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Hotels with mistery


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Mystery ghosts hotels Madrid
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Hotels with mistery

  1. 1. Hotels with mystery in Madrid
  2. 2. Located near Jacinto Benavente there’s a palace which was sold during the 20th century.
  3. 3. This building standing on this lot burned down and it was rebuilt on 1803.
  4. 4. In 2001 José Abellán (a well known radio host) and his wife bought this palace. When the reparation works began, they observed that things happening in this building that could not be explained.
  5. 5. When his wife and his sister visited the building they felt discomfort (headache, bad energy, the elevator was moving although there was no electricity). Finally, they decided to sell the building. They were the householders for less than three months.
  6. 6. After them, the palace was bought by a French man, who was the owner during not too much time. After him, the building was bought in order to use it as a hostel. They call it Cat’s Hostel.
  7. 7. Nevertheless, a strange presence is still felt by the users of the hostel. Some of them have seen an old lady dressed with a white long dress walking through the corridor. Others have felt someone touching their shoulders.
  8. 8. The writer of the book “Enigmas y misterios de Madrid” spent one night in the hostel for experimental purposes.
  9. 9. He did not experience any specific strange phenomenon though he heard some strange noises and felt a bad energy that did not let him rest during the night Nowadays, the Hostal is being refurbished and will reopen soon.