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Irn bru 32 research[1] (1)

  1. 1. IRN-BRU 32 RESEARCH By Lusi Ndoja
  2. 2. RED BULL This picture is an advert for RedBull advertising the energy drink. as you can see b the colours that are used they are very vibrant and eye catching. The have used three colours (blue, silver and red) they have used a colour scheme so you know that these colour resemble RedBull. The advert looks professional as they have kept the theme throughout. The advert is very simple but effective. You can also see that RedBull have used there slogan that attracts your eye to see first (RedBull give you wings) and for the image they have used a plane, this implies that if you drink this energy drink you will be able to fly, they have made it easy for the audience to understand what the product. RedBull is hugely popular by many young people, but also as it’s an energy drink its also for people that are into sport too. As the advert have used a plane to advertise that drink which is also a type of sport. The advert is simple with illustrations which is perfect for the target audience which is young people which are classed to drink energy drinks the most, the font they have used is very child like but however the advert is very straight forward as you have the slogan with the image illustrated and the picture of the product giving you all the information you need. Also the image they have used on the RedBull can is a picture of a bull, this implies that a bull is powerful and strong and they have used the colour red for the font to make it bold and eye catching but also the colour red has a meaning that its powerful, strong and dangerous, which is something that will motivate young people even more and will persuade them into buying the product.
  3. 3. MONSTER ENERGY This is another energy drink advert for Monster energy. As you can see by the techniques they have used its very similar to the RedBull as again they have advertised the drink along with an athlete, this makes the audience believe that the drink will making you feel as energised as a sports athlete. The colour scheme they have used is green and black. And the drink is called Monster we immediately think of things related to “scary” or “spooky” the colours are very dark which fits well wit h the title of the drink as it makes the advert look more professional as there is a theme set out. Also the logo for the drink is an M but also looks like Monster scratch marks again linking it back to the theme of the drink. The font the have is used has that horror feel to it which again is linked with the theme they have set out for this product. The slogan they have used is also very effective “fuel the fire in you” this is another motivating quote, you can instantly tell that its for energy. By looking at the font, colour scheme and lay out,
  4. 4. POWERADE Powerade is another example of a very popular energy drink. Again as you can see by the advert they have used another sports athlete. This was used with the Monster advert as again the sports athlete represents energy! This makes the audience believe that drinking energy drinks will make them feel like an athlete, full of energy with a lot of power. The colours they have used are blue and black. Again they have kept a very professional house style throughout making it look high quality. The image of the athlete is the person about to set off running, and also you can see the blue mist behind him, again this is representing the colour of the drinking and its implying that the person has drank the energy drink and its going to make him powerful. As I have researched I found out that in both the Monster and RedBull adverts they have related there product to some kind of sport, persuading the audience its good and you can feel like the people feel on the advert. Most of the products I have researched have the same target audience. These types of drinks are appealing to young people as they would be more likely to buy this sort of product. the slogan used for this product is (focus, hustle, hydrate. Believe) these are just words that would motivate people and again its getting into that athlete state of mind. I The colour they have used is also very sporty. The blue represents relaxation of the mind both mentally and physically which links perfect to the energy drink. Comparing the energy drinks I have researched I see that blue is a very popular colour when thinking of what colour scheme. It links in with the sport, the colour of relaxation and calm. It also links in with pure as water is sometimes thought of as “blue” and the Powerade is presented as something that is good and energising. The lay out is high quality and also again very professional. The image they have chosen makes the people feel more inspired to look and feel the way that person does too.
  5. 5. LUCOZADE The packaging for the lucozade is very professional and again it has the same layout throughout. They have a colour scheme they follow (red, orange and yellow) The colour orange is the main colour that you can see throughout the packaging. The colour also represents and has a meaning of warmth and happiness combining the physical energy and stimulation of the red with the cheerfulness of the colour yellow. Both three colours work well together as they are all linked in with the meaning of energy. The colours go from light to dark showing it gets more powerful each time. Looking at each bottle they are all the same size, and all have the lucozade energy logo on the front. With each different flavour they have used the main ingredient as the main colour. By looking at them they all look professionally presented! the fonts they have used are the same throughout each bottle again making it look professional and also it helps the audience recognise the product that its Lucozade. A lot of graphic work has been put into the packaging his also makes the product aimed at you people to get them to buy the drink as they have a range of explosions and vibrant colours making it look funky and eye catching for the young audience.
