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Naming flowchartn2f


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Naming flowchart, name to formula

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Naming flowchartn2f

  1. 1. ______________________________________’s Nomenclature Guide: Name to Formula Contains the word “Acid”? Compound is an Acid Yes No 1. Translate ending hydro-stem-ic = H + element symbol stem-ous = H + -ite polyatomic symbol stem-ic = H + -ate polyatomic symbol 3. Cross Charges with H Yes -ide ending? No (except cyanide and hydroxide) Yes Prefixes No No Compound is Binary Molecular 1. Write symbols of elements 2. Translate prefix 3. Prefix becomes subscript of element No Roman Numeral? Compound is Binary Ionic Yes Compound is Binary Ionic w/ Transition Metal Roman Numeral? Compound contains a Polyatomic 1. Write symbols for ions 1. Write symbols for ions 1. Write symbols for ions 2. Look up polyatomics 2. Look up charges 2. Look up charges (roman numeral becomes charge). 3. Look up charges 3. Cross charges 3. Cross charges 4. Cross charges Yes Compound contains a Polyatomic w/ Transition Metal 1. Write symbols for ion 2. Look up polyatomics 3. Look up charges (roman numeral becomes charge). 4. Cross charges