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Informatica pc8

  1. 1. BROCHURE Informatica PowerCenter 8 Setting the Standard for Enterprise Data Integration Mark Cothron “Informatica PowerCenter 8 significantly broadens the definition of an Data Integration Architect enterprise data integration platform. Helping to overcome the challenges of Ace Hardware implementing data integration as an enterprise-wide function, PowerCenter 8 offers key new features that can enable near-universal data access, deliver greater performance and scalability, and significantly increase developer productivity.” One of the biggest challenges global organizations face today is the fragmentation of dataBENEFITS: across disparate enterprise systems. Over the last two decades, organizations have invested• Cost-effectively scale to meet growing data volumes and demands from the heavily in applications and systems that have increased efficiency through process business with a single, unified platform automation. They have also increased complexity. They generate massive volumes of data that offers unparalleled performance, scalability, and reliability that are housed in disparate systems that were not designed to share data.• Increase developer and development Data is critical to running the business—but organizations can’t realize the full business value team productivity with a codeless, object-oriented visual development of their enterprise data unless they can effectively integrate and move it between different environment, easy-to-use dashboards, systems, delivering it where and how the business demands it. and mapping templates• Respond efficiently and effectively to Informatica® PowerCenter® is a single, unified enterprise data integration platform that allows business needs for holistic information companies and government organizations of all sizes to access, discover, and integrate data from with universal data access and virtually any business system, in any format, and deliver that data throughout the enterprise at metadata analysis and reporting any speed. PowerCenter addresses the challenges of data integration as a mission-critical, enterprise-wide solution to complex problems such as migrating off legacy systems, consolidating application instances, and synchronizing data across multiple operational systems. PowerCenter helps organizations derive business value from all their data so that they can: • Reduce IT costs and complexity • Streamline business operations and processes • Drive revenue growth
  2. 2. SINGLE, UNIFIED ENTERPRISE DATA INTEGRATION PLATFORM IS IDEAL FOR:Business executives: By providing the IT organizations: Ready for mission-critical, Developers and global IT teams: With abroadest access to and the most flexible enterprise-wide deployment, this single, cost- unique metadata architecture, a fullydelivery of all enterprise data, this single effective platform delivers unparalleled integrated developer environment, andplatform provides the business with the performance, scalability, and high a 1-hour installation, this single platformholistic information it needs, when it’s availability to handle the most complex data helps teams of developers collaborate andneeded, and how it’s needed—including integration initiatives and the full range of easily standardize and reuse definitionsbatch, real-time, and “on the fly”—for enterprise data assets while keeping up with across platforms and projects without havingimproving business operations and driving growing data volumes and business to recode, increasing productivity andbetter business decisions demands in the face of shrinking budgets accelerating time-to-results Get Universal Data Access With PowerCenter 8, data can be accessedOne Platform, Many and delivered when the business demands itUnique Capabilities, Using a scalable, metadata-driven and how the business demands it—in realCountless Benefits architecture, PowerCenter 8 provides access time, batch, or “on the fly”. No other product to more enterprise data types from a single provides a wider variety of data accessPowerCenter 8, the groundbreaking new platform than any other product. These data methods from a single platform. Therelease from Informatica, sets the standard types include structured, unstructured (e.g., PowerCenter Data Federation Option extendsfor data integration across the enterprise. Microsoft Word documents and Excel data access further by combining traditionalPowerCenter 8 was built to address real-world spreadsheets, email, binary files, .pdf, etc.), physical and virtual data integrationbusiness problems, such as the rising and semi-structured data (e.g., industry- approaches in a single platform.complexity of managing new and legacy IT specific data to support HL7, ACORD, FIXML,systems, the lack of data consistency and When you use a single, unified enterprise SWIFT, etc.); relational, mainframe, file, andtimely access to data, and high operational data integration platform to get universal standards-based data; and messagecosts. PowerCenter 8 represents Informatica’s data access, you can: queues—virtually any and all enterprise data.11 years of organically-grown innovation torespond to the enterprise’s need for a single, • Make faster, more effective businesspowerful, scalable platform for mission-critical decisions based on a holistic view of allenterprise data integration. enterprise data—structured data in databases and the 80 percent of enterprise data locked in documents and industry-specific data formats • Enhance your IT organization’s agility and responsiveness to business demands with broader access to and more flexible delivery of more enterprise data • Increase your developers’ productivity rates and reduce development costs by using a single set of tools to access and manage different data types Execute Mission-Critical, Enterprise-Wide Data Integration Only PowerCenter 8 is capable of handling mission-critical, enterprise-wide data integration from a single platform. No other product manages a broader range of complex Figure 1 data integration initiatives, such as migrating Ready for mission-critical, enterprise-wide deployment, Informatica PowerCenter 8 is a single, unified from legacy systems, synchronizing platform for accessing, discovering, and integrating data from virtually any business system, in any format, and delivering that data throughout the enterprise at any speed.
