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12 essential lessons of money making online

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. 12 essential lessons of money making online By Alex Fil. Intro: Hi! My name is Alex Fil and I’m not going to sell you some scam product about money making online. And here is my story. I always wanted to quit my job from 9-5, cause I have a passion to travel and I have a dream to see whole world. I’m living in Russia and I had not so big salary at university where I worked as technical stuff. I’ve read a tons of books and guides about money online, i’ve bought different digital products. My way to success was very long, I have done a lot of mistakes in internet money making. It’s not so easy business as advertisers tell us each day. I spent a thousand dollars and a three years to make my first dollar online. It was realy cool feeling, to start make money! Just imagine this feeling then somethings is starting to be as you wanted after years without any result. Now I have a lot of free time to travel and to spend a time with my girl. Now I know that money is not a purpose, just the way to freedom. It’s not enough to dream about something, you should do something to get it! Sorry for my English, it’s not my native. You can contact with me here: My facebook page: Lesson 1: Methods of making money online: affiliate marketing Let’s start. Every day I'm reading a tons of information about internet income, but it's difficult to find something valuable among. In this part we will talk about affiliate internet marketing, cause it's generally the most efficient and profitable method to earn money online. In this article, I do not consider incomes from advertising or from surfing and clicking advertised websites. Affiliate marketing is usually to be a mediatоr between buyer and seller, to do the promotion of information goods. For example we have a vendor of weight loss digital program . He has invested his time and experience to do it, used his knowledge, and of course, he wants to make as much as possible
  2. 2. money on selling the product. For this, he appeals to people who do a professional promotion of this product, advertise it through social services, network, their websites and blogs. Comission of digital products can be from 60 to 100% (why 100% possible I will explain you later). This is a very good commission, that you can receive on your card or paypal. If prepare the physical goods, such as a sofa or a car, the cost of the next copy of digital goods = 0, so it's possible to pay this good commission. The average cost of a digital product usually varies from 10 to 200 $, and often the creators of Internet products offer users a monthly subscription from which you can also get a percentage if the user came from you. How to become a successful internet entrepreneur? Read our next mails. P.S. I want to recommend you one of the most successful products in the history of the affiliate business =>> This product is created by Shoemoney, he made millions on the Internet. He is really expert. It helped to me to understand basic principles of money making online. =>> Next lesson you will know more about this business. Lesson 2: Main niches to make money online In my experience, the main products for promotion, where you can earn is: 1) Money making info (how to be affiliate marketer, how to build web site, to generate traffic) 2) Health (bodybuilding, weight control, insomnia, etc.) 3) Relationships (relationships building, internet dating). If you want to know more, I recommend to read this guide, it's not free, but one of the best products how to make money online. =>> Think about your hobbies, what you are really interested, you do not have to choose which of these three niches. You will write on the chosen topic constantly, and literally become an expert in it. Sign up at This is one of the sites, that collects and sorts the groups of sellers of information products.
  3. 3. Select the "Marketplace" and see how many different niches exist. Important! Here is the most useful product about internet marketing in my life. How to find keywords, how to choose product to promote, how to create and optimize your page. It's about how to create a small website with instant profit on autopilot. =>> Lesson 3: How to choose the clickbank product to promote? I hope you have already signed up for Clickbank. How to choose a product to promote? What to look for: 1) You should really like the product. You shouldn't just overwrite someone else's review. You need to know all benefits of product. Just buy and try it to know all pros and cons. You shouldn't just choose product just with the biggest comission. It's not working. 2) Parameter Avg / $ sale. The money that you get through your link if someone buys a product. 3) Gravity parameter reflects the competition between affiliate marketers. Low gravity (below 20) means that the product no one wants to promo, probably it hasn't quality info or good landing page, or it has an unknown author. Ultra gravity (more than 100) means that the competition is very high, it will be difficult to prome among more experienced affiliate marketers. Ewen Chia, the famous internet businessman recommended to set gravity between 60 to 100. You can sort products through drop menu and check gravity or other parameters. Next step you click promote button and get your affiliate links to promote! Voi la! P.s. check out this product by Shoemoney, he is super affiliate marketer and blogger.
