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Canterville ghost


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Learn some English vocabulary and expressions. Aprende algunas palabras y expresiones en inglés.

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Canterville ghost

  1. 1. Vocabulary and Phrases
  2. 2. 'What is this red stain?' Mrs Otis asked Mrs Umney. 'It is blood,' answered the old housekeeper in a quiet voice. housekeeper = ama de casa, señora de la limpieza
  3. 3. grave= fosa to bury (buried / buried) = enterrar There was a funeral four nights later. The Otises buried the body of Sir Simon de Canterville in a grave among the trees.
  4. 4. murder = asesinato 'It is the blood of Lady Eleanore de Canterville. She was murdered by her husband, Sir Simon de Canterville, in 1575.
  5. 5. stain = mancha 'Pinkerton's can remove anything,' said Washington Otis. 'The blood- stain has gone.'
  6. 6. teapot = tetera Mrs Umney put teacups on the table, then she brought a pot of tea.
  7. 7. apron = delantal She was an old woman and wore a black dress and white apron.
  8. 8. frightened = asustado/a The ghost had lived in Canterville Chase for three hundred years. Everyone was frightened of him, because everyone was afraid of ghosts.
  9. 9. walk (pronunciado ‘wok’) = andar He wanted to walk around the house and frighten the Otis family.
  10. 10. A nightingale sings all night long. The bird's sweet song is beautiful and sad. Nightingale - ruiseñor
  11. 11. ** thunder: trueno ** lightning: rayo The rain was falling heavily and the sky was black. They heard thunder and they saw lightning.