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Church/School Partnership Program Implementation


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A presentation that outlines the school partnership expectations

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Church/School Partnership Program Implementation

  1. 1. Church-School Partnerships<br />Developing Resources in the Community<br />
  2. 2. What needs can the community meet for your school?<br />Office volunteers<br />Tutors<br />Special events cooking team<br />Sports team volunteers<br />Library volunteers<br />Mentors<br />Reading partners<br />Gathering resources for students<br /> -coats, dress clothes, food<br /> & More!<br />
  3. 3. Your Subtopics Go Here<br />
  4. 4. Each Pender Middle School Has At Least 10 Churches Within 8 Miles of the School.<br />
  5. 5. Implementation<br />Gather and create packets at each individual school site.<br />Mail packets to each church near the school.<br />Make phone contact. Verify church information and that the packet was received.<br />Determine if churches would be interested in the program. Find out about other outreach activities at the churches. Attempt to schedule a presentation with the church. (Phone flow chart)<br /> Bring presentations to churches. OTW leads, CIS and school representatives are involved if possible.<br />Interested volunteers sign up for potential volunteer positions.<br />Interested mentors attend mentor training with OTW.<br />Mentors are processed with OTW and partnered with students. They spend 1-2 hours per week with mentees.<br />Church and school representatives maintain the partnership with monthly meetings. <br />The church’s main contact is the volunteer coordinator. The school’s main contact is the graduation coach. These are responsible for scheduling meetings and facilitating the church/school relationship.<br />
  6. 6. How Do We Get The Churches Involved?<br />What OTW Will Do For Our Partnerships<br />Your Subtopics Go Here<br /><ul><li>Make presentations to interested churches. The organization will make a faith-based presentation to churches who offer us a chance to come and pitch our program.
  7. 7. Screen, interview, and train mentor volunteers. This includes contacting parents and setting up parent/mentor interviews.
  8. 8. Regularly follow up with mentors and mentees and provide free monthly activities for mentors and mentees to attend.
  9. 9. Attend some of the monthly meetings between the school and church representatives to facilitate problem solving and growth.</li></li></ul><li>How Do We Get The Churches Involved?<br />Graduation Coaches: Your Part<br /><ul><li>Talk to your principals about the program.
  10. 10. With your principal, develop an information packet and write a letter to potential volunteers listing </li></ul>1. Student needs and specific statistics regarding these needs,<br />2. Volunteer jobs available at your school,<br />3. Photos of students participating in CIS activities,<br />4. Your school’s daily schedule and yearly calendar,<br />5. Any other information that would either help to inform or persuade potential volunteers.<br /><ul><li>Talk to other school employees. Develop a core group which will be in charge of facilitating the relationship with the church. These people will attend monthly meetings to relate school needs to church members and maintain a relationship with regular volunteers.
  11. 11. Schedule monthly partnership meetings. </li>