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Personality and Comparative Adjectives


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Learn how to use comparative and superlative adjectives. You will also find a practical exercise to test what you have learned.

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Personality and Comparative Adjectives

  1. 1. Comparatives and Superlatives More than… The most!!!
  2. 2. Here you have some adjectives you can use to describe people: Annoying sexy kind hipster smart dumb
  3. 3. Can you describe the following people???
  4. 4. Here is some help…
  5. 5. charming lonely rude caring pleasant witty
  6. 6. Now, next you will find some comparative and interrogative sentences. Some comparatives use more, some don’t, some superlatives use ‘the most’, but some don’t. Can you figure out the rules?
  7. 7. He is the wittiest person I’ve known. She is lonelier than she has ever been. Sharon is the most forgetful person I know. Matt couldn’t have been more pleasant. Karen is the most caring person I ever met. He is so much ruder now than when he was a child.
  8. 8. They are actually pretty simple. Take a look:
  9. 9. Easy right? Try one last practice with this people:
  10. 10. facebook/hobbylanguages @hobbylanguages Stay tuned for more :)))