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Eastern Europe Partnership Event - 001 jan gruntorad


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Published in: Technology
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Eastern Europe Partnership Event - 001 jan gruntorad

  1. 1. CESNET – from NREN to e-Infrastructure Provider Jan Gruntorád CEO of CESNET Member of the GN3 Executive Committee Representative of the CZ in e-IRG Member of the Board for Large Infrastructures for R&D in CZBucharest, November 8th, 2011
  2. 2. Presentation Overview1. CESNET Basic Data - Funding2. Access to Optical Fibre3. e-Infrastructure Concept4. Large e-Infrastructures in CZ5. Participation of CESNET in International Projects6. Concluding Remarks
  3. 3. CESNET basic dataCESNET (Czech Educational and Scientific Network) - NREN in the Czech RepublicNot for profit legal entity established in 1996Association of Legal Entities (z.s.p.o.) . Members: - 25 Universities - Czech Academy of Sciences80 staff members in PragueMore than 200 part-time universities and Academy ofSciences staff working on projects
  4. 4. Funding (1)Research plan: „Optical High Speed National ResearchNetwork and its New Applications“- 2004 – 2010- Funded by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech republic, association members and external sources (EU) – budged cca 11 Mil EUR/year
  5. 5. Research Plan ActivitiesCESNET2 backbone network developmentOptical networksProgrammable hardwareNetwork and traffic monitoringPerformace monitoring and optimalisationAAI and mobilityMETA Centre (GRIDs)Virtual collaborative environmentsCESNET CSIRTApplications Support
  6. 6. Early steps to Customer Empowered Fibre Network Concept•  The first dark fibre leased and lighted in 2000, 2.5 Gbps PoS, 327 km, see in Gruntorád, J.: Optical Communications in the Czech Republic, San Diego 2007•  CESNET introduced Nothing-in-Line (NIL) approach to optical networking, 189 km line Praha-Pardubice, operational since May 17, 2002, see in Altmannová, L., Sima, S.: Development of CESNET2 Optical network, Terena Networking Conference, Limerick, 2002,21,Praha-Pardubice•  National fibre footprint is a basement for R&E networking. Need to have specified a design kit of transmission equipment and solution for Customer Empowered Fibre Network (CEF) networks, see in Sima, S., Altmannova, L.: Towards a Nation-wide Fibre Footprint in research and education networking, Terena Networking Conference, Rhodos 2004.
  7. 7. Prague-Brno circuit capacity 2,5 Gbps (since January 2000)
  8. 8. DWDM in CESNET2+
  9. 9. Transmission systems in CESNET2•  Multivendor solution allows transition of photonic lambdas thru PoPs•  Cisco DWDM system –  8 lines n x 10G –  1 410 km•  Open DWDM system - based on own open photonic devices called the CzechLight (CL) family and developed by CESNET –  20 lines (5 lines n x 1G plus 15 lines n x 10G) –  2 660 km (including 905 km BiDirectional single line transmission)
  10. 10. International connectivity of the CESNET2 Network
  11. 11. Reasearch Infrastructures
  12. 12. Research Infrastructures – definition:ESFRI (European Strategy on Research Infrastructures) in itsRoadmap 2008 proposes a definition:They are facilities, resources or services of a unique nature thathave been identigied by pan-European research communitiesto conduct top-level activities in all fields.
  13. 13. Large Infrastructures (LI) for R&D - CZ approach- large research infrastructures defined by law amendment about R&D&I support (in 2009) - built from EC structural funds (85%) and national funds (15%) - operation from dedicated support of large infrastructures- LI must be established and operated by research organization- LI must be approved by the government
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Large e-Infrastructures in CZ- Large Infrastructure CESNET - communication infrastructure (GN3) - NGI (basic services of computing and storage grid, involvement capacities of another subjects, EGI.ORG, VC services, ……) - approved by Czech government in March 2010- IT4Innovation - HPC services (supercomputing centre, PRACE)- CERIT SC (Scientific Cloud) - grid computing
  16. 16. Funding (2)Project „Large Infrastructure CESNET“- January 2011 – December 2015- main goal is to transform CESNET NREN to complete e-Infrastructure provider (network, GRIDs, storage services and tools for cooperation)- Funded by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech republic, association members and external sources (EU) – budged cca 16 Mil EUR/year
  17. 17. Funding (3)Project „E-Infrastructure and Grids for e-Regions (eIGeR)“- May 2011 – November 2013- provide resources for investment to upgrade and/or build e-Infrastructure for R&D in the Czech Republic- funded by national resources (15%) and EU structural funds (85%) – not allowed to use funding in Prague – total budged cca 24 Mil EUR
  18. 18. Participation in International Networking ActivitiesGN3 – from April 2009, total budget for 4 years 181 mil. EUR www.geant.netFEDERICA – Federated E-infrastructure for European Researchers Innovating in Computing Network Architectures, total budget 5.1 mil. EUR www.fp7-federica.euGLIF – Global Lambda Integrated Facility www.glif.isORIENT+ – connection of the GÉANT network to China
  19. 19. GÉANT2+NetworkTopology
  20. 20. GLIF Europe map
  21. 21. Participation on Grid activitiesDataGrid, EGEE, EGEE II, EGEE III - design of European common Grid - middleware development - Grid incident response team - Virtual organization support EGI- DS - European Grid Initiative – CESNET is Design Study project co-orination EUAsiaGRid - EGI-Inspire
  22. 22. Conclusions- NRENs should transform to new role: e-Infrastructure provider- support from national governments is essential- innovation element is key for success- partner with ISPs and industry
  23. 23. Thank you for your attention