  6. 6. IRN- BRU When looking on the Irn-Bru website I found a number of different adverts that they had censored but on the official page they had added for the audience to see. these adverts could not be advertised purely because they were inappropriate as other members of a certain age will not be suited to see this sort of advert displayed. once that I came across was an elderly man pointing to the donkey. The advert is plain and simple with a quote relating to the image. This has purely been censored because of the quote they have used and the inappropriate chose of vocabulary "ass" as young people of this day and generation the word "ass" has a couple of different meaning that is now used in slang, the advert has took this specific word and has used it meaning both meanings the word for donkey but also the slang term for buttock. However the colour scheme they have used is the same as advertised on the product (blue and orange) and here is an image of the product located on the bottom of he poster. The advert is too simple and boring and also it doesn't look outstanding and professional as the powerade advert as they have used high quality images and they have linked the drink to the visual image relating it to sports. therefore irn-Bru doesn't advertise what the drink does such as the powerade and also doesn't have motivation to make the audience believe that by drinking irn-bru you feel energized. The message that irn-bru is giving is wrong and but also it has the Scottish humour as they have used this because irn-bru is a Scottish product, but again this will not sell well nationally because its aiming to a specific place which doesn't class everyone.
  7. 7. IRN BRU DIET AND ORGINAL This advert as you an see is less inappropriate ad its focusing on just the product . The image is a very good quality and has been photographed b a photographer. Again you can see they have kept the colour scheme the same ad its also advertising the irnbru diet can making you more aware o the choices you can have. Again this advert is very simple and boring and not really giving you the Scottish humour feel to it. Its very basic as it only has the Irn-bru slogan behind the product written on the orange and blue balloons. It doesn’t make the audience want to buy the product as such as its not giving you any motivation or give you any facts on why this product “gets you through”. As I have researched other existing energy drink products they all the a very similar technique that it makes you feel like athlete or gives you energy. Like the powerade advert it gives you the slogan that will motivate you ad the picture of the sports athlete makes you visualise on how the product can make you feel like the image it has shown you. And advantage this advert has that it targets everyone and doesn’t make it specific on who its aimed at so this means that it includes everyone and gives the impression that anyone can buy this product.
  8. 8. IRN-BRU 32 This advert is advertising Irn-Bru 32 the latest version of the drink. This advert however is much more appropriate and very humoristic. The way they have advertised Irn-Bru is a man dressed as a chicken with in the colours of the Irn-Bru packaging (blue and orange) holding the drink, the only caption says “wakey wakey” this links with the drink in a sense that a rooster is known for to wake you up on a morning and they have linked this in with the drink having a meaning that it will wake you up if you drink it. As I have researched I have found that Irn-Bru likes to have humour in their adverts making it more funny. This advert does this as there is a man dressed in the rooster costume. I believe that this advert is aimed more towards the younger audience by the chose of colours and they have also made the colours more vibrant and brighter attracting the audience even more by making it eye catching. Another advantage of this advert is that they have kept the house style the same by keeping the colour scheme they have used for the original Irn-Bru which makes the product more professional and also the audience will be able to understand that the product is Irn-Bru and will be remembered.
  9. 9. IRN BRU 32 Here is a range of packaging that Irn-Bru has designed over time. By judging from the packaging you can see they have kept the font style the same making the audience know that the font belongs to the IrnBru. The font is bold and chunky making it clear to read and understand. Depending on what kind of drink you have chosen whether it is Irn-Bru original, diet or 32 they have kept the way they have presented the name of the product the same style again this is making it look professional rather than changing the style on each type every time. The colour scheme they have used you can see they only have three main colours (blue, orange and silver) this links in with the Scottish theme as the product is from Scotland. This is making the audience understand where the product is located from and also they are very patriotic and they have given the target audience a flavour of their roots. I have found out that Irn-Bru has a different approach to other types of energy drinks, such as Powerade for example motivates and advertises their product in a way that they make you feel like a sports athlete and by drinking that specific drink it will give you energy like a sports man. However Irn-Bru advertise there product in a humoristic way, and most of the adverts have been censored making them inappropriate for other ages. I feel that the best packaging that Irn-Bru has designed is Irn-Bru 32 as it is more current and simple making it more aimed towards the young audience aged 14-24, the colours are more vibrant and the Scottish theme is almost irrelevant. This shows that the product is aimed more for a wide range audience around the nation. However I feel that the choice of colour for the product is more aimed for the male audience as the colours are more masculine, as I think that the colour blue has been used in a stereotypical way that the colour has been made to be aimed more towards the male gender.