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Samen op reis naar een nieuw plannings- en roosterplatform


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Syllabus Plus Anywhere Referentiegroep - HOlink2018 - donderdag 7 juni - sessieronde 2 - Cambridge 27

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Samen op reis naar een nieuw plannings- en roosterplatform

  1. 1. Reference group Syllabus Plus Anywhere Contribution during HO-link 07-06-2018, Fred Jonker
  2. 2. Increasing the user voice Passive interaction Some engagement High engagement User lead engagement Webinars Sprint reviews Conferences User journey mapping workshops Reference group
  3. 3. What is the purpose of the reference group? Product development Sprint reviews Reference group Looking forward Looking backwards Review and provide feedback on what has been developed in the last sprint Review and provide feedback on upcoming development and solution vision
  4. 4. Activities Subjects:  Naming within Anywhere  Feedback on structural set up  Permissions  Update actual developments 4  Once a month an online session  Good start, but much more is possible. Better preparation and concrete questions will result in more feedback.
  5. 5. Activities  Expectation are that discussions in the reference group will become much more concrete. 5  Beta test version with our own data  This is where everybody is waiting for!  Since this available for institutions within the reference group.  Goal: feedback on the software.  Able the make a well balanced decision to migrate to Anywhere or postpone this.  The picture looks very promising, but how will it be if we arrive in practice...
  6. 6. Who’s in the reference group? Brunel University Canterbury Christ Church City University De Montfort University Falmouth Exeter Plus King's College London Manchester Metropolitan University Regents University University of Birmingham University of Chichester Univesity of Dundee University of Edinburgh University of the West of England Univesity of Winchester University of York University of Leeds University of Huddersfield QUB Hogeschool Utrecht Wageningen University and Research (WUR) Hogeschool Leiden Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Hogeschool van Amsterdam Universiteit van Utrecht RUG KU Leuven Karel de Grote Hogeschool Dutch users Belgium users UK users Coppenhagen Business School KEA BI Norwegian Business School Tampere University of Technology Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne Tampere University of Technology Glion VSB KU Nordic users Monash Uni Deakin Uni UNSW Uni of Newcastle University of Queensland Curtin Uni Flinders Uni ANU Uni of Wollongong VUW Uni Auckland UNE SCU Melboure Uni RMIT AUT APAC users
  7. 7. And what about the other institutions?  Post will be made on Zendesk (future replacement of the forum). Currently still empty, but this will change.  You can ask question to members of the reference group. Questions on new functionality coming up Share feedback how their ‘old’ data looks in S+ Anywhere Their test experience and using the new beta software Good and bad feedback 7
  8. 8. Questions? 8
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