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FCP 10-3 Oct 29 Meeting


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Published in: Education, Technology
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FCP 10-3 Oct 29 Meeting

  1. 1. FCP 10-3 Meeting - October 29, 2010 Facilitator: Honor Moorman, ISA, San Antonio, Texas, USA Agenda • Wiki Phase Ending • Video Phase Beginning • Reminders • Check-in “I used to think, and now I know . . .”
  2. 2. Wiki Phase Ending • Collaborative Editing – Formatting – Professionalism – Support & Communication • Teacher reviewers needed on each page – Finalize rosters on Teacher page of each wiki by beginning of next week – Leave at least 1 comment in discussion each week
  3. 3. Wiki Editing – Formatting – Organization & Presentation • Remove your name from the content of the wiki page • Remove instructions • Change paragraphs from Heading to Normal text – this will fix Table of Contents problems • Remove extra white space • Show students how you can check to see what they’ve done using Recent Changes, search by user • Show students how you can check the history to see the instructions • Discourage copying/pasting from Word or Google Docs – use a simple text editor before pasting into the wiki • Use Wikitext Editor – pull down under “Save” button Students’ To Do List Teachers’ To Do List
  4. 4. Wiki Editing – Professionalism – Research • Remove any personal opinions • Add references to cite information • Remove URLs • Add contextual hyperlinks throughout text (not links from ordinary words to Wikipedia) • Add citations for images and links to original source • Remind students this should be informative wiki (like Wikipedia) • See Project Help: “Citing Sources on the Wiki” <ref>MLA formatted citation with hyperlink</ref> • Show students examples and non-examples • Teach difference between when you need a citation (reference) and when you need a hyperlink Students’ To Do List Teachers’ To Do List
  5. 5. Wiki Editing – Support & Communication – Content • Check the Discussion for messages from the teacher supporting your page and respond to his/her suggestions • See who your expert advisor is; check the Discussion for advice • Leave comments in Discussion AND using “Save with Comment” - pull down under “Save” • Respond to Discussion comments • Actively coach - Leave notes in the Discussion (not on page itself) encouragement, explanations, suggestions, etc. • Show students the Expert Advisor page • Encourage students to comment after every edit; show them how to “Save with Comment” • Begin every class by checking latest activity and responding Students’ To Do List Teachers’ To Do List
  6. 6. Video Phase Beginning • These are individual (not group) videos • The videos can be about the general topic, not limited to the student’s subtopic • Begin planning videos – Resources available on Project Help wiki • Request outsourced clips – Add school and teacher name to “Outsourced Video Request” page template
  7. 7. Reminders Zero Tolerance Issues • Profanity in the chat (or elsewhere) – Ban first, ask questions later – Stop, Screenshot, Block, Tell and Share • Plagiarism – Should be removed immediately – Message the person who did it through the Ning – Talk to students about collective implications *Press release coming out this week!
  8. 8.