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20090326 Barcamp Vooruit Ghent


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20090326 Barcamp Vooruit Ghent

  1. 1. 20090326 Vooruit Patrick Hochstenbach Met dank aan Karen Van Godtsenhoven, Peter Reyniers
  2. 2. This is TIM. He got tired of reading endless documentation and installation manuals and created the Internet. Tools: • HTML • SGML • DTD • HTTP • The Network effect
  3. 3. What a result!
  4. 4. These two got tired calling Paul, Steven, Michael.. asking for their metadata and created OAI. Tools: • Dublin Core • XML • XSD • OAI-PMH • Mass adaptation
  5. 5. What a result!
  6. 6. Stuart summarized it nicely. To exchange data we need: Tools: • Semantics • Syntax • Structure • Protocol • Community
  7. 7. We have uniform publishing platform, metadata exchange platform, but what about the data itself?
  8. 8. Locked into HTML built to be rendered, not interpreted. Locked into Here’s the data! PDF...please only render me.. Try to find that!
  9. 9. If Google can’t interpret this, how can we? This is not a data..just Here is the link..if Span! Span! Span! you execute a bit of JavaScript first in a ‘new window’.
  10. 10. Only copy and paste by hand into my blog?
  11. 11. No, of course not. We create semantics, syntax, structure and protocol to ease the discovery of data by machines. Now we only need a community to make it popular…
  12. 12. Remember Hans Roslings talk on TED?
  13. 13. Strategies
  14. 14. Envelopes, compou nd objects •METS •MPEG21/DIDL •LOM/IMS •OpenOffice Packages •BagIt
  15. 15. Maps, ov erlays, f eeds •RDF •OAI-ORE •POWDER •TopicMaps •Atom/RSS • •ROR
  16. 16. Embedding, exte nding •Microformats •RDFa + GRDDL •XMP
  17. 17. New/old publishing formats •HTML5 •XHTML •ODF •OOXL
  18. 18. Web services •Gdata •Flickr API •AWS (Amazon) •NYT API •Programmable Web •SWORD •O.K.I •unAPI