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Een ander perspectief: het herontwerp van de Student Journey in de zeer competitieve Hoger Onderwijsmarkt in de UK


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Jon Lees, Montfort University, Mark Aarts, itelligence - HOlink 2018 - donderdag 7 juni - sessieronde 1 - Cambridge 27

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Een ander perspectief: het herontwerp van de Student Journey in de zeer competitieve Hoger Onderwijsmarkt in de UK

  1. 1. CORE SYSTEMS MODERNISATION Een ander perspectief: Het herontwerp van de Student Journey in de zeer competitieve Hoger Onderwijsmarkt in de UK A different perspective: Redesigning the student journey in the highly competitive UK Higher Education market Jon Lees (De Montfort University) Mark Arts (itelligence)
  2. 2. Core Systems Modernisation Agenda Welcome Who and where are DMU Higher Education in the UK Core Systems Modernisation Programme The journey ahead Lessons learned What’s in it for us? Student Experience at DMU Questions
  3. 3. Core Systems Modernisation Welcome to Leicester London Birmingham Liverpool Glasgow Edinburgh Leeds Manchester Leicester 14th-largest metropolitan economy in the UK by GDP (£27.5 bn) King Richard III reburied in Leicester Cathedral in 2015 Population: 350,000 50.6% White British 37.1% Asian 6.3% Black 3.5% Mixed Race 2.6% other Two Universities Home to Leicester City Football Club
  4. 4. Core Systems Modernisation HE Market – 2016/17 162 higher education institutions in the UK 2.32 million students studying at UK higher education institutions. Undergraduate: 1.76 million Postgraduate: 551,585 Full-time: 1.80 million Part-time: 518,930 Students from the UK: 1.87 million Students from the EU: 134,835 Students from non-EU countries: 307,540 Figures from 2015–16 show that more than 90% of graduates were in work or further study within six months of leaving university.
  5. 5. Core Systems Modernisation UK HE Market The SLC is a non-profit making Government-owned organisation providing loans and grants to students in universities and colleges in the UK Higher Education Statistics Agency - experts in UK higher education data and analysis, and the designated data body for England. UCAS is an independent charity and are the UK Universities and colleges admission service. UK Visas and Immigration is part of the Home Office and make the decision about who has the right to visit or stay in the UK. OFS regulate English higher education providers on behalf of all students. The CMA advises providers about their consumer law obligations to undergraduate students
  6. 6. Core Systems Modernisation Founded in 1870 – Leicester School of Art No. of Students 19,576 Home 15,990 (82%) EU 1151 (6%) Overseas 2435 (12%) No. of staff 3000+ 2017 League position 67th Intro to DMU Ethnicity DMU Sector Asian 22.9% 13.7% Black 17.5% 9.5% White 48.9% 69.0% Other (& mixed) 9.9% 6.7% Unknown 0.8% 1.0% 2016/17 Enrolments Disability DMU Sector Declared 19.6% 11.9% Not declared 80.4% 88.1% Gender DMU Sector Male 43.1% 44.2% Female 56.9% 55.7% Age DMU Sector Under 21 68.9% 79.1% 21 and above 31.1% 20.9%
  7. 7. Core Systems Modernisation HE Market: ‘home’ admissions Market contraction: 6.5% fewer applications and significant declines at key competitors Demographic downturn Intense competition Significant increase in advertising spend by competitors Dramatic slashing of tariff at Clearing UG enrolments 4269 (2013/14) to 5896 (2017/18) PG enrolments 314 (2013/14) to 660 (2017/18)
  8. 8. Core Systems Modernisation Delivering an integrated student experience
  9. 9. Core Systems Modernisation Meet Jim…
  10. 10. Core Systems Modernisation Jim’s student experience at DMU
  11. 11. Core Systems Modernisation Jim’s student experience at DMU
  12. 12. Core Systems Modernisation Jim’s student experience at DMU
  13. 13. Core Systems Modernisation Jim’s student experience at DMU
  14. 14. Core Systems Modernisation • Old and out of date systems • More than one version of the ‘truth’ • Average user experience • Many workarounds In addition… Our systems didn’t work for us, we worked for them
  15. 15. Core Systems Modernisation How DMU are delivering an integrated student experience Student-centric approach & coordinated service delivery across campus Seamless integration of all areas of the university Improved student satisfaction, reduced complaints, better retention Analytics: data available to all student touchpoints via a single repository, not a functionally-specific view Targeting of information, advice and guidance to the right students at the right time, anticipating customer needs Target resource to meet cyclical student demand
  16. 16. Core Systems Modernisation Finance and Procurement The Core Systems Modernisation is the programme to deliver the vision of ‘Modern Processes for a Modern University’ People and Payroll Student Lifecycle and CRM Core Systems Modernisation
  17. 17. Core Systems Modernisation What is SLcM & CRM? Together they will follow our students throughout their journey with DMU SLcM = Student Lifecycle Management Manages the ‘transactional’ interactions with our students such as their personal record, their grades, finances, progression etc. Replacing QLS, Academic Database and Admiss (& more) CRM = Customer Relationship Management Manages and facilitates student-facing communications from first point of contact through to alumni, as well as our wider partners. Replaces Microsoft Dynamics
  18. 18. Core Systems Modernisation The journey ahead May June July Aug Sept - Oct SLcM: Initial 4 Programmes • Marks entry • Assessment boards • Progression • Graduation SLcM: Admissions Pilot CRM: • Marketing & Communications • International Office • School & College Recruitment • Disabilities, Advice & Support • Enquiry Management • Events • #DMUglobal SLcM: Admissions for January 2019+ SLcM: Remaining Programmes CRM: Admissions Interviews
  19. 19. Core Systems Modernisation Lessons Learned - DMU • Governance structure and supplier management • Budget management • Requirements and design • SAP capability
  20. 20. Core Systems Modernisation Lessons Learned - itelligence • Start with intensive training / familiarisation before detailed requirements are specified • Project team size and project management • Localisation • UCAS – Studielink • Student Loans Company – DUO • UKVI – IND • Etc. • Competition to attract students much stronger • Clearing day • Student engagement
  21. 21. Core Systems Modernisation Lessons for Dutch Higher Education • Competitive Dialogue Tender Procedure • Student engagement (CRM, marketing, etc.) • Live integration Studielink vs file based integration UCAS • Live integration DUO vs file based reporting HESA • Disabilities management (starts pre education) • Student diversity
  22. 22. Core Systems Modernisation What’s in it for us? Improved communications with enquirers, applicants and alumni Modern supported systems Data driven decisions Enable enhanced international reach and effectiveness Single source academic structure and calendar Academic self service access to their students progress and performance 24/7 self service – any time, any place, any device Facilitate student attainment and retention Up to date information available in real time Less duplication
  23. 23. Core Systems Modernisation Remember Jim? What’s in it for him?
  24. 24. Core Systems Modernisation Delivering an integrated student experience
  25. 25. Core Systems Modernisation
  26. 26. Core Systems Modernisation Questions