Chinese Social Networking Sites - Who Recommends What?


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China SNS Brandwar

Which Chinese SNS are recommended?

Which Chinese SNS are not recommended

Which Chinese SNS has the highest Holaba Score

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Chinese Social Networking Sites - Who Recommends What?

  1. 1. SNS Sites In China – Who Recommends What? The 1st Brand Recommenders Platform in China 2010,June 1
  2. 2. Index About Holaba - Holaba Asks 1 Question Holaba SNS Brand War Campaign Holaba & Net Promoter Score Methodology Key Findings SNS Brand War Campaign Holaba’s Value 2
  3. 3. About Holaba - Holaba Asks 1 Question Holaba asks its users 1 question and measures the recommendation power of brands and consumers. How likely are you to recommend this brand/product to your friend/family? Holaba - The first structured brand Recommenders platform: 20 Categories Launched in May 2009, Holaba grows rapidly. 240+ Subcategories Currently Holaba has more than 50,000 5,000+ Brands registered users, 10,000 daily UV, monthly 45,000+ Products 5,000 new users on average. 3
  4. 4. Holaba SNS Brand War Campaign About Brand War Campaign Holaba has launched several Brand War campaigns since its launch. Each campaign focuses on a specific sub category, such as mobile phones, online games & sports & leisure wear. People are invited to come to Holaba to score and review the brands and their related products. On the front end, a winning brand is selected according to the average score and the number of people who rate that brand. Users can play lucky draw during the campaign, and those who give the highest score to the winning brand may get a chance to play the final lucky draw. On the back end, each brand’s status of recommendation can be analyzed (by the Holaba clients) and segmented based on the NPS methodology. The data of the case study is from the SNS Brand War. –Time: 2010/02/26 - 2010/05/31 –Categories/brands: 18 brands from the SNS sub-category –Participants: 10,014 –Number of scores: 62,584 –Number of reviews: 4,415
  5. 5. SNS Brand War Campaign – Users’ Profile Location Gender 6% 23% North China 14% East China 33% Southwest China Men Northeast China 11% Women Central China 67% 6% South China 30% Northwest China 10% Age 1% Working status 6% 8% ≦60 5% 4% 50-59 29% Student 40-49 27% Working 30-39 Others 20-29 54% ≤19 66%
  6. 6. SNS Brand War Campaign – Front End This is a “Brand War” among 18 Popular SNS sites. Participants in the game have to score 6 sites. Participants can not give different sites the same score. Participants may write a review for 1 or more sites, but they don’t have to. Those who invite their friends to participate in the game will get extra lucky draw chances.
  7. 7. SNS Brand War Campaign Page 16 SNS sites get more than 2000 Scores.
  8. 8. Holaba & Net Promoter Score Methodology Holaba asks its users 1 question How likely are you to recommend this Product/Brand to a colleague or friend? Promoters Passives Detractors 10 9 8 8 7 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Extremely likely Neutral Not at all likely NPS = % of Promoters % of Detractors (10s & 9s) - (0 through 6) Traditional Method NPS Complex, low response rate Simple and practical, easy to answer Too much information, no focus Easy to calculate Just the history data Proactive - Predictive No suggestion for action Clear suggestion for action •Net Promoter® is both a loyalty metric and a discipline for using customer feedback to fuel profitable growth in your business. Developed by Satmetrix, Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld. •Apple, GE, Philips, Dell, LG, eBay and other world-class firms are embracing the concept of NPS and have successfully implemented Net Promoter programs within their organizations.
  9. 9. About Holaba Index Holaba prepares and publishes the overview of each Brand War Campaign including general findings and brands rankings of Popularity Index, Shopping Index and Holaba Score. More in-depth analysis can be done on Holaba Dashboard. Popularity index Shopping index Holaba-score Is the number of Is the average score This score – unlike netizens that gave a of all the scores given the 2 others – is score to your brand. It to your brand. NOT visible to the expresses Expresses the mix general public. the mix between past between satisfaction Only paying clients market share, actual and loyalty to your have access. It is a market share, future brand and reliable indication of market share and near helps other netizens the future market share. in their pre-shopping recommendation It doesn’t express phase. The higher the power of your brand satisfaction nor loyalty. score, and gives a good the more our idea on future registered users like growth or decline of your brand. your market share. 9
