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Spiti sarahan safari


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This little known destination provides varied fairy tale like landscapes travelling from the lush green to the high altitude desert areas...
Excellent value, it also fits in just 1 week!

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Spiti sarahan safari

  1. 1. Spiti SplendoursBest Time; June- August Adventure Trails India 1 Lesser known Jeep Safaris
  2. 2. Table of Contents Itinerary at a Glance Day Wise Itinerary Trip Highlights Route Map ATI Overview Contact Us Adventure Trails IndiaBest Time; June- August 1 Lesser known Jeep Safaris
  3. 3. Itinerary at a GlanceDay 01: Pick up at Kalkaji station, Shimla, drive on toSarahan (176kms). Overnight at a hotel/guesthouse inSarahan.Day 02: Sarahan- Chitkul (Sangla Valley) (!41kms). Overnightat Kinner Camps.Day 03: Explore Chitkul. Overnight at Kinner Camps.Day 04: Chitkul-Tabo (Spiti Valley) (200kms). Overnight athotel/ guesthouse.Day 05: Tabo- Ki- Kibber- Kaza (56kms). Overnight at hotel.Day 06: Explore Kaza. Overnight at hotel.Day 07: Kaza- Manali (200kms). Adventure Trails IndiaBest Time; June- August Lesser known Jeep Safaris 2
  4. 4. Day Wise Itinerary Day 1 : SHIMLA- SARAHAN (2165M)- 176KM 21 kms south of Jeori, Sarahan was once an important market for traders of neighboring regions. An attractive town, it has a pheasant breeding center nearby. It is the base for numerous treks and is the gateway to Kinnaur. It is a place of pilgrimage, a haven for nature lovers and the temple complex attracts a variety of admirers. Here is a place that offers an out-of-the-ordinary travel experience.Best Time; June- August Adventure Trails India Lesser known Jeep Safaris 3
  5. 5. Day 2: SARAHAN- CHITKUL (3450M) -141KMChitkul, on the banks of River Baspa, is the first villageof the Baspa valley and the last village on the oldHindustan-Tibet trade route. It is also the last point youcan travel to without a permit.The Kagyupa temple hasa highly valued old image of the Shakyamuni Buddha,a Wheel of life and four Directional Kings on eitherside of the door. Chitkul is also the last point of thefamous Kinner Kailash Parikrama. The powerfulgoddess of Chitkul is the only non-Buddhist deity towhich respect must be paid by the parikrama pilgrims.It is believed that the local Deity is related to the Deity of Gangotri.Day 3: Explore Chitkul & its surroundings. Adventure Trails IndiaBest Time; June- August Lesser known Jeep Safaris 4
  6. 6. Day 4: CHITKUL- TABO (3050M)- 200KM The Tabo Gompa, or Buddhist monastery, is second in importance only to the Tholing Gompa in Tibet in the entire Himalayan region. It was developed as an advanced centre for learning by the great teacher and translator Lotsawa Rinchen Tsang Po, the king of western Himalayan Kingdom of Guge -- also known as Lha Lama Yeshe Od or Mahaguru Ratnabhadra. To date, it is the preserver of the Buddhist Legacy and is one of the most important Gompa of the entire Tibetan Buddhist world The monastery temples house a priceless collection of manuscripts and thangkas (Buddhist scroll paintings), historical, exquisite statues in stuccos, frescos and murals depicting tales from the Mahayana Buddhist Pantheon. Every inch of wall is covered with fine paintings in astonishingly well preserved condition. The temple complex is a national historic treasure of India and protected as such by the Archaeological Survey of India. Adventure Trails IndiaBest Time; June- August 5 Lesser known Jeep Safaris
  7. 7. Day 5 : TABO- DANKAR- KI-- KIBBER- KAZA 56KMABOUT DANKARDankar Gompa (3890 M) was built in the12th century. This hill top fort still dominatesthe Spiti Landscape. It houses more than 160Lamas. Buddhist scriptures in Bhoti languageand a statue of Dhyan Buddha consisting of fourcomplete figures seated back to back is the mainattraction of this striking monasteryABOUT KIThe Ki monastery is said to be have beenfounded by Dromton, the founder of Ge-lug-pasect in the 11th century, it has a fabulous collectionof ancient tankhas. A description of this monasteryby a visiting scholar " the airiness of these highestroofs, the isolation from the hugger-mugger villagebelow, the black yaks tail and the bronze statuesand the extravagant prayer flags, all these makesone feel that God cannot be far away Adventure Trails India Best Time; June- August Lesser known Jeep Safaris 6
  8. 8. ABOUT KIBBER Kibber is located at a height of about 14,200 ft in a narrow valley on thesummit of a limestone rock .There are only 80 housesin the village. The remarkable feature about thearchitecture is the use of stone instead of mud oradobe brick used extensively In the valley. There is amonastery in Kibber which is named after SerkangRimpochhe of Tabo. The lama breathed his last inKibber in 1983 and when he was being cremated awater source erupted from that spot. Even today thesource is being used by the villagersDay 6 : EXPLORE KAZA/ RESTDAY Adventure Trails IndiaBest Time; June- August Lesser known Jeep Safaris 7
  9. 9. Day 07: KAZA- MANALI 200KMS Pursue the activity of your choice, be it rafting, paragliding, or simple sightseeing & relaxing at Manali. TRIP ENDS Adventure Trails IndiaBest Time; June- August Lesser known Jeep Safaris 8
  10. 10. TRIP HIGHLIGHTS: This trip is based entirely in the state of Himachal Pradesh in the Spiti Region. This trip offers some of the most mind blowing vistas possible ,travelling entirely through semi populated areas one has a glimpse of the wonderful indo-Tibetan nomadic style of life & architecture heavily influenced by the Buddhist style. As you go from Chitkul, which is a very green area boasting tall firs, deodars & pine even at an altitude of 3000m & plus into the dry arid desert area towards Tabo & Kaza. The difference in the few kms is awesome. Kaza a quaint town at 10,000 offers a nice resting area from which one can visit the centuries old Monasteries in the surroundings. Adventure Trails IndiaBest Time; June- August Lesser known Jeep Safaris 9
  11. 11. ROUTE MAP FOR TRIP Adventure Trails IndiaBest Time; June- August 10 Lesser known Jeep Safaris 11
  12. 12. ATI OVERVIEW: ADVENTURE TRAILS INDIA IS RUN & OWNED BY ANIL & PUJA BISHTAfter having worked in the field of Adventure Travel &Mountains since the tender age of twelve Anil hasknown no other life. As a professional mountain & riverguide he has successfully led & participated ininnumerable mountain climbing expeditions & runmost of the great Indian rivers. A dreamer by naturehe has the special ability to make you overcome mostfears &by doing so reach never before heights withinyourself.Diametrically opposite, Puja is the quintessentialbackdrop person, bringing organizational efficacy &practicality to the team. Taking care of the mundaneDetails & the ‘have to be done’ chores being her forte.An inborn love for the great outdoors & having traveledextensively since childhood equips her to be the perfecthostess in any SituationATI is also boasts of a staff of enthusiastic & dedicatedteam players who aim to sserve in order to maximise youroutdoor experience to the fullest! Adventure Trails India 11Best Time; June- August Lesser known Jeep Safaris 12
  13. 13. CONTACT US AT MAIL US ANIL : +91-9412988771 +91-8171622571 PUJA :+91-9411170669 OR AT: +91-135-2442416 VISIT US: Adventure Trails India 13Best Time; June- August Lesser known Jeep Safaris 13