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Gary april 11 2012 priester conference


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Gary april 11 2012 priester conference

  1. 1. Priester Conference April 11, 2012Tackling a Winnable Battle: Partners for Oral Health
  2. 2. Problem “silent epidemic of oral diseases is affecting our most vulnerable citizens— poor children, the elderly, and many members of racial and ethnic minority groups.” Surgeon General David Satcher, May 2000Know more. Do more. Live healthier.
  3. 3. Dental decay is the single most common chronic disease of childhood Over 16 million children suffer from untreated tooth decay It is 5 X more prevalent than asthma in kids It is 7 X more common than hay fever in kidsKnow more. Do more. Live healthier.
  4. 4. • Poor kids suffer twice as much dental disease as affluent kids • Rural areas have more difficulty accessing dental care • Minority children suffer significantly more dental diseaseKnow more. Do more. Live healthier.
  5. 5. • It impacts a child’s ability to learn, to develop self esteem, speak properly • 51 million school hours are lost annually due to dental problems • The mouth is the gateway to a person’s overall health, and an unhealthy mouth can be linked to obesity, diabetes and even heart disease. • Unhealthy children become unhealthy adultsKnow more. Do more. Live healthier.
  6. 6. Solution Use nationwide consumer advertising to reach our targeted groupsKnow more. Do more. Live healthier.
  7. 7. Know more. Do more. Live healthier.
  8. 8. Partnership for HealthyMouths, Healthy Lives Healthier children who can grow, learn and play.
  9. 9. Partnership for Healthy Mouths,Healthy Lives Members include: Association • Academy of General Dentistry • American Academy of Oral and • American Dental Hygienists’• 34 groups!! Maxillofacial Pathology Association • American Academy of Pediatrics • Association of State Territorial • American Academy of Pediatric Dental Directors Dentistry • California Dental Association • American Academy of • Children’s Dental Health Project• Purpose: Periodontology • Dental Trade Alliance Foundation • American Association for Dental • Hispanic Dental Association Research • Medicaid SCHIP Dental Improve children’s • American Association of Endodontists • Association National Children’s Oral Health oral health so that • American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons • Foundation National Dental Association they can develop • American Association of Orthodontists • National Network for Oral Health Access into healthy, • American Association of Public • Oral Health America Health Dentistry productive adults • American Association of Women • Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention Dentists • Society of American Indian • American College of Dentists• Prosthodontists • US Dept of Health and Human • American Dental Association Services Office of Minority Health • American Dental EducationKnow more. Do more. Live healthier.
  10. 10. The Ad Councilproduces, distributes and promotespublic service campaigns on behalf ofnon-profit organizations andgovernment agencies. The private,non-profit organization is known forsuch iconic advertising campaigns asSmokey Bear’s “Only You Can PreventForest Fires” and McGruff the CrimeDog’s “Take A Bite Out Of Crime.”
  11. 11. Campaign The goal is to improve children’s oral health• Raise awareness of parents and caregivers• Provide oral health education to parents and caregivers• Enable parents and caregivers to take control and modify behaviors through simple low cost preventive strategies – Get children preventive care and needed treatment – Increase utilization of the care safety net, volunteer and school based efforts and care provided by coalition members
  12. 12. MessageTake charge of your child’s oral healthMouth problems can be prevented Your child will• Feel better and avoid pain• Have better self esteem• Learn better• Better nutrition• Be healthier overallEvery child deserves a healthy smile
  13. 13. Partnership for Healthy Mouths, HealthyLivesActive Participation and Campaign Promotion• Membership for non-profits and governmental groups• Incorporate Campaign’s message into Member’s marketing materials, including advertising, packaging, websites, public relations materials, direct mail and ancillary communications programsKnow more. Do more. Live healthier.
  14. 14. Active Participation and CampaignPromotion• Engage and encourage Member’s clients, members, constituents, stakeholders, sponsors and other affiliated entities to support the Campaign and Coalition efforts, including distribution of campaign materials and messages.Know more. Do more. Live healthier.
  15. 15. Thank You