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Films in Space


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Discover the secrets and the big questions to some of the greatest movies about Space.
2001: A Space Odyssey, Solaris, Moon and Gravity

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Films in Space

  1. 1. 2001 SOLARIS MOON GRAVITY 2001 SOLARIS MOON GRAVITY 2001  (12:15) SOLARIS  (2:49) Moon  (55:21) GRAVITY  (23:56) FILMS  IN  SPACE
  2. 2. FilmInSpace.xls Página  1 From  IMDB 2001 SOLARIS MOON GRAVITY rating 8,3 8,1 8 8,2 users 294.109 38.303 185.148 325.960 Year 1968 1972 2009 2013 Director Stanley  Kubrick Andrei  Tarkovsky Duncan  Jones Alfonso  Cuarón from  United  States from  Russia from  England from  México Writers SK  +  Arthur  C.  Clarke AT  +  Friedrich  Gorenstein DJ  +  Nathan  Parke AC  +  Jonás  Cuarón based  on tale:  The  Sentinel   novel:  Solaris -­‐-­‐-­‐ -­‐-­‐-­‐ Stars Keir  Dullea Donatas  Banionis Sam  Rockwell Sandra  Bullock Duration 160' 167' 97' 91' Academy   Awards Best  Visual  Effects -­‐-­‐-­‐ -­‐-­‐-­‐ Best  Directing Soundtrack Also  sprach  Zarathustra  (R.   Strauss)  Thus  Spoke   Zarathustra   Eduard  Artemev Various Steven  Price Plot Humanity  finds  a  mysterious,   obviously  artificial,  object   buried  under  the  Lunar   surface  and,  with  the   intelligent  computer  H.A.L.   9000,  sets  off  on  a  quest. A  psychologist  is  sent  to  a   station  orbiting  a  distant   planet  (Solaris)  in  order  to   discover  what  has  caused  the   crew  to  go  crazy. Astronaut  Sam  Bell  has  a   quintessentially  personal   encounter  toward  the  end  of  his   three-­‐year  stint  on  the  Moon,   where  he,  working  alongside  his   computer,  GERTY,  sends  back  to   Earth  parcels  of  a  resource  that   has  helped  diminish  our  planet's   power  problems. A  medical  engineer  and  an   astronaut  work  together  to   survive  after  an  accident   leaves  them  adrift  in  space. Vocabulary to  bury:  to  put  under  the  earth crew:  team  working  on  a  … stint:  time,  period adrift:  without  direction
  3. 3. FILMS  IN  SPACE Página  1 SOME  QUESTIONS 2001 SOLARIS MOON GRAVITY Character:  human Dr.  Dave  Bowman Kris  Kelvin Sam  Bell Dr.  Ryan  Stone Character:  computer HAL  9000 -­‐-­‐-­‐ GERTY -­‐-­‐-­‐ Time 3.000.000  years  to  2001  to  the   Infinite Few  month  in  a  future  year Two  weeks  to  return  to  Earth A  few  hours Space Earth,  Moon,  Jupiter,  no-­‐where Earth,  Solaris  planet Moon Space,  Earth Is  it  a  sci-­‐fi  film?   no,  because  the  movie  is  in  the   present The  family  in  the  Earth:   family  not  friends The  birthday  of  his  daugther.  His   wife  out  to  the  hair-­‐dresser.   (videoconference) His  parents  (no  video  conference) His  wife  (Tess)  and  his  daughter:   Eve.  (videoconference) Her  daughter:  Sarah  (she  died  when   she  was  four)  (no  videoconference) What  happened  with  the   inteligent  computer? HAL  9000  is  disconnected  by  Dave   because  it  does  what  it  wants  to.  It   became  independent. -­‐-­‐-­‐ GERTY  helps  all  clones  from  Sam   Bell -­‐-­‐-­‐ The  last  scene:  Does  it  give  a   different  meaning  to  the   film? The  big  baby  floats  in  space  beside   the  Earth,  looking  at  it.  Father  and  son  embrace  on  the   front  step  of  the  lakeside  house   which  the  camera  zooms  out  to   reveal  is  located  on  an  island  in  the   middle  of  an  ocean  on  the  planet   Solaris. Off  voice:  Who  is  that  person  is   saying  'I  come  from  the  Moon'  ¿Is  a   true  story  or  is  a  lunatic  man?     Then  she  looks  at  her  surroundings,   taking  in  the  almost  unbearable   beauty  of  the  planet  Earth.  SHE   BEGINS  TO  WALK  ON  PLANET   EARTH,  laughing. Countdown  or  tension:   thriller Where   What  is  exactly  this  ocean  from   Solaris?  How  play  on  them? Rescue  Unit  ELIZA:  we  expect  them   to  reach  you  in  approximately  14   hours.  Kowalski  estimates  they  have  90   minutes  before  the  "rubbish"   completes  an  orbit  and  crashes   them  again. Who  or  what  appears   suddenly? The  black  and  big  monolith Harey  (one,  two,  or  more..).  His     girlfriend,  that  commited  suicide  ten   years  ago,  because  of  discussion   with  Kris. A  double:  a  man  exactly  like  Sam   Bell. Matt  Kowalski:  the  astronaut  lost  in   space  before.   My  favorite  scene The  next-­‐to-­‐last  scene.  The  huge   white  bedroom,  with  classics   paintings,  and  a  bit  green. In  the  library,  reading  Don    Quijote.   There  are  Bruegel  paintings,  with   snowy  landscape.  Harey  is  speaking   about  their  emotions:  her,  Kris  and   the  other  crew  members. Neither When  Kowalski  appears,  with  his  big   and  confortable  smile.  It  is   impossible  but  …  and  the  last  one. yes,  because  the  movie  is  in  the  future
  4. 4. FILMS  IN  SPACE Página  2 All  this  films  speak  about  what  happend  when  a  person  is  absolutely  alone.  What  or  who  we  are,  we:  the  humanity?  What  happens  with  the  Artificial  Intelligent?  Do  the  computers   have  feelings?    About  the  sense  of  live.    One  conclusion  and  advice:  if  you  know  first  the  story    then  the  film  is  more  interesting,  more  amazing,  more  deep.