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Harry Mylonas, Driving networks into their all-IP future


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Harry Mylonas, Driving networks into their all-IP future

  1. 1. Charalampos (Harry) Mylonas 1
  2. 2. Questions to be addressed• Is Harry the consultant, the colleague, the trusted advisor you are looking for to drive, technologically, your business forward?• The fact you are going through this presentation may well denote that we both envision the possibility of a fruitful collaboration. Harry is a common Greek nickname for Charalampos (like Boby to Robert) 2
  3. 3. International, multi-vendor,mission-critical exposure
  4. 4. RequirementsQuality Value  In depth, competitive, knowledge  Specialization  Proven track record This industry  Strong interpersonal and multi- cultural skills Service 4
  5. 5. Meeting the Needs Organisational skills Lean Operations responsibility Focus on detail TMN ( Thousands of concurrent users 99.999% availability Telecommunications 15 years+ Telecom Providers 15+ years Experienced 15 years+ IT Frontiers OSS/NMS New Technologies TMN 21 years+ 15 years+ 5
  6. 6. Benefit Sphere radius = f(size of workforce with a specific competence level on a• The number of competent professionals specific number of fields) in a diversity of new technology fields is limited in the market Unified, end to end• Not many people can deliver concrete perspective Diversity examples of excellence and achievement in Data Telecommunications, Voice, IT Systems and Services in multi-million international and nation-wide implementations, both in engineering and in managing resources (financial and human)• Hands on experience and expertise in Competence IP/MPLS/NGN based solutions and relevant implementations at large 6
  7. 7. Strengths Interpersonal Managerial Engineering Intercultural 7
  8. 8. Key Benefit• Unique demonstration of multi-aspect excellence 8
  9. 9. Harry Mylonas • Competence – proven track record in the telecoms world • Self motivation – have delivered successfully many nation wide and international projects handling multi million budgets for multi million subscribers • Self development – self gained expertise in internetworking at large • Excellent, working relationships with SPs, vendors and integrators 9
  10. 10. Questions?  hmylonas [at]  skype: hmylonas Thank You