  4. 4. Lesson 4: What really works in internet marketing. Today I want to speak with you about what really works in internet marketing. 1) A deep study. You have to read a lot and look for a product that fits to your niche. Interact and speak with other people. 2) Carefully choose a niche. The correct niche is not always the most profitable, but you need to have a huge passion to it. 3) Content is the king. You do not marketer, you are a blogger and writer and you have to create interesting content, because you create strong relationship. 4) The charismatic personality. People remember personalities. Give you a bright alias, your personal brand name. 5) The relationship with the reader. Your actions must serve to one purpose - build a relationship and trust with the people. 6) You can not sell anything. Choose quality. 7) build a business model as automate if it possible. 8) Have a friends in the industry. Joining forces and sharing. 9) focus. The time and energy gives the result. 10) traffic. explore ways of getting traffic. PPC, Google adwords, banners, forums, social networks, etc. You earn money by understanding your strengths and weakness in business, do not expect an easy victory without hard work. I want to recommend you one of the most successful products in the history of the affiliate business => This product is created by Shoemoney, he made millions on the Internet. He is really expert. It helped to me to understand basic principles of money making online. =>
  5. 5. Lesson 5: Keyword research. Very important! Here we will talk about keyword research. It's one of most important things in online money making. You need to find keywords related to your niche, with low competition and enough amount of google searches at month. What does it mean? You need to rank at Google to have a traffic to your future affiliate website. Just remember the simple formula: traffic + converting of your affiliate link = money. Just open Google Keyword Tool (it's free and super useful app). Here is a link: You need to entry your keyword basic (for example if you concentrate on weight loss niche it will be something like "how to loose weight" or "how to loose fat". Check the option "phrase" and "broad match". Check the filter to show keywords by query of searches. It must be from 2000 to 8000 queries in one month. You need to find less competitive niche related to your product. Then click search in google of your keyword and correct your query for exact search - you need to write your query in commas. For example: "how to loose belly fat". Check out amount of results. It must be not much than 25000 results (it will be difficult to rank at first place if it will be more). Keyword searching is a long but most important process in affiliate money making. If you have found your keyword you can build your targeted website. See you! P.S. I strongly recommend to check out this to know more about picking up your niche and keyword research. =>> Lesson 6: Domain name and hosting buying Now, when we picked up our keyword to monetize, we should buy a domain name. I strongly recommend to buy a domain name with your keyword, if it's possible.It's advanced method to ran k in Google faster.
  6. 6. For example if you find a keyword "fast dogs training", your domain name will be "". Long tail keywords (3-4 words) are usually cost less then 10$ per year. I am using Bluehost for hosting buying. You can sign up here: You can use a program like Market Samurai (just google it) to fast check available domain. If your keyword domain is already registered, you can change ".com" to ".org" or ".net". I don't recommend to take ".info". Search engines are often ignoring domains names like ".info". If you do a clickbank affiliate site you can add "review" or "reviewed" or "scam" to the name of the product in your domain name. People are searching info about product in google to check scam it or not and type "product name scam". Now when you bought a domain name, you need to buy a hosting to keep your website files and setup you Wordpress website (talk you later). Bluehost suggest a good prices on hosting. The most important benefit of Bluehost is creating as much websites as you want on one hosting for 60-70 $ per year. You just buy another domain name, link it to your hosting and no need to buy new hosting. It's useful and spare my money. =>> Congratulations! We picked up keyword, added domain and hosting. Lesson 7. Creating website: install wordpress and two plugins. Hi ! It's Alex Fil again. Some technical staff for you today. Now you should have a domain name with your keyword and hosting to keep your website's files. If you didn't do it for this time, I recommend to see previous lessons. I recommend to use Bluehost. It's reliable and unexpensive hosting. => If you buy hosting and domain throught Bluehost, you don't need to link hosting and domain together. It's automatic process. Now you need to install Wordpress through control panel (cpanel)
