Social Media Case Study Kosama


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Social Media Case Study Kosama

  1. 1. IntroductionIn April of 2010 Kosama partnered with One Social Media to launch their socialmedia marketing initiatives online in an effort to build market mind-share. Tenshort months later, Kosama is the fitness craze of the Des Moines area withmultiple franchise locations opening through Iowa and other national markets.About One Social Media LLCOne Social Media LLC is a social media marketing firm specializing in helpingforward thinking businesses use social media tools, sites and applications toconnect with customers and prospects.About KosamaKosama is a revolutionary program that stands alone from the competition. KosamaComplete Body Transformation is a 10-week program designed to increase leanmuscle mass and transform the body from the core out. Kosama not only focuseson lean muscle growth but overall conditioning including mind, balance, flexibility,and overall health.Who Was Involved?From Kosama:Kory Pohlman, President and Co-OwnerSarah McDougal, Co-OwnerMatt Braet, Co-OwnerOne Social Media LLCJoe Soto, Chief Social StrategistBarb Osier, Director of Client HappinessTaylor Hinkle, Senior Project ManagerMike Bal, Social Media Project Manager © One Social Media LLC 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Goals & ObjectivesThe over-arching goal for this project was to increase market mind-share, buildcompany credibility, establish a favorable and recognizable company brand online,and attract new potential members who sign up for the Kosama 10-week program.In addition to attracting new members, Kosama corporate also set a goal to expandand open additional franchises locally, regionally and nationally.The Kosama social marketing campaign has an audience-centered approach thatfeatures multiple channels of communication that seek to influence both franchiseinquiries and new sign-ups. This was set up as a comprehensive program in which avariety of popular social media tools and channels are employed as part of severaltactics to reach a predetermined target audience.As part of its overall web strategy, Kosama also aimed to: Listen online to take advantage of positive chatter in the online marketplace while addressing any negatives head on...proactively. Use Twitter as a community-building tool where people can spread brand awareness, take advantage of offers, and become brand evangelists for the company. Leverage the power of engagement through a Facebook Fan Page. Proactively engage the 24-54 year old demographic by actually participating and speaking with them.Presenting ChallengesKosama was less than four months old, not well-known, had one location and wascompeting against a perceived similar fitness program and organization that already had anestablished presence in the Des Moines, IA Metro area. © One Social Media LLC 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Analysis of AlternativesKosama was already using radio advertising as a means to reach its desired audience withthe objective of getting new sign-ups for its 10-week program. They were contemplatingother forms of direct advertising such as T.V. and direct mail advertising. They recentlyimplemented a T.V. advertising campaign that directs viewers online to connect withKosama on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.Recommended Social Media Channels, Tools and Solutions Creation of a Social Media Strategy and 12-month Roadmap Facebook Page – Set-up, optimization of page, daily posting, engagement, and participation in groups and other relevant pages. Twitter – Set-up, optimization, daily tweeting, conversation, engagement. YouTube –Set-up, channel branding, video creation, and distribution. A Nutritional Blog – Set-up, daily posting, marketing, optimization, and community building. Squidoo Lenses Article Marketing – Topics to include nutrition, fitness and franchising. PR News Releases & Online Distribution.ImplementationOne Social Media LLC managed the social media strategy from beginning to end, handlingthe management, monitoring and measurement for the brand.Each week One Social Media presented Kosama with progress reports. Each month OneSocial Media’s project team would meet with the owners of Kosama to gauge progress,discuss ideas for campaign management, and make sure everyone was on the same page. © One Social Media LLC 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Results FRANCHISE GROWTH TO 20 LOCATIONS: During the time of this case study, (April 2010 – February 2011) One Social Media took charge of Kosama’s social media marketing and Kosama’s market share grew significantly beyond its original one location in Clive, IA. It’s grown from this one Franchise location to what is projected to be as many as twenty locations that will be open by Summer 2011. As a result of the opening of new Franchise locations, Kosama’s revenue has also dramatically increased. TWITTER Followers: 5,539 o Daily interaction, mentions and re-tweets. o Link: (@kosamabody) o @KosamaBody ranked 6th in their location on twitaholic (for Des Moines, IA area) and has a perfect “Grade” on © One Social Media LLC 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. FACEBOOK Fans/Likes: 1,368 o 84.7% of all Fans are between the ages of 25-54, which falls within the target demographic. o Link: © One Social Media LLC 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. YOUTUBE Channel: 4,389 channel views, 35,501 Upload Views(Started on May 12, 2010, total of 17 videos uploaded) o Kosama took the initiative of having real stories told through video by creating video testimonials and real-time video vignettes of Kosama classes. This use of video has differentiated them from the competition, and has fueled the social media engagement online. Many of these videos were introduced to the Des Moines and surrounding regional and national community through Facebook, Twitter and the blog. o HEALTH BLOG, Blog posts, 93 approved comments o Kosama’s nutritional blog has become an instrumental part of the 10-week body transformation program. It’s become a go-to resource for Kosama members nationwide to learn more about how to eat right, avoid unhealthy food choices and change eating habits for better overall health. © One Social Media LLC 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. More Results Kosama’s social media engagement has sparked conversations online, including daily and weekly interaction and conversations on Twitter and Facebook. Kosama’s Franchisees have embraced social media and all have similar branding and designs for their Facebook and Twitter keeping the brand consistent across all platforms. Kosama now has locations in Clive, IA; West Des Moines, IA; Des Moines, IA; Altoona, IA; Johnston, IA; Ames, IA; Ankeny, IA; Sioux City, IA; Iowa City, IA; Cedar Falls, IA; Tempe, AZ; and two locations in Omaha, NE. They have plans to open in Sioux Falls, SD; Chicago, IL; Davenport, IA; St. Paul, MN; and Kansas City, MO in 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2011.Case Study VideoWatch the Kosama case study video online at: more about Kosama:Site: www.Kosama.comFacebook: www.KosamaBlog.comLearn more about One Social Media LLC:Site: www.OneSocialMedia.comFacebook: © One Social Media LLC 2011. All Rights Reserved.