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4 Qualities Upper Level Management Will Look for During a Merger or Acquisition


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Holden Buckner emphasizes the top 4 qualities to look for during a merger or acquisition.

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4 Qualities Upper Level Management Will Look for During a Merger or Acquisition

  1. 1. 4 Qualities Upper Level Management Will Look for During a Merger or Acquisition Holden Buckner |
  2. 2. Mergers and acquisitions are among the more effective tools that business executives utilize in order to assure growth and success in a corporation. Regardless of the type of merger or acquisition, the move is sure to evolve the way a company operates. While the experience can be exciting to upper level management officials, it can also be a time of uncertainty to lower level employees.
  3. 3. This is many times the case because mergers and acquisitions often involve a new evolution of the workforce. During this time of development, upper level management officials will look for 4 key qualities in employees when determining who will survive the change.
  5. 5. In any time of change or development it is crucial that everyone on board remain positive and supportive. Upper level management officials never want to experience negativity at any stage in a company’s lifecycle especially in the lower levels of their workforce. While others may be anxious and stressed, having an optimistic outlook is the first way to stand out to your supervisors and managers when they are deciding who be kept and who will be let go.
  7. 7. Although mergers and acquisitions are among the more effective moves a company can make, they are not always foolproof. During the process problems may arise that need immediate attention. It is best to be aware of potential problems so that in the event that they do arise, you can act accordingly. When the company is making the change, they are going to want problem solvers, not problem creators, to assure the process has no kinks or issues.
  9. 9. It important to be flexible in a time of change, whether this may be altering your schedule, or performing a task you don’t normally perform. Upper level management officials will pay mind to employees who go out of their way to perform their job and anything that arises. One thing is for certain, there will be tasks that arise, and they will need to be completed. This is also a great way to display your skillset to upper level management officials.
  11. 11. Perhaps the most important single quality that an employee can possess is sustainability. Sustainability is being the person that is hard to replace, be invaluable to all aspects of the company. This means having a large network of contacts within the company and being a familiar face to all. Upper level management officials will look to keep employees that are recommended from others. In the event that you do survive the merger or acquisition, having a large network is the first way to assure success in a new position.