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Starbooks Lower Version

  1. 1. Internet Café & Patio
  2. 2. Internet Café “Whether it is wireless access to the Internet, a chance to enjoy the fresh air while studying, or simply enjoying a good cup of coffee or tea, the café is a popular campus hangout.” -Doug Brown, Dean of Program Development
  3. 3. Internet Café & Patio What faculty & staff have to say… “North Florida Community College Library’s Starbooks Internet Café is wonderful for many reasons, but one of the most significant is its ability to encourage and invite students who have little or no library experience into the library. They know how to have a cup of coffee or tea, but perhaps have never really worked comfortably in a library setting. It provides them with a warm unintimidating atmosphere where they may casually explore what is at the core of the pursuit of higher education.” -Dr. Rosario Leparulo, Chair, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  4. 4. Internet Café & Patio
  5. 5. Internet Café & Patio What Administration has to say… “The Starbooks Internet Café is a great example of campus collaboration to market our College’s library services by taking space that was under-utilized and creating a most useful resource. …Starbooks Internet Café has proven to be a very valuable resource use to assist in promoting student learning and success.” -John Grosskopf, President
  6. 6. Internet Café Good coffee!!
  7. 7. Internet Café & Patio NFCC Library Mission: The Marshall Hamilton Library …provides access to quality learning resources and instructional services. The library promotes the use of electronic resources… The Marshall Hamilton Library serves both on campus and remote access users. The Library enriches not only the college community but also NFCC’s entire six- county district.
  8. 8. Internet Café & Patio NFCC Mission: North Florida Community College provides quality teaching and learning opportunities for individual and community development in a changing society.
  9. 9. Internet Café & Patio The Florida Community College System Mission : •Provide lower division undergraduate education •Prepare students directly for vocations requiring less than baccalaureate degrees •Provide the appropriate range of services to ensure increases in retention and graduation rates •Promote economic development for the state through the provision of special programs •Provide community service
  10. 10. Internet Café “Of course the wireless connection and the Starbooks Café are a real hit with the students as well as the instructors.” -Enid Kozlowski, Business Instructor
  11. 11. Internet Café Faculty and staff enjoy open house at Starbooks. “I love my library bags,” exclaimed Margaret and Mary Frances at the Starbooks Café Open House.
  12. 12. Internet Café “Having activities such as telescope viewing and book signings are excellent to draw the community to the college and then they can stop by and see what the library has to offer….By the way, thanks for the Starbooks blue mug. It is with me everyday.” -Bonnie Littlefield, Math & Biology Instructor
  13. 13. Internet Café Gallery of art prints of native Floridians. The Burkarts’ musical performance at the book signing.
  14. 14. Internet Café “I like working on the jigsaw puzzle. It’s a nice break from studying, and it uses the different parts of the brain.” -Student
  15. 15. Internet Café New this year…
  16. 16. Internet Café & Patio
  17. 17. WI-FI Patio Staff member enjoys a good book and a nice breeze during her lunch break on the patio. “A new appealing element to Starbooks is the outside patio. …I look forward to utilizing this location as well, especially as the weather begins to cool and my workload begins to heat up...” - Susan Taylor, English Instructor
  18. 18. WI-FI Patio A good spot for group study.
  19. 19. WI-FI Patio Students attending class on the patio. Students taking advantage of the Starbooks Patio.
  20. 20. Internet Café & Patio What faculty & staff have to say… “Students have offered exceptionally positive comments when introduced to the Library and the café. They see the café as evidence of an institution that is technologically advanced while remaining attentive to student preferences for relaxed learning venues.” - Doug Brown, Dean of Program Development