MATRADE Creative Industry Seminar 2011


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this presentation was given during the MATRADE Creative Industries Seminar - 13102011. Keynote presentation: Hasnul Nadzrin Shah

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MATRADE Creative Industry Seminar 2011

  1. 1. A Snapshot of Malaysia’s Creative Multimedia Industries : Trends and Opportunities. Hasnul Nadzrin Shah Head of Strategy and Policy Creative Multimedia Division Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn.Bhd Seminar on Enhancing the Competitiveness of The Creative Industry MATRADE October 2011Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 1
  2. 2. Defining the Creative Industries Cultural Sites Creative Publishing and Print Media Visual Arts Multimedia Industries Design Creative New Media Cultural Arts Industries Industries Traditional Cultural Creative Expression s Services Heritage Audio Visuals Performin g Arts IndustriesClassification of Creative Industries – UNCTAD 2008 Dasar Industri Kreatif Negara (2010)( United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ) Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 2
  3. 3. The Scope of Creative Multimedia ( Heritage Assets in ( Kindle , IPAD, Digital Museums and Galleries in Paper ) DIGITAL Formats ) Arts and Literature Craft ( Integration of( Digital Digital Effects &Distribution, Audio and Parameters Performing Backdrops inSpotify, Apple Performances )ITUNES, Satellite Music for Creative ArtsRadio ) Multimedia Content Traditional Film Electronic Media ( Digital Distribution ( TV, Radio, Digital & Recording ) Games Radio, High Stereoscopic 3D Definition, 3D Broadcasting ) Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 ( Consoles, Online, Social Gaming, Serious Games, Iphone, Ipad, Android ) 3
  4. 4. Tapping on The Dynamics of the Creative Multimedia IndustriesTHE ECONOMICS of THE CREATIVE TO BE GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE,….CONTENT INDUSTRY World ClassI.P Svcs L&M $ I.P Services The industry generates revenue from the commercialization of intellectual property, the provision TO ACHIEVE GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS of services and the possible exploitation of licensing and merchandising. :- An eco-systemREVENUE IS DERIVED FROM : which promotes Markets innovation and Domestic Global collaboration is 1. Products and Services has to meet the demands required. of both the domestic and global markets. Market 2. Differentiation in the GLOBAL MARKET is Investment achieved by providing a unique value proposition in Access the form of:- 1. QUALITY Competency 2. COST Focus on I.P 3. CREATIVITYDesigned by: hasnul nadzrin shah / Enhanced 10/17/2011 4
  5. 5. The Creative Multimedia Industries : Potential and Performance IndicatorsTHE GLOBAL INDUSTRY PROVIDES A CREATIVE INDUSTRY BASELINE STUDYLOT OF OPPORTUNITY.. 2008.. Industries Surveyed in the CAGR Study: 16.1 1. Advertising Filmed Entertainment REVENUES ( RM BILLIONS) 11.4% 2. Animation 3. Digital Content and Feature RM 274 Billion 9.4 GDP Applications 4. Film and TV Film ( Movies ) 1.27% 5. Games 6. Music and Radio Revenues: RM 9.4 Billion Export: RM 1.4 Billion Workforce: 45,301 Animated Content 2008 2013Animated Source: Synovate Creative Industry Baseline Study 2008 ( 2009-2013 ) RM 240 Billion Content ( Animated TV Content, Films) MSC MALAYSIA’s CREATIVE MULTIMEDIA CLUSTER – Historical Video Games Video Snapshot Games RM 190 Billion ( Video Games on REVENUES CAGR MSC Malaysia Creative ( RM BILLIONS) Multiple Platforms) 15.27% Multimedia Cluster Companies Consist of:- 1. Post Production 4.84 Mobile Apps 4.03 2. Visual/Special Effects 3. Animation Mobile RM 45 Billion 3.16 4. Games 5. Interactive Content Apps ( Applications on 6. Mobile Content/Apps. 7. E-Learning 8. etc.. Mobile Internet Devices)Source: PriceWater Cooper House Creative Content Industry Outlook 2010, Gartner 2008 2009 2010Mobile Industry report 2010, team analysis Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / Source: MSC Malaysia Industry Survey ( 2008 – 2010 ) 5