  7. 7. of bluehost or another hosting that you prefer. Wordpress is a simple platform for blogging and easy construction of websites. You shouldn't be a technical savvy to do it. You can google it if you have questions about wordpress. Big community of wordpress users will help you. Now you should choose login and pass to entry to wordpress module and path of plugin install. Bluehost signup page link if you have not hosting yet (what are you waiting for?): =>> You should choose "plugins" in your cpanel to your website and choose login and password to entry to wordpress panel. Now pick up your website theme. You can choose a huge variety of themes on your taste. But I recommend to use some simple and not colorful theme. I am using often "woo" and "elegant" themes for example, and sometimes I am using default theme. You can search themes by different options. Colors, width, height, columns, etc. Just press Appearance -> Install themes. What's about plugins? I am using two free plugins for searching optimization. It's "Google XML Sitemaps" and "All in One Seo Pack". I highly recommend to use both for improve your ranking - just choose "install plugin" and in search field type names of plugins. See you in next lessons! Lesson 8: Build your list Hi! It's Alex Fil again. I want to reveal you one of the most important keys in internet marketing. But before I want to recommend you to see Google Sniper 2.0, absolutely from the start till the end. It's pure quality info about true money making online. Here is a link. => It's the my personal number 1 on the market. So, the secret of success in money making online is repeating loyal customers. How to get them? Old kind emails will help us. Yeah, all people are using it from beginning of Internet. We are reading emails every day. We can collect people emails to make a base of our loyal and returning customers.
  8. 8. It's very hard to attract new customers to our website, but if someone has found useful info and bought a related product through our link, it will be easier to attract him to do new purchases. Otherwise we just spend our money and time. We need to build email list. All famous marketers say "Money in the list". I recommend to use Aweber to collect build of visitors. It's not very expensive service (base account costs 19$ /month and has a trial).We should sign up and design our web form to put to our wordpress website. Aweber has a tons of different templates for you. Aweber will generate code to put on our website. For this I'm using "Aweber web form plugin" on my wordpress site. You just link it to your aweber account and set up your just created aweber list. I recommend to create not very long webform in aweber, just name and email. It's very productive to use the name of subscriber in email marketing from psychological viewpoint. And the last step is to go Appearance -> Widgets on your wordpress website and drag and drop "Aweber web form" to the right side of your site. Voila, our webform is ready. How to attract people to your list you will know from next lessons. P.S. Important! Here I'm repeating Google Sniper 2 link. How to find keywords, how to choose product to promote, how to create and optimize your page. It's about how to create a small website with instant profit on autopilot. =>> Lesson 9: On-page SEO Hi, It's Alex Fil again and today we are talking how to promote and rank your page in Google. It's important to get organic traffic to your page, it drives an instant flow of new clients to our website. Do you know that first place in Google gives us about 42% of all traffic of ranked keyword? For good ranking and better results in Google we are using two methods of optimization: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page means modification of inner structure of your website to get better search results. Of-page means backlinks building to your website (links to your page from another websources are crawling by Google and gives authority to your webpage, that means better ranking too). I strongly recommend to see this course from George Brown. He writes simple about effective SEO.
