Digipak Research


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Digipak Research

  1. 1. TAYLOR SWIFT Speak Now Front Cover Back Cover Images All images includeCentral Taylor herself toImage identify the artist. Her costumes are pretty dresses thatFont are enhanced byThe title and wind andother text are in a movement. Hercurly and hair and makeupfeminine style match this imagewhich is with simple wavydecorative and hair and littlepretty appealing makeup.to the target Track Barcodeaudience. CD Listings Record ThemeColour Design Label’s This digipak has a strongThe colour scheme for this digipak is, Logo theme created in imagescolourful, bright, girly and vivid. This and mainly a colourfulmatches Taylor’s band as being girly and Graphics design.innocent , colours like purple and yellow The overall digipak’ s aesthetics isgive the impression of summer and floaty and artistic with images ofbrightness this can link in with themeanings of her songs being about love. coloured patterns and designs.
  2. 2. Speak Now AlbumReleased- October 2010Genre- Country, PopLabel- Big MachineSingles- ‘Mine’ I have looked at the video inmy research. After looking and analysing Taylor Swifts Album I have gained inspiration Holly’s image is similar to Taylor in the way that she is a young female artist, with a natural pretty look and sings mainly about love stories. I will try and use the successful features like interesting images of Holly and keep the theme bright and cheerful.
  3. 3. COLDPLAY Mylo Xyloto Front Cover Back Cover ImagesColour As a digipakBright and it has brokenLuminas thecolours are conventionalused which way of usingattracts the an image ofeye and is in this casein trend at the band,the time of this gives therelease. digipak a uniqueGraphics appearanceInstead of images an abstract Trackdesign is used which includes CD Record Labels Listingsgraffiti looking text and splashes Design logo Barcodeof colour this creates aninteresting and eye catchingbackground. FontTheme Just an outline is used allowing theThe background fills the digipak allowing this to background to fill the text, this makes themake it all link together with a strong connection the background be the main feature of thedrawings differs and changes only the colour scheme design and the text have less importance.and style stays the same adding interest. However this is a successful effect.
  4. 4. Mylo Xyloto Album Released- October 2011 Genre- Electro, Alternative Rock Label- Parlophone Singles- Big Hit ‘Paradise’ and ‘Charlie Brown’ This Album cover I have research gives the impression of a artistic and vivid design, this also fits in with the trend as ituses bright colours and has an up to date stylish appearance. These techniques will appeal to a young target audiencesimilar to what I will be targeting for Holly’s album therefore I must create a stylish and modern looking cover.
  5. 5. RIHANNAColour Front Cover Loud Back CoverThe colourscheme consistmainly of red thiscolour suggestspassionate,power, love and a Trackloud/bright colour Listingslinking in with thetitle. RecordGraphics Label’sOn the back cover Logothe image hasbeen edited to aless bright andblurred look Barcodecreating an CDinteresting effect. Design Images Font Rihanna is featured in all The font doesn’t have as much images, as an artist she is visual impact as the images portrayed in a provocative but the letters are spaced out way. On the cover a strong and a thin font has been used. central image is used This text also is in a light consisting of a close up, this shade meaning in areas its is then recognisable to harder to read. customers.
  6. 6. Loud AlbumReleased- November 2010Genre- R&B, Dance, PopLabel- Def JamSingles- ‘ California King Bed’ the video I haveanalysed and gained inspiration from. Rihanna’s album has given me ideas of how to make a Digipak have a strong colour scheme with mainly red being used giving visual impact, I also think the close-up images which would be a good idea for Holly’s album as this is her first release and fans will then be able to recognise her. I think Holly’s album will need a stylish modern look and design similar to Rihanna’s.
  7. 7. BRUNO MARS Doo-Wops & Hooligans Front Cover Back CoverColourThe eye catching Fontyellow is what The font size isattracts you first small whichthe black images draws theand off white text customer intois clear to see and the cover, thelinks in with a title uses a boldreggae feel. font that has the style of simpleTheme graffiti.The whole designis very uniqueand fits in with CD Barcode TrackBruno’s genre. Design Record Listings Label’s Images Logo This digipak consist of no photos but Graphics illustrations instead, Bruno is shown as The digipak’ s background a small silhouette walking into the has a scratched and worn distance lead by a rocket. This is an effect making it appear unique design and has a edgy and retro and a reggae feel . trendy look.
  8. 8. Doo-Wops & Hooligans Album Released- October 2010 Genre- Pop, R&B, Pop-reggae Label- Atlantic, Elektra Singles- Hits including ‘Just the Way You Are’ and ‘The Lazy Song’Bruno Mars has a strong brand identity and this is shown in this design for the digipak I like the uniqueness and edge to this album cover, something I will take afterresearching this album is that and how to addresses and portray this in a digipak.