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  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use/develop or challenge forms and conventions for real media products?
  2. 2. • When the media produces meaning by using conventions the audiences learn to understand the meaning from the interaction of the conventional material in the text, and their understanding of conventions. In media there is a history of the use of conventions. Conventions are something that had been learnt naturally but they are cultural not universal.• Firstly I started to look at the range of film genres to start constructing our film opening. Our film opening was based in the Thriller genre but it was also connected to urban drama this usually includes crime but we had also included paranormal, because the female character is warned by her dead fiancé that she is in danger. We dont know this because we dont make this obvious that it is linked to these genres as our film opening went over the time limit to have a hold on one certain genre, so we felt that this will add to the mysterious air.
  3. 3. The media construct reality. Our Film opening follows the traditionconventions of the female being weak as she is crying over her fiancé. Womenare often presented to be fragile and victim-like. This caused Bryan to ask ifshe wanted him to come in (to comfort her.) This suggests that a female maynot handle being alone.
  4. 4. The technical codes, which include camera techniques, framing to helpdevelop forms and conventions. We started off with a black screen andour male and female characters had a conversation and we use thisconvention because it is used in films in the thriller genre and also thetitle sequence order shows the importance of each character.We made our production title and film title larger then the other titles toempathise that it is obviously more important.We also used the tracking shot to take in the surroundings as Josh lefthis house, it then Pans to keep that character in the frame.
  5. 5. • We challenged forms and conventions is our film by using a point of view shot is when Josh gets attacked because we wanted the audience to see the events through the (attacking) actors eyes, as if they were experiencing the events themselves. and also to focuses on Josh and his wound, by using the handheld camera this relates to our social realism genre.Often films in the thriller genre usehigh angle shots because it conveysthe significance of certaincharacters, and who empowers whoso when the attacker stabbed Joshwe made sure that Josh had lookedsmaller then the attacker by usingthe camera to film a low angle shot.
  6. 6. We filmed in the style of social realism also hybridized with thriller,how we done this is by focussing on the backgrounds and characters.We filmed in a estate, this helped our media product use forms andconventions to imply that our film will be relating to social realism atfirst. This is similar to Eddy Murphy’s film ‘Trading places’ becauseyou cant tell what genre it is from because of the montage shots, amontage shot is numerous short shots with special optical effectssuch as (fades). This is also what we used in our film opening in thegrave yard scene. We used a montage shot because it delivers asense of mood, the grave yard scene is a iconography for thriller.
  7. 7. Our first symbolic shot consists of both male characters in the shot, theattacker is looking at Josh from a distant but Josh is more dominant inthis shot because it signifies that he is the more important character.The attacker shouts out Oi to josh and this is symbolic because itsBritish slang. Stairs are a convention of thriller movies , so we had ourcharacter run away from the attacker on a few flights of stairs.Other props of importance is thecharacters clothing. Both malecharacters are dressed in black toforewarn what is going to happen, alsowearing a black big jacket or hoodieswith jeans while being a male teenageris rather intimidating. It is claimed thatblack teens often wear hoodies for tworeasons: to remain obscure andundetected, or to project a “don’t messwith me” image. Our female characterwears a cream jacket with a black dressand a brown side bag and a black scarf.Her boyfriends bag is in the backgroundof the shot to show how she wants tofeel close to him still.
  8. 8. The sound started as the black screen had showed up and it stopped while the couplewere saying bye to each other and we added dialogue in our film because we wantedto show a relationship through a conversation as most films do. The other sound wehad was through the attacking scene, we had tension building music to slowly makethe audience realise that something bad is going to happen and lastly when thefemale is crying at the grave yard and then when she enters her house slow sadmusic is played to portray her feelings.