Strong women across america #priesterhealth 2013


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  • Pratt, Kansas was excited to welcome the team from Tufts University to our community. We started off with a welcome reception where Dr. Nelson gave her presentation for our local community and Extension Educators from across the state. The real work began then next day when our local Change Club convened.
  • The Pratt Change Club is made up of a wide array of individuals within the community. There is a newspaper reporter, a college fitness instructor, elementary school personnel, farm wives, the wife of a County Commissioner, the wife of a School Board member, office professionals, and retirees. They are also involved in not only the StrongWomen program in Pratt but a variety of other organizations in our community including the Pilot Club, church organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, and Garden Club.
  • Working with Dr. Nelson’s team was an eye-opening and invigorating experience for all of us. We all gained a better understanding of what we can do as individuals and as a community to improve our overall health.
  • With our noble purpose at the forefront of our planning, we started down our list of activities and worked toward changing the snacking guidelines and overall menu at the Beyond the Bell after school program. This included meetings with the school food supervisor, the assistant school superintendent and the after school program director. Our Change Club took a hands-on approach by personally preparing some of the snacks for the kids.
  • Step-by-step changes were made and by February, 2012 we were able to pilot test a healthier menu.
  • Day camp for parent and child in effort to make a lasting difference in a family.
  • We were part of the Strong Women Across America tour We did a 5-K walk to promote activity and to highlight the need for safe streets. We had a beautiful day in October to walk from the city park to the square over to the Baptist Church walking trail – the route did not have sidewalks most of the way.
  • We meet the first Monday of the month at noon. We have been to Lamar City Council on 2 occasions to request they at least consider policy change for any new builds or renovations of streets. We have not been successful at this point – but will continue to pursue change through policy. We have the land an architectural drawing in the works – we are still deciding on what will actually be in the building.
  • Strong women across america #priesterhealth 2013

    1. 1. StrongWomen Across America: Changing One Life at a Time
    2. 2. What can we do about it?
    3. 3. What is a Change Club?• Step 1. Form a Change Club. Learn more about how to establish a Change Club in your town.• Step 2. Assess your Community. Find out how to gather information about the elements within your town that support or hinder community members’ ability to lead healthy lives with respect to food and physical activity.• Step 3. Select an Issue. Facilitate your Change Club through a participatory process to select an issue that everyone feels passionate about.• Step 4. Create A Plan. Follow this guide on how to create your Change Club’s road map to success!• Step 5. Get to Work. Find more useful materials to help you with your change efforts.
    4. 4. StrongWomen Across America: Changing One Life at a Time
    5. 5. Central Peninsula Change Club (AK)
    6. 6. Increasephysicalactivity in thecommunityusing theresources wehave with thegoal ofchangingsocial normsaroundphysicalactivity (andnutrition). Noble Purpose
    7. 7. Projects• Built Environment – Bridge Access Road- traffic calming and safety – Bicycle crossing safety• Facility full-use – Senior Center- Nikiski – High School Pools• Exercise Brochure
    8. 8. Accomplishments to date
    9. 9. More Accomplishments
    10. 10. And one more
    11. 11. Choteau Change Club (MT)
    12. 12. Noble Purpose
    13. 13. Getting Started• Worked with civic groups and organizations that Change Club members belonged to in order to start with small changes• Worked with South Dakota to adapt their Munch Code for concessions document• Made presentations to groups• Fall of 2012 there was a new school concessions manager who came on board to use the Munch Code
    14. 14. Munch Code
    15. 15. Front Page News!• We are in the process of tabulating the amount of fruit served this year• We know it will be 100% more than the previous year• We are in the process of tabulating how many whole wheat buns were used• We know it will be 100% more than the previous year• We are beginning to analyze the profit compared to previous years• We have completed a customer survey.
    16. 16. Fort Collins Change Club (CO)
    17. 17. Noble Purpose To create and support positive food environments across all generations throughoutFort Collins where the norm is tomake the healthy choice the easy choice through community education and practice.
