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Initial ideas and feedback


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Initial ideas and feedback

  1. 1. Initial Ideas and Feedback Lusi Ndoja
  2. 2. Idea 1My first idea for the recipe card is to design a Mexican theme. Within this theme I have decided to make all Mexican meals vegetarian. All the meats that are in the original meal will be replaced with quorn.When deciding what the design of the cards I have come up with different shapes such as, a cactus, sombrero or maraca keeping in with the Mexican theme as they are all part of the Mexican culture.The colours will be bright such as yellow, red green as these are the colours that are Mexican and give it a Mexican feel.
  3. 3. Feedback 1What do you like about the idea? like the choice of the country because it has various different food choices, Ialso like the design ideas for the actual cards. I like the choice of colours asthey fit in with the Mexican theme.What areas of the idea could be developed?I think that the food ideas could give more detail such as what meals you willbe making for the card and what you will replace the non vegetarian foodswith.What do you find interesting about the idea?The most interesting thing about the recipe cards is the design ideas for theshape of the cards as they will be eye catching and interesting.
  4. 4. Idea 2My seconds idea for the recipe cards is to have an Italian theme. This is because Italian food is very popular and there are many dishes that are vegetarian such as pizza’ can be aimed at both vegetarians and vegans.The style of the card will be the Italian colour theme (green, white and red) to give it an Italian feel to it.The food will mainly be main course meals as there is a range of dishes you can do and that are commonly known. The house style will be simple and clear so that everyone can understand the simple instructions.For the images we will not take our own images as the images from the internet will be to a high quality and more appealing than cooking our own food.
  5. 5. Feedback 2What do you like about the idea?I like the colours used and the simple design ideas, I also like the differentchoice of country from the first idea.What areas of the idea could be developed?I think that the detail in what food you will be producing can me expandedand the detail in what your cards will actually look like.What do you find interesting about the idea?I like the idea of using the Italian flag colours as the colour scheme to give itan Italian theme.
  6. 6. Idea 3My third idea could be an Indian theme. Like the Mexican theme most of the meals have meat products in them, this can be easily replaced with quorn again as most Indian dishes have meat products.The colour theme of the cards will be gold, red and purple as they are common Indian colours. The title of the meal will have the Indian name for it to make it slightly more interesting.
  7. 7. Feedback 3What do you like about the idea?I like the use of another foreign country and the use of the cultural colours totie in with theme.What areas of the idea could be developed?I think that adding more detail about the design of the cards and adding moredetail about what food you will substitute to suit the vegetarian market.What do you find interesting about the idea?I like the idea of using the Indian name for the title.
  8. 8. Idea 4My forth idea is a Christmas theme. This will be really festive and there can be many different food you can do. The turkey will of course be quorn as it will have to go with the vegetarian.The cards will be green and red giving it a more Christmassy feel to it. And the card decorated in holly.The food we could cook is a Christmas pudding and light fire to it as it is a tradition.
  9. 9. Feedback 4What do you like about the idea?I like the festive idea of basing the food around Christmas and changing it tosuit the vegetarian diet. I also like the idea of how the cards will be decorated.What areas of the idea could be developed?I think that giving more detail on what food will be made and detail on howthe cards will be detailed (Will it be decorated with real holly?)What do you find interesting about the idea?I think that the holly design is very original and creative and could work wellon the cards to give it a festive feel.
  10. 10. Idea 5my final idea will be a super hero theme. I will choose 8 different super hero and each super hero will have its own dish based on the theme.There will be a verity of colours as each cards will be interesting. For example one of the desserts will be batman cookies with the symbol in the middle, another example is super man and have vegetarian ice cream.Each house style will be different and all the cards will be as a collection. For example we can make a whole on the cards and make a key ring as they can be neatly put away on the kitchen.
  11. 11. Feedback 5What do you like about the idea?I like whole of the superhero idea and that each hero will get their own dishwhich represents them.I also like the colour aspect of using coordinated colours for each superheroand incorporating them into the food.What areas of the idea could be developed?I think that the detail in the food that will be made can be expanded on suchas what each dish will contain.What do you find interesting about the idea?I think that the whole superhero idea is very interesting as It will appeal tochildren.
  12. 12. Summary of FeedbackWhat do you agree with from your feedback?I agree that I need to add more information about the food I will be producing andexpanding it more. I agree that all the different themes are linked in with the design ofthe cards making it really interesting.What do you disagree with from your feedback?There isn’t really anything critical in my feedbacks as they all have one criticism andthat it to expand my ideas and add more detail which is a very good point that theyhave stated.
  13. 13. Idea EvaluationWhich idea that you came up with is your favourite and why?I like my super hero idea as it is different from all the other ideas as they are moreculture based and this theme can be very interesting to produce as each food madewill be based on a super hero.All the cards will have their own individual theme which is very interesting.Which idea, that your team came up with, is your favourite and why?I like the Mexican theme that was mentioned on my team as they idea of the recipecards was very creative and interesting as its different and makes the card more eyecatching. Also the rang of colours will be very interesting as they are bright and willmake the cards more fun.