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The Future is already here


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Presentation for the VKA seminar "Smart Society" on 15 march 2007, The Hague, the Netherlands

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The Future is already here

  1. 1. the future is already here … it's just not widely distributed yet! [ 15-03-2007 ] hans pronk|||
  2. 3. de schaarste voorbij de schaarste voorbij...
  3. 5. the vision was too grand and the details were a little short
  4. 6. 1865 - the ‘Red Flag’ Act
  5. 7. we shape our tools ... the tools shape us Stowe Boyd
  6. 8. The first Rule in a Knife Fight is That you’re go- ing to get cut! Expect it... Accept it... The trick is to get Cut less than the Other guy.
  7. 9. the future is already here!