loyalty competitors - Webshops costs Knowledge, time & money - I miss the consumers buying intention - Cost of online promotion
  5. 5. VRAAGBOD IS A ME-TAIL PLATFORM FOR CONSUMERS VraagBod is an easy to use "one stop shop" for all your products, on which you can compare prices and ask retailers for their best price with one push of the button. You can receive offers from retailers in your account and buy from there, securely. Prices and offers are all inclusive and in a clean format, so no haggling or hidden costs when you check out.
  6. 6. Sell more products Increase market range Win deals Powerful marketing Gain market insight Sign up, set up, sell up Retailers: VRAAGBOD IS A SALES PLATFORM FOR RETAILERS Where they can respond to the desire to buy of their customers and process orders and returns. All on an easy to use platform without maintenance costs.