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Bitis Hunter - Map your vietnam - Marketing Arena 2016


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Marketing Arena is a marketing competition hold by Creatio - FTU2.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Bitis Hunter - Map your vietnam - Marketing Arena 2016

  2. 2. Fact In 2015, Vietnam had 7.94 million foreign travelers and 57 million domestic travelers. Vietnamese people still have been wary and afraid of domestic travelling or spending time on travel abroad instead of their country.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE 30% Target Customer is aware of Bitis Hunter 5% of them buy products 50% Target Audience is aware of campaign Increase the domestic travellers by 20% to 2015 Communication Business
  4. 4. Target Audience Dynamic Passion of Tourism Enthusiasm Nationalism Show-off ego Reason to choose: This group is a part of Bitis‟s Target Consumer and it has big impact on other youth. Age: 18-25 Live in 6 big cities (HCM, HN, HP, Cần Thơ, Đà Nẵng, Huế) Income: BC+ Education:12+ Attitude toward Product: Looking for a quality sport shoes with fine design at reasonable price.
  5. 5. How was your last trip? “It was beautiful and fun” NOT UNDERSTAND DEEPLY But Their Talk And Thinking LACK OF CONFIDENCE
  6. 6. Driver I want to learn more experience to discover myself and my country and live my youth fulfilly Limited resources and afraid of being judge by people around about my tourism experience. à l à không lên è C ình h I want to live fulfilly with my youth without wasting a moment. I’m always trying to find experience as much as possible. Then I have not been judged by people around on my experience. But this makes me un-intentionally forgetting the core value of the trips. I do not realize that I gradually become a "superficial tourist". Barrier Insight
  7. 7. Vietnamese Tourism Opportunity Has a lot of extremely beautiful landscapes across the country Wanna live my youth life fulfilly and don‟t want to waste a moment, but this makes me un-intentionally forgetting about the core value of the trips Product truth Bitis Hunter: Nhẹ Như Bay Help users more comfortable, less weary on the long trips to discovering deeply and unique experience. Consumer truth
  8. 8. Big Idea Key message “Hunting the real Experiece” Be a real Hunter Let Travelling like a HUNTER. Go hunting for their beauty, culture not just looking around.
  9. 9. Strategy approach What is real experience hunting 1 How to become A real hunter 2 Map your Vietnam! Hunter 3
  10. 10. D E P L O Y M E N T P L AN First 3 weeks (1/6-18/6) Viral clip “PAUSE or POSE” Activation “INSPIRED EVENTs” supported with Real Hunter handbook Trigger Experience Amplification Times Message Key hook Next 3 weeks (20/6-10/7) Last 2 weeks (11/7-1/8) “What is the real experience hunting?” “How to be a real Hunter?” Microsite “MAP YOUR VIETNAM” supported with viral song Objective Define the „real experience hunting‟ Encourage the youth hunting the real experience Brand Role Support the “real experience” hunting travel attitude. Connect KOLs with same vision Encourage Vietnam youth naturally to share the proud of country, exploring their own real and unique experiences Sponsor for the campaign, appear in communication channels as supporter “Map your Vietnam! Hunter” Every „Hunter‟ becomes an Ambassador for Vietnam KPIs 75% TA aware about this clip, 2 millions views through platfroms 5000 youths joining event/city 30% of them accept the Real experience challenge 5% buying Bitis Hunter 10,000 updates on MAP YOUR VIETNAM Domestic traveller increase by 25%
  11. 11. D E M O E X E C U T I O N Trigger Budget: 50,000 USD “PAUSE or POSE” Viral clip The scenes change rapdily between the “real” and “superficial” traveler/hunter
  12. 12. D E M O E X E C U T I O N After the journey, what you got ? “Take a POSE and we GO” “Take a PAUSE and we KNOW” “The real experience hunting come from a PAUSE not a POSE” Find the answer in 24/06/2016 at NVHTN
  13. 13. D E M O E X E C U T I O N Experience Budget: 100,000 USD Activations in 6 cities 1. Stimulated Game: Rock climbing, running, high jump with Bitis Hunter 2. Inspiring talks Hoang Duc Minh shares experience and inspires the youth 3. Publishing the handbook Publishing the real experience hunting handbooks for Vietnam Youth
  14. 14. D E M O E X E C U T I O N Experience 3. Publishing the handbook Publishing real experience hunting handbooks for Youth
  15. 15. D E M O E X E C U T I O N Experience 3. Publishing the handbook Publishing real experience hunting handbooks for Youth
  16. 16. “Hunt your own moments” V I R A L T H E M E S O N GD E M O E X E C U T I O N Amplification Budget: 100,000 USD “Let‟s map Vietnam with your experience. Hunter!" F Share “mình th s c th s s tr v này „” Nguy s tùng M I C R O - S I T E : “MAP YOUR VIETNAM” u Upload ìm hi Ninh Bình  Vì sao ch Hoa L  Dê núi nuôi nh nào?  abcxyzgh Son Tung M-TP ft. Den for travel theme song – emphasize on the epic landscapes and human beauty of Vietnam. The real morale booster for Vietnamese youth to discover our country.
  17. 17. VIETNAM tourism start changing from YOU