  6. 6. “Geng : The Adventure Begins “ Homegrown Original Intellectual Property Picked up By DISNEY ASIA Present in Indonesia, Brunei, India , Philippines, Singapore Produced by 40 MalaysiansDesigned by: hasnul nadzrin shah / at Les’ Copaque Productions 10/17/2011 RM 6.3 Million Box Office! 6
  7. 7. Boboi Boy : Homegrown Intellectual Property On TV3 and soon to be present inCartoon Network Asia and Disney... Started up by a young, idealistic professional team. Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 7
  8. 8. Robot Arpo : Malaysia – Korea Co-Production 52 episode 3D animated tv-series co-production between Centraline and ToonZip of Korea. Innovative focus groups and direct to merchandise modelDesigned by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 8
  9. 9. Seefood: Malaysia – Qatar Co-Production Co-Production Between Silver Ant and Al-Jazeera Children’s Channel. RM 13.5 Million Co-Production involving 60 Malaysians. MALAYSIAN Original I.P.Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 Hasnul Nadzrin Shah rocks.. 9
  10. 10. Saladin: Malaysia – Qatar Co-Production Award winning Co-Production and Co-Distribution Dealwith Al-Jazeera Children’s Channel to produce 26 episodesin English and Arabic. SICAF 2007 Best Technology award, Tokyo International Anime Fair Big Sight Award. Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 Hasnul Nadzrin Shah rocks.. 10
  11. 11. War of The Worlds - Goliath: MALAYSIA/KOREA/USA Tripartite Co-Production Stereoscopic 3D Animated Feature Film based on theDesigned by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 11 original works of HG Wells.
  12. 12. Rhythm and Hues MALAYSIA: Some of the sequences were done in the Cyberjaya Studio ( Emma Frost and Mystique ) Rhythm and Hues MALAYSIA did the specialffects Sequence for : EMMA Frost and MYSTIQUE. Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 12
  13. 13. Codemasters MALAYSIA:MDV funded Codemaster’s GRID auto –racing game was 80% done locally by a team of 79 Malaysians. To date: 1.3 Million copies have been sold worldwide.Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah /
  14. 14. Government Commitment HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE.. Access To Funding NKEA CCI Communications, Content and Infrastructure Market Access Strategic Alliances 1.GNI : USD 1 Billion Talent Development 2.Jobs : 10 300 Digital Media Zones (MAC3) 3.Exports : 45 % MY Creative Content Entry Point Project DIKN Dasar Industri Kreatif Negara ( National Creative Industry Policy )Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 14
  15. 15. Key TrendsOBSERVATION OF THE LOCAL INDUSTRY ECO-SYSTEM CHANGES1. Rationalization and 1. Pinewood Iskandar Consolidation. 2. Co-Production Treaties2. Broadcasters – Open to 3. Funding and Financing New Content. ( BSN Creative Industry3. Collaboration ( Local and Loan, MYCreative Venture Global ). Capital? )4. The search for new business 4. Emphasis on Talent models. Development.5. Social Media. 5. Building a Creative Focus. Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 15
  16. 16. What is the Future?.. New New Sustainable Markets High Revenues Growth IP Value Centric Jobs Going Beyond Entertainment Creative Multimedia Industry ( Unleashing the Potential.) Mobile Animation Games Interactive Media Content Environmental Defense Disaster LIFELONGUrban Planning Serious Games Management Digital Comics Simulation Simulation LEARNING Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 16
  17. 17. What is the Future?..Designed by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 17
  18. 18. Thank You Hasnul Nadzrin Shah by: hasnul nadzrin shah / 10/17/2011 18