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Magazine advert

  1. 1. PURPOSE A digipak advert is used to promote a new release of an album and to add awareness of the release date.For our Digipak advert in a magazine I have looked at a few existing designs and analysed them for inspiration. The advert conventional consists of the artist name, album title, release date and a picture of the album to encourage customers to buy the product.
  2. 2. JANET Artist Name ‘20Y.O’ Text The text is teasing This gives a clear message to and giving important the viewer who’s album it is information to the and promotes them. The viewer. The font is font is bold and is the same thin, however to on the album making it make certain parts recognisable as well as stand out more branding the release and different shades of artist. colours are used and capital lettering.ImageThe advert has onedominate, strong image inthe middle of the artist Date of Releasethis is eye catching topeople looking through amagazine. Album As this advert is for the album a small image is used to identify this. Its also the Record Label only thing in colour on the page making it stand out The poster includes a and have importance. This logo of the record helps the viewer recognise company. the digipak when purchasing.
  3. 3. BEYONCE Text This shows the ‘4’ artist’s name and Album This is a small image title for the of the digipak’ s album, its bold design on the poster and underlined its positioned at the for impact. As top as your eyes well as stretching look at it after across the top of seeing the title. The the page making colouring and style it standout. is very similar to this poster with Beyonce standing out theImage most, with a Black costume. TheThis picture is colours around herunique and edgy as a background arewhich links in dull and have lesswith her style as artist, she ispositioned to theleft of the posterto follow the ruleof three andmake it moreinteresting.
  4. 4. KATY PERRY Artist The most dominate text on ‘I Kissed a Girl’ this poster is the artist’s name, the font matches the font that’s on the album making it identifiable and branding the product. The font isImage pretty and girly which matches the theme for thisThis image is of the album.artist, her style andlook is in tied withthe style of musicthe album offers as Albumbeing girly and pop. This is a smallThe picture is strong image of theand balances the digipak itstext and information centredon the other half of between thethe advert linking in text to drawwith the rule of eyes to it thethree. colouring is very Text similar to the poster. The quote is the Album name as well as being a top hit song for the artist this will attract and entice potential customers as they will be familiar with the song.
  5. 5. AVRIL LAVIGNE ‘The best damn thing’TextThe artist’s nameis shown and Imagename of album to A photo of the artist thatdesign of it is the links in with the coloursame as on the scheme of pink, white andalbum. black with a style of edgy and rebel. This will appeal Eye Contact to the target audience as The photo uses eye well as ,making the artist contact to draw the view in create an brand image. and look at this advert. Design Details The band at the This shows the bottom separates the release date to text from the image possible and makes it stand out customers. to the viewers. This tells the viewer what will be featured in the album enticing them to buy it by informing them of a hit song they will know.
  6. 6. Artist TAYLOR SWIFTThe font of the artist’sname is the same on the ‘Speak Now’cover its very girly and ispleasing on the eye. The Imageartist’s name is placed at An image of thethe top of the page giving it artist borderingpower and suggesting its the information.value to people recognising The image showsit if they are a fan. On the the artist in thealbum this is reversed and same costume asthe title of the album is the album whichlarger than the name links it togethermaking it more relevant to and also makesthe songs and music. the album have an identifiable look.AdditionalInformationThis tells theviewer the albumis out and where Albumto purchase it. This image shows the design of the album, the poster and it are very similar with the same colour scheme and font, however it stands out, as it is one of very few things on the page with white colouring, this makes the background of the digipak standout from the purple shades and lures the eye in.
  7. 7. INSPIRATIONWhilst under going this section of research I tried to make sure I was looking at artistthat which be similar to Holly and have things in common to her as an artist forinspiration. Therefore I looked at female artist as well as Taylor Swift who has beenextremely influential to us for Holly’s brand. I have gained knowledge of what isneeded in a advert for a digipak, these are a few things I will keep into considerationwhen designing and producing one; • Strong image of artist • Detail on release date • Image of album for promotion • Name of artist and album • Eye catching layout • Aesthetically pleasing (rule of three) • Match style of Album & artist • Appropriate colour scheme