  9. 9. Here is a link: =>> For on-page optimization I'm using plugins Google XML Sitemaps and All in one SEO. First plugin creates a sitemap for better Google Search, and works in automate mode. You need just install and activate it. The second plugin is for editing your tags, meta keywords, titles. All of keyword that you've chosen must have a separate post where you write some related to your keyword. It should be an article with some tips mixed with affiliate link. Don't just spam your posts with affiliate links. Density of your links should be about 3-4% of all article text. You can also install Yoast plugin, it gives tips how to do your pages more "search friendly". Next lesson we will talk about off-page SEO and backling building. See you! Alex Fil. P.S. I recommend you to see Google Sniper program. Here you will know some effective methods to improve your SEO. =>> Lesson 10. Offpage SEO. Manual linkbuilding Previous lesson we began to talk about SEO. Today I will tell you about off-page SEO methods. Google is crawling not only pages on your website, but outbound links to your website from another resources. Concept of google is natural development of website - you create website with useful content and another people are sharing your content. But it's a really long process, you can wait for years for it. We can build links to our website from forum profiles, web 2.0 pages, articles, wiki pages. Our purpose to make this natural in Google's eyes. We should use our keywords as achors to links to our website. But use your keyword anchors for new website in 10-20 % of your anchors, to look naturally. You can add articles related to your niche to articles directory like ezine, create lenses on, create profiles in Facebook and Twitter. Direct links to your money site are Tier 1 links. Links to Tier1 links are Tier 2 links and etc. Tier2 links are crawling too and has influence to your ranking. Often it's hard and monotone job, you can rent virtual assistent to create facebook group, to comment another forums in your niche.
  10. 10. For manual backlink building I recommend you "angela backlinks", just google it. Angela sells a monthly subscription to list of 30 high public rating forums with detailed instructions how to use it to improve your rating with posting your backlinks. It's really cheap and working method. It costs about 5 dollars per month. You should mix manual and automatic link building for maximum efficiency. Lesson 11: Semi-automatic and automatic link-building. Hi ! It's Alex Fil again. If you want to build links automatically to your site, I'll show you most effective methods that I'm using. Let's start. 1) Semi-automatic link-building. One effective method is to create account on services or This services will deliver your message to all your social network and social bookmarking websites like twitter, facebook, hubpages, google+, myspace etc. You just link feed of your website (usually it's address , but I recommend to login as admin into your wordpress website and see it in settings exactly). When you post next message to your website, your message will be delivered at all pre-created social network and social bookmark accounts. It will increase a chance to get more users entries and google rankings. Services like or cost about 10-13$ per month with basic price plan. But it will economy your time and will improve your social visibility. To economy time with creation a huge amount of social account, you can use gig. Just type "onlywire" in search field and you'll see necessary gigs. 2) For automatic link-building I'm using SenukeXCR software. It's one of the best automatic link building solutions today on the market. Check out software Senuke XCR, it's extremely powerful software to post your articles in articles directories, social networks, post your links to web 2.0 profiles, wiki pages, pdf's. You can ping and index your links with senukexcr too. You can integrate automatic capture solving for auto account creation, you can spin you articles and many other cool options. The disadvantage is a price. Full monthly subscription costs 147$. When I just started senuxcre
  11. 11. campaign, I spent some time to understand basic things in senuke. Senuke website has some simple tutorials how to use it. Lesson 12: How to track your links and make them pretty looking Hi, again! Tracking your links is one of important things in your advertising campaign. You should know efficiency of your actions, especially if it costs you money, for example for solo-ads or banners. You can easily track your links to know how much unique clicks became your advertising or affiliate links. You should constantly tweek your advertising texts, banners and optin-texts to improve response of users. I'm using Pretty Link plugin for Wordpress, it's free stuff with paid upgrade to pro version. I think the free version has all functions that we need and we can use it without upgrade. Just entry to your wordpress dashboard, entry your login and password and install plugin through "Search button". One of important benefits of program that you can short your long ugly affiliate link. You can transform something like to nice looking And you hide your affiliate link from user with this method. All of your links that you want to track you should to short with pretty link. Pretty links shows you quantity of all hits to unique hits. Something like 120/90 means that you became 120 hits and 90 from this hits are unique, from different IP addresses. You can group your links with pretty link. For example you can group your affiliate links, group your solo-ads campaign links, banner links etc. It's really cool free plugin. You can use different online link tracking services too, they have a different benefits but usually it's not free. Bring value and targeted traffic to your offer, build your brand and you will prosper. Your Alex Fil. P.S. Join to my Facebook page here: If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer. Thanks for reading. Bye!