    18. 18. Projects• Focused on the food environment at Senior meetings and after church coffee- healthy snacks• Potlucks• They have joined other groups
    19. 19. The Heartland Change Club of Pratt, Kansas
    20. 20. Our Noble Purpose:“To provide healthy food and beverages and increase time spent in active play for children in after school programs in Pratt.”
    21. 21. Working with Dr. Nelson
    22. 22. Beyond the BellPizza Quesadillas!
    23. 23. Revised Menu
    24. 24. Training done, challenge just begun.
    25. 25. Barton CountyChange Club
    26. 26. The Dream……The Barton County Change Club consists of 18people who meet together monthly to work towardour goals:Safe Access to Physical Activity • Safe Streets – Policy change • Wellness and Education Center – Building for the future
    27. 27. Nobel Purpose: To improve the health and wellness of Clinton school children by: 1) increasing active transport to and from school and2) implementing a healthy food environment and policy.
    28. 28. ProjectsPolicy and Awareness Clinton School District
    29. 29. Accomplishments to date
    30. 30. More Accomplishments
    31. 31. The Journey Continues
    32. 32. Team Trainingwith Dr. Nelson November 2011
    33. 33. Change Club Noble Purpose: To foster anenvironment where the healthy choice is the easychoice throughout the West End
    34. 34. Projects:* Restaurant Healthy Options* Community Workshops Members:* Grocery Store Tours Doug Arnold The newly formed West End Community C hange Club of is working to help Linda Barney Timme Broad families improve nutrition and physical activity in the West End. The Lisa Eick Restaurant Healthy Options committee is working with local restaurants to Diane Giffels help make healthy choice the easy choice. Participating restaurants will Bonnie Grammes Carmela Heard receive free publicity and recognition one month in the West End Carol Kern Happenings, which is mailed to over 15,000 local families. Bernie Kozen Gale Kresge Laura Kresge Judith Leiding Judith Nansteel Criteria for Restaurant Healthy Options Participation Dawn Olson Peg Pugh Barbe Sieg  For three months, at least 2 items on your menu must be identified as Margie Smith “healthier” options. You can make items on your existing menu Bette Stout healthier by offering them in a smaller size (1/ 2 portion), offering a Gabriele Strahle salad or other vegetable in place of fries, use healthier preparation methods, use whole grains, lower fat or if you already have healthier options on your menu, they may qualify.  If you have a children’s menu, offer one healthier option (fruit or vegetable other than fries; and beverage choice milk, water or J uice). Community Partners:  S maller-sized portion option Chestnuthill Township Growing Place Child  Fruits and vegetables available as side dishes and/ or entrees Care Centers Whole grain product(s) available (bread, rolls, rice, pasta, crackers, Penn State etc.) Extension- Monroe Strong Women  Low-fat or nonfat dairy product options. This can be 1% skim milk, Pleasant Valley reduced or fat-free yogurt or cream cheese. (Asian restaurants School District exempted). Western Pocono Community Library  Must highlight your healthier options on a menu board, the menu itself, a laminated sign, and use the WECCC table tent on tables. Using WECCC logo, identify the healthy choice menu qualifying for the coupon.  Display the WECCC symbol (shown here upper right) on the restaurant door or window for three months. Contact Information:  Inform your staff at the start of this initiative, and complete a short Penn State Extension evaluation at the end of the three months. 724 Phillips St, Ste 201 Stroudsburg PA 18360 3/ 1/ 12 570-421-6430
    35. 35. CommunityWorkshops
    36. 36. CommunityWorkshops
    37. 37. Contact Information• (logo here) Jodi Drake • (logo here) Dawn Olson here) Angela (logo here) Linda Tannehill Flickinger
    38. 38. Never doubt that asmall group ofthoughtful, committedcitizens can change theworld; indeed, its theonly thing that ever has.Margaret Mead