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La pedriza


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La pedriza

  2. 2. Aerial view of “La Pedriza”
  3. 3. HIKERS: Isabel, Luis and Lluis
  4. 4. EXPLAIN GOAL  1) Knowledge of history , orography, climate, flora and fauna of the PEDRIZA  2) Walking excursion  3) Know the bars in the trail  4) Report photo
  5. 5. Knowledge of history - 1  La Cueva de la Mora is one famous place of La Pedriza, a legend says that an arabian princess was kidnapped and hidden in that place. Centuries ago La Pedriza had difficult access and was a refuge for bandits as Pablo Santos and Luis Candelas.
  6. 6. Knowledge of history - 2  Portrait of Felipe IV on horseback painted by Velazquez. According to the geologist Juan Carbonell landscape mountain displayed La Pedriza and the slope of the Vines, seen from El Escorial.
  7. 7. Orography  La Pedriza is formed by two valleys in the Guadarrama Sierra. It is oriented to the South. Both are closed by the highest mountains of Guadarrama with more than 2000 meters, in the North East La Maliciosa and Guarramillas between them the river Manzanares originates, Cabezas de Hierro in the North and La Najarra in the East. The most known peak is El Yelmo a enormous stone of Granite.
  8. 8. VEGETATION OF LA PEDRIZA  It has a vegetation of Mediterranean forest and mountains.  In the lower area there are a few trees near streams .  It see a lot of rocky area .  The most abundant species are: rock rose, holly , broom , rosemary and thyme.  The highest area has little forest and large rocks.  The most abundant trees are : pine , holly , maple , brown, oak and yew
  9. 9. La Pedriza Animals  The most popular animal is the vulture and you can find goats and snakes in the summer.
  10. 10. CLIMATE OF LA PEDRIZA  The climate is Mediterranean adapted to the continent. From 1400 meters it rains heavily. The temperature ranges between 25 ° C in summer -8 ° C in winter. Also usually it snows. In general the climate of La Pedriza is quite humid, high winds and frequent storms 
  11. 11. Bars in trail  Montañero in Canto Cochino  Jara de la Pedriza  Yelmo in Charca Verde  Before starting the tour we stopped at the bar Montañero (mountaineer) to eat tortilla de patatas for breakfast
  12. 12. Walking excursion  Isabel taking a photograph  Rafi and Lluis ready to start the tour  We started the tour in Canto Cochino, walked for three hours along the river with beautiful views and abundant vegetation to the village Manzanares el Real, there we took the the car to return to Madrid
  13. 13. REPORT PHOTO