  3. 3. databases, or consolidating applications.PowerCenter 8 offers unique capabilities thathelp organizations address the exponentialgrowth in their data volumes and theincreasing need for real-time integration ofdata across systems. It serves as an idealfoundation for data integration services in aservice-oriented architecture. PowerCenter 8provides the scalability and performance thatthe enterprise demands through robustcapabilities such as:• High availability/failover/seamless recovery• Support for grid computing• Pushdown optimization• Dynamic partitioning Figure 2Nothing in its class is faster. PowerCenter 8 The PowerCenter Enterprise Grid Option expands the platform’s capabilities to include Session on Grid and high availability, which enhance the platform’s scalability and reliability when deployed onextends the performance leadership that a grid computing environment, minimizing the risk of outages and reducing costs associated with data downtime.Informatica demonstrated with PowerCenter 7,which recorded the industry’s fastest dataintegration performance benchmark results. but of entire global IT teams. Using the DEAN HEALTH PLANWhen you use a single, unified platform to unique, flexible metadata-driven architecture Dean Health Plan (DHP) is one of the largestexecutive mission-critical, enterprise-wide data of PowerCenter 8, developers can easily and most diversified health maintenanceintegration initiatives, you can: standardize and reuse definitions across organizations in the U.S. Midwest, serving 22 platforms and projects without having to• Grow revenues and reduce risk by using counties. As with other healthcare recode. PowerCenter 8 provides streamlined accurate, trusted data to improve the organizations, DHP is under pressure to administration and mapping templates that effectiveness of cross- and up-sell improve services while holding the line on integrate with common modeling tools, as campaigns and establish a secure costs. well as the ability to capitalize on the infrastructure for data governance and flexibility and ubiquity of Java programming. In response to this pressure, DHP implemented regulatory compliance When you use a single, unified data a healthcare provider portal powered by• Help your IT organization cost-effectively Informatica PowerCenter. By giving more than integration platform to drive global IT team scale your enterprise-wide data integration 1,000 providers timely access to consolidated productivity, you can: initiatives to meet increased data demand, views of eligibility, claims, referral, provider, and save hardware costs by making better use • Streamline your business operations by other healthcare information, as well as a of all existing computing resources, and enabling cross-enterprise and global faster, more efficient submission process for reduce costs and risk associated with data development teams to collaborate more referral requests and drug authorizations, downtime effectively, and mitigate risk by leveraging PowerCenter is helping• Increase your developers’ productivity by an existing pool of certified Java DHP to: reducing time spent on configuration and developers performance tuning with dynamic • Maximize your IT organization’s efficiency, • Streamline information access partitioning and with a set of common responsiveness to changing business • Increase provider efficiency visual tools and a metadata-driven needs, and use of existing developer skill architecture sets, all of which reduce development • Reduce information management costs costsDrive Global IT Team Productivity • Improve IT productivity and response time • Accelerate your development team’s time-Only PowerCenter 8 offers the depth and to-results by reducing repetitive coding andbreadth of capabilities for increasing the mapping tasks, streamlining administrativeproductivity of not only individual developers, tasks, and easing configuration change and management tasks.
  4. 4. Which PowerCenter Edition Is Right for Your Business? “As an Informatica software user,PowerCenter 8 Standard Edition is a single, unified enterprise data integration platform. The and also as a systems integrator, it isplatform consists of a high-performance, highly available, and secure data server, a globalmetadata infrastructure, and GUI-based development and administration tools. clear to us that data integration is anPowerCenter 8 Advanced Edition is a single, unified enterprise data integration platform that increasingly strategic endeavor. Weextends the functionality of PowerCenter 8 Standard Edition with advanced metadata analysis,team-based development, and data-ready reporting capabilities. are impressed with the functionalityPowerCenter 8 Options extend PowerCenter’s core capabilities and are available with either that PowerCenter 8 delivers foredition. enterprise-wide deployments—so• Data Cleanse and Match Option• Data Federation Option that customers can derive maximum• Data Profiling Option value from all their corporate data• Enterprise Grid Option while simplifying and lowering the• High Availability Option• Metadata Exchange Options costs of their IT efforts. More than• Partitioning Option the sum of its impressive parts,• PowerCenter Connect Options PowerCenter 8 significantly raises• Pushdown Optimization Option• Real-Time Option the bar for enterprise data• Unstructured Data Option integration solutions.”Let Informatica help you determine which PowerCenter edition and options are right for yourbusiness. Visit us at or call (800) 653-3871. —Maik Groenewegen Data Integration ConsultantAbout Informatica Ordina VisionWorksInformatica Corporation is a leading provider of enterprise data integration software. UsingInformatica products, companies can access, discover, integrate, and deliver enterprise dataacross systems, processes, and people to reduce complexity, ensure consistency, and empowerthe business. Worldwide Headquarters, 100 Cardinal Way, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA phone: 650.385.5000 fax: 650.385.5500 toll-free in the US: 1.800.653.3871 www.informatica.comInformatica Offices Around The Globe: Australia • Belgium • Canada • China • France • Germany • Japan • Korea • the Netherlands • Singapore • Switzerland • United Kingdom • USA© 2006 Informatica Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. Informatica, the Informatica logo, Informatica PowerCenter and PowerExchange are trademarks or registered trademarks of Informatica Corporation in the UnitedStates and in jurisdictions throughout the world. All other company and product names may be tradenames or trademarks of their respective owners. The development, release and timing of any Informatica product described hereinremain at the sole discretion of Informatica. This information should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision. J50806 6659 (02/16/2006)