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  1. 1. RIHANNA California King Bed Rihanna is a successful, modern artist that has released a verity of number ones, that are different genres including; dance, R&B, hip hop. However I have decided to analyse her ‘California King Bed’ release.‘California King Bed’ is a song based on a love struggle, it shows twopeople that used to be in love but they are now broken hearted and aretrying to find the feels they once had for each other.
  2. 2. EFFECTS NATURE In the video there is a scene where it cuts to Nature is shown during the video in black and white this creates interest and makes lots of sections, through leaves, trees the video unique from others with an exciting and the main location surrounded in feature. sky, this creates a natural impression LIGHTING and suggests that this is a dream due Soft lighting is used with a natural to the clouds. At the start a backing theme, however in parts the visuals track is used of the sea this get over exposed by the lighting, this establishes the mise-en-scene. gives the impression of a dream like feel. The video also uses a red toned light which is highlighted by Rihanna’sACTORS hair, red shades suggest warmth andThe only other character in the video is an autumn impression whichRihannas love which is a handsome male represents a new, the camera never focuses on him andonly shows him sitting on the bed and CAMERA ANGLES &interacting with Rihanna, this means thatfocus is not taken away from the artist. MOVEMENTSAlthough in one scene his body is shown The video consists of lots of close-ups whilstwith water flowing down it but its reversed Rihanna is performing and profile shots are usedand is shown in black and white. this creates focus on the artist, also shown in areas were Rihanna is directly singing into the camera. COSTUME & MAKEUP Transitions are smooth throughout the video and Rihanna uses the codes and conventions in places over exposer is used with the sun to of a love pop video in the aspect of blank out the visuals. The camera has oft and clothing this is achieved with little flowing movements and often does arc and clothing which Rihanna is known for, the circular techniques. clothes she does wear are all white and LOCATIONS cream suggesting purity, they are pretty The whole video is based around one room pieces which gives the idea of a perfect with a bed in the middle which links in to the girl. The makeup is natural with making lyrics of ‘king bed’ the room is surrounded by a statement which also suggests perfect COMPOSTION white curtains which blow in the wind. girl and allows people to focus on this Rihanna is sometimes shown on one side of the However parts of the video show her lying on meaning without being distracted. camera to create focus on the background and the grass or standing next to an autumn tree. location this also creates visual impact.
  3. 3. GABRIELLE APLIN Never Fade Gabrielle Aplin is an up coming artist that was recognised on YouTube, her target audience is young consumers who enjoy pop and Folk music.The video to this song was created on a small budget that iswhy I think to would allow us to see what we could create andgain inspiration.
  4. 4. ACTORS LOCATIONS EFFECTS The video concentrates on her however at All the scenes are set During the video lots of scenes are the end it shows her with her friends this outside, including fields and overlapped by others, meaning one creates a light hearted end to the video. woods. Nature is used in the way scene is behind and then another of flowers, trees and leaves are layered with a transparent effect shown and the camera focuses on allowing you see to both scenes. This them. A natural breeze of wind is is very effective and in most it has the used in the performance scene artist performing in a still shot and which fits in with codes and then a moving shot of nature, behind. conventions of a females music video, this technique is used a lot to create drama. LIGHTING Natural light is used throughout. In places light is shown to be beaming CAMERA ANGLES & through the leaves and trees this MOVEMENTS allows the video to make the most of The video uses a wide range of camera the location. Candles are shown in techniques, movement was used a lot including lanterns this is near the end were it panning however this was very fast and in some turns into night time, this creates a areas became over powering. This doesnt fit in dreamy and romantic atmosphere. with the normal techniques used in this type of genre. The camera tracked her walking and just showed her feet, in other places, tilting was. In thePROPS performance scenes close-ups and profileThe props play a big part to this video in the performing angles, to enhance the artist.scene there are home accessories includinglamps, pennants banners, curtains and frames. All of COSTUME & MAKEUPthese props are representing a stereotypical romance Gabrielle only has one costume inmusic video. One of the frame says the video this identifies that it’s a‘Home, Sweet, Home’ this suggests that nature is her low budget video.home and she feels comfortable with a naturalenvironment.
  5. 5. TAYLOR SWIFT Mine Taylor swift is a well established artist that uses meaningful ideas and issues in her song and lyrics, although most of her releases focus on love ideas.The video to ‘Mine’ is based on a performance and narrative theme. The narrative isaddressing a love story of ‘boy meets girl’ as its realistic and her fans can relate to this. Thevideo is structured as her life and the audience seems to be following her as a fly on the wall tothis love struggle.
  6. 6. PERFORMANCE LIGHTING The scene where she is performing is Light is flashed to create a in the woods there are family photos transition this is used to suggest hanging from the branches, this links that it’s a dream or a memory to into the narrative and creates an the audience. Light is also used interesting mise-en-scene. Taylor is to create the right emotions and wearing a white dress to suggest atmosphere were she is looking purity and there is light dapple back at her childhood its duller beaming through the trees. this gives the idea that it was an unhappy time. Whereas in the LOCATIONS future its shown to be bright and The video is set in a rural area, and shows the a happy time period of her life. family home, town and a beach. The beach is first shown when her and her love go together then later they revisit with their children. The locations are meant to suggest that this story could be anyones and that it relates toCAMERA ANGLES &MOVEMENTS everyone life.Simple camera movements are used, howeverduring the performance the camera is looking THEME The lyrics paints vivid visual images todown at her and follows her this creates the idea the audience this is then linked ins withof we want to be n her position and allows theaudience to focus on the artist. Taylor sings into the images shown on the video.the camera making us concentrate on the song aswell as the strong narrative. EFFECTS COSTUME & Taylor looks into a family photo and the camera MAKEUP is looking into it as an over the shoulder shot Taylor’s clothing gets more this gives the idea of we are in her shoes, it then mature as the narrative shows are reflection looking back at us before it develops this indicates the cuts into her memories of this time period. plot of time to the audience. Silhouettes are used in scenes were her and the However the costumes are male character are used this is an effective always pretty and fit in with method to clearly show the characters and not the stereotypical. the situation.
  7. 7. ASHTON SHEPHERD where Country Grows Ashton Shepherd is a country styled artist that is signed by MCA Nashville.The song uses simplicity to establish the genre. It is mainly aperformance video however certain scenes show a narrative.
  8. 8. LOCATIONS The video is set in a farm and theTHEME grounds around are used including theThis video follows the codes and fields and the main mise-en-sceneconventions of a country styled genre shows a large tree with a home mademainly due to the lyrics and song. bench under it. The location is a bigHowever this is established in the video part in establishing the genre ofby the artist playing the guitar, the Country styled artist.location and the style of video. EFFECTS The colouring on the visuals LIGHTING have been edited as the Sunlight is used as a spot light background seems dull this on the artist this gives the allows the audience to focus on impression she is performing . the artist and not the location. COSTUME & MAKEUP Her costume links in with the theme of a country girl, as she is wearing cowboy boots and a patterned dress. Her hair is down andCAMERA ANGLES & MOVEMENTS blows in the wind this appeals to theThe transitions used in the video are created by over audience., as she looks attractive.exposing the camera and then cutting to anotherscene, this technique creates an interesting transitionthat fits in with the location and doesn’t seem out ofplace.