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Cell Project

  1. 1. Name__________________________ OBJECTIVE: To create a metaphor to visit the cell. You will create a tour of the cell parts and what they do. Names of Group Members Cell Parts that Must be Included in the Project: PLANT CELL ANIMAL CELL Cell wall Cell membrane cell membrane Smooth endoplasmic reticulum smooth endoplasmic reticulum Rough endoplasmic reticulum rough endoplasmic reticulum Vacuole vacuole Mitochondria chloroplast Ribosomes mitochondria Nucleus ribosomes Nucleolus nucleus Cytoskeleton nucleolus Golgi apparatus cytoskeleton Lysosomes Golgi apparatus Peroxisomes PICK EITHER A PLANT OR AN ANIMAL CELL, BOTH HAVE 12 PARTS TO COMPLETE! PROCEDURE: STEP 1: Choose either a plant or animal cell. STEP 2: Assign cell parts to group members. Groups of 3 or 4 so 3 or 4 parts each. STEP 3: Complete rough draft worksheet attached to this rubric.
  2. 2. STEP 4: Get rough draft signed by teacher. You are ready to begin. STEP 5: Create your project in Powerpoint, Publisher or create a poster. You may even create a video. Use the internet to look up information or your notes and worksheets. STEP 6: Present your project. GENERAL GUIDELINES: 1. You will earn 3 grades for this project: work completion, group work grade and standard grade. 2. Each person will earn a separate grade so you must do your part. 3. You will be monitored throughout the process the make sure you are working the whole time. The teacher will be walking around and making notes of those who work and those who don’t. That is part of your grade. 4. You have 1 week to complete this project. Everyday you will be assessed to make sure you have made progress. 5. You must get your rough draft completed before you can begin the project. 6. If you are absent, you lose a day of work, just you, not your group. 7. Use your own metaphor; do not copy other group’s work. EXAMPLE: Welcome to Cell Public Schools! Our first stop on our tour is the nucleus. The nucleus is the main office in our school because the nucleus runs all the activities for the cell and contains the cell’s DNA. The office at our school runs the building and contains all the files on the students which is the “DNA”. DO NOT USE THE SCHOOL AS AN EXAMPLE! GRADING RUBRIC (I will not accept projects lower than C quality.) CRITERIA C B A A+ Number of cell 8 or below 9-11 12 12 parts with function included and connection to metaphor included Quality of Work Ok quality, you Good quality, I Great quality, Excellent quality, made some effort could tell you great effort, you you went above but you could tried took pride in and beyond what have tried harder your work, was required, everything looks you used extra like you tried items in your very hard project and made it real nice. Cell Model N/A N/A N/A Cell model looks good and goes with your project nicely, you put time and effort into it.
  3. 3. Names of Group Members: ASSIGNED CELL PARTS: Put in name and list cell parts they are responsible for. Name________________________ Name____________________ Name____________________________ Name____________________________
  4. 4. WE WILL PRESENT AND MAKE OUR PROJECT WITH: Powerpoint Publisher Word Poster Video Other ________________ Our metaphor we chose is… Pick 4 cell parts, one for each group member, and attach a metaphor to each of them to start. You can do the rest later while you work on your project. This is just a start to the rough draft so I know you are thinking about the project properly. PART 1_____________________________ Metaphor_____________________________ PART 2_____________________________ Metaphor__________________________ PART 3_____________________________ Metaphor_____________________________ PART 4______________________________ Metaphor______________________________ OUR GENERAL PLAN IS… (How will you complete the project and get your A or A+?) Teacher’s Signature