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Open Innovation - How to succeed?


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Open Innovation - How to succeed?
Keynote presented 27 November 2014 at CCI Paris

Published in: Marketing
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Open Innovation - How to succeed?

  1. 1. interne Orange1 Yann Ruello Orange VP marketing & Sales – Le cloud pro @yannruello Open Innovation How to succeed? 27 novembre 2014, CCI Hauts-de-Seine, Paris #CNI #OpenInnovation Club des entreprises du numérique et de l'image
  2. 2. 2003 ”Model of innovation based on knowledge & knowhow sharing” Open Innovation definition
  3. 3. « To remain competitive in the innovation race, being open minded is the best solution, by means of collective intelligence » Open Innovation
  4. 4. Where to start?
  5. 5. 1. Establish a strategic plan 2. Take stock, with the help of roadmaps 3. Consider new business areas 4. Bet on new technologies, innovative company… 5. Find the best business model 6. Accelerate the innovation process keeping a global view A 6 steps approach Henry Chesbrough
  6. 6. The funnel of OI
  7. 7. 7 The paradigm of Open Innovation Source Frost & Sullivan - Research projects The closed paradigm The open innovation paradigm
  8. 8. 5 levels of collaboration 1. Collaborate in the field of R&D 2. Include employees int he process of innonnavation 3. Participation of customers 4. Innovation involving community 5. Crowdsourcing
  9. 9. Key success factors
  10. 10. Developing an open and collaborative culture to better innovate
  11. 11. The causes of failure “Open innovation is not a question of process. It’s above all a state of mind”
  12. 12. Feedback from a successful experience
  13. 13. Open Innovation canvas
  14. 14. Thank you