  10. 10. Key Findings - SNS Brand War Tencent SNS are the most popular SNS brand in the game, with 7692 scores ,77% of participants score it. Baidu SNS and Kaixin001 with 6846 and 6711 scores respectively take the second and third place in the popularity index ranking. Cyworld get the least scores(1552). Tencent SNS also gets the highest Shopping Index (8), it is the only brand that reaches 8 marks among 18 SNS brands. The following brands are Baidu (7.7) and Kaixin001(7.5) . Tencent, with a Holaba Score of 34.3%, is most likely to increase its market share. Baidu (HS=15.6%) is the second highest brands, followed by Renren (HS=10.5%). Tencent SNS, Baidu,Kaixin001 and Renren are leading SNS brand in China. Especially Tencent SNS is definitely the top one brand in China, whose Holaba score, Shopping Index and Popularity Index all rank first place in Holaba Brand War Campaign. 5gme gets the lowest Holaba score (-58.6%) and the lowest Shopping Index (5.3). The Holaba Score of a brand shows significant differences among people with different profiles. See more details in the following slides. 10
  11. 11. Key Findings – SNS General Rankings1 SNS General Rankings Shopping Index Recommendation power Popularity Index (Average score) (Holaba score) (Number of scores) Tencent 8 Tencent 34.3 Tencent 7692 Baidu 7.7 Baidu 15.6 Baidu 6846 kaixin001 7.5 Renren 10.5 kaixin001 6711 Renren 7.5 kaixin001 7.8 Renren 5682 51 6.7 51 -23.9 51 4217 Kaixin 6.4 Kaixin -31.7 Kaixin 3315 u.8264 6.4 5460 -33.4 Tongxue 3020 Tongxue 6.3 u.8264 -36.2 Ipartment 2793 360Quan 6.3 Tongxue -38.4 5460 2614 Myspace 6.2 Myspace -38.9 u.8264 2468 5460 6.2 360Quan -39.8 360Quan 2422 Sohu 6.1 Sohu -40.6 Sohu 2393 Yeejee 6.1 Yeejee -44.6 Yeejee 2359 Wangyou 6.1 Wangyou -44.1 5gme 2263 Mayi 6 Mayi -45.8 Myspace 2213 Ipartment 5.9 Ipartment -46.9 Mayi 2205 Cyworld 5.8 Cyworld -48.3 Wangyou 1819 5gme 5.3 5gme -58.6 Cyworld 1552
  12. 12. Key Findings – SNS General Rankings2 SNS Holaba Score Rankings 34.3 Holaba Score 15.6 10.5 7.8 e 60 n 51 n e u ne hu 1 64 ee rl d ou ce yi in xu t ua 00 m id e en 54 a 82 ix So Zo nr ej o Ba gy pa ng 5g in M Ka 0Q yw rtm Re Ye u. Q ix an ys To ka -23.9 36 Q C a M W Ip -31.7 -33.4 -36.2 -38.4 -38.9 -39.8 -40.6 -44.6 -44.1 -45.8 -46.9 -48.3 -58.6
  13. 13. Tencent SNS – Key Findings People aged under 18 years old are most positive to recommend Tencent SNS among all the age groups. Shanghai women are most negative to recommend Tencent SNS among Beijing , Guangdong and Shanghai women, while Guangdong women recommend Tencent most , and its Holaba Score is much higher than Tencent SNS total Score.
  14. 14. Kaixin001 - Key Findings People from different parts of China have different recommendation power on Kaixin001, which reaches a highest HS of 17% in East China and fells to -10.1% in Southwest China. Past users are most likely to recommend Kaixin001, followed by current users.
  15. 15. Renren - Key Findings Beijing people with age of 19-29 years old recommend Renren most , among Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, with the Holaba score of 33.6% People from Northeast China are most positive to recommend Renren , while South China people are less likely to recommend Renren, in fact its HS is the lowest in all parts of China.
  16. 16. Insight from Reviews – SNS BW Key Findings Keywords of reviews about Renren SNS: Acquired by Japanese, useful to find classmates , becomes more and more commercial.
  17. 17. Insight from Reviews – SNS BW Key Findings Keywords of reviews about Kaixin001 SNS: Killing time, Like to read transferred posts .
  18. 18. Tencent SNS Brand Planet The circles in orange color index Tencent users strongly recommended brands, the blue ones are the non-recommended brands. The most recommended brand is Adidas and the most non- recommended is OKWAP.
  19. 19. Holaba’s Value Brand Consumer data Targeting communication Future market share indicator New product launch Promotion Rate the brands/products Recommendation index Publish comments Brand news Brand/product comments Recom- Reader mender Only Opinion leader Build up influence Points incentive Platform power 19
  20. 20. To Know More … Holaba helps Brands and their Agencies by providing: • Data to immediately improve their overall marketing through better segmentation (Age, gender, location, usage experience and the positive or negative relation with a given brand) • Real time 1st impressions about a brand’s future market share using our dashboard • Clear profiles of both the positive and negative recommenders as well as the more neutral consumers. • Access to your recommenders and non-recommenders through targeted marketing communication (Example: Customized surveys to selected users, product and brand pages) • In-depth customized data-analysis reports • Brand War Game participation *Holaba Scores for Brands as well as Products are exclusively available for our customers. 20
  21. 21. Contact Us Work with Holaba to get a better insight in Your Brands’ or Products’ Recommendation Power The Consumers who really make the difference If you like to know more about the findings of the SNS Brand War, our Future surveys and Holaba’s permanently ongoing data gathering, please contact us. 21