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134 Amazing Facts of King James Bible That You Might Never Know. You Will Never Guess The Most Common Female Name (Fact #133)

Which animal was the ONLY domestic animal never mentioned in the Bible?

Whats the longest verse in the King James Bible?

Who has the heaviest hair? (hint: his name starts with A)

What is the longest chapter in the new testament?

How old was the oldest person mentioned in Genesis? (hint: its 9XX)

Find out all these and more in 134 Amazing Facts of King James Bible That You Might Never Know.

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134 Amazing Facts of King James Bible That You Might Never Know. You Will Never Guess The Most Common Female Name (Fact #133)

  1. 1. Remarkable Bible Facts