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Female Smokers


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Female Smokers

  1. 1. 2 Research questions1. What is the prevailing situation of female smokers in Bangladesh?2. What is the level of awareness among these female smokers?3. Which age assembly and society adapts the mannerism of smoking mostly?4. What leverages these women to start smoking?5. What are the general medicinal perilous situations caused by smoking?6. What are the health hazards that befall distinctively towards female smokers?7. What are the compelling quitting stairs of smoking?3 HypothesisThe current situation of female smokers in our country seems to be on the rise. More and more
  2. 2. new females are adapting the habit of smoking every day. Large number of females areabsolutely ignorant of the wellbeing hazards, likely very few of these females understand onlyabout the general notion of fitness hamper. The habit of smoking is highly accustomed by theteenagers and the females, who are in their mid 20s mostly but it furthermore encompasseswomen, who are elderly and pertains from a high society. There are several reasons that temptthese women to be involved in smoking. Few likely causes could be peer pressure or frustrationsetc. Smoking has dangerous consequences on our wellbeing as we all understand, for exampleheart and respiratory infections, encompassing numerous other unsafe ill-health difficulties thathappen characteristically to feminine smokers. Knowing the right steps to stop fuming canassist these females convey themselves out of danger.4Methodology4.1 SECONDARY RESEARCH: For my secondary research, I have collected relevant sourcesfrom the online documents, articles and web supplements.
  3. 3. 4..2 PRIMARY RESEARCH: Information of primary research was collected by surveying 20samples (female smokers).Interview was conveyed in the form of casual conversation tounderstand and analyze the data.As a whole, my research methodology requires gathering relevant data from the web articles,and documents. Data collection will consist of surveys and interviews in order to analyze thematerial and arrive at a more complete understanding of the predicted hypothesis. A qualitativeevaluation will be utilized for this research project leveraging observation of the surveyquestions to collect substantive data.