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032612 whap 1919 50m


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032612 whap 1919 50m

  1. 1. Notes #17a, Title: “WWI Wrapup”1) WWI: 1914-1918, total casualties: 37mil (16 mil dead) Allies 5.7 mil dead, Central Powers 4 mil dead, 6.8 mil civilians dead.
  2. 2. Goalsa) US: You want to ensure lasting world peace and freedomb) France: You want to make sure Germany SUFFERS!!!!!!!c) Germany: You want ensure Germany dignityd) Colonies: You want freedom from all Western (+Japan) powerse) England: You want both what US and France wantsData:UK: $55 billion spent, 3 million casualties(Colonial India: 114,000 casualties)France: $50 billions spent, 5.9 million casualtiesRussia: $25 billion spend, 6.7 million casualtiesUS: $35 billion spent, 260,000 casualtiesGermany: $60 billion spend, 5.7 million casualtiesInstructions: Create a peace treaty
  3. 3. Title: “Treaty of Versailles”2) US: Wilson: Fights for honorable peace and self determination for all3) France: Clemenceau: Fights to ensure Ger. never strong enough to fight again4) Treaty of Versailles (1919): Allies meet to decide Germany’s fate (Germany + Russia NOT invited).a) Germany accepts full blameb) Germany cedes it’s western land back to Francec) France access to Ger. coal depositsd) German army reduced to 100k, 0 planes/subse) Germany pay $30 billion ($2 trillion)f) German + Ottoman colonies given to alliesg) East Europe unified under multiethnic countries: Yugoslavia+Czechoslovakia to deter Russian
  4. 4. Germany lost 13% of its population, 15% of its coal, and 50% of its iron ore.
  5. 5. Title: “Treaty of Versailles”5) Weimar Republic: Kaiser flees Germany, new democratic gov, but weak:a) Ger. ppl feel gov surrendered, giving up too muchb) Communism growing (Soviets/clubs spread)c) Solders esp. feel lost and angry
  6. 6. 6) League of Nations: Europe creates Wilson’s world organization to collectively resolve conflicts (Ironically, US Senate rejects the treaty, and the League of Nations will fail b/c of lack of US)7) Lost Generation: War left a whole generation broken in body+spirita) Distrust in govt (poor handling of war)b) Distrust in capitalism (companies got rich of war)c) Distrust in religion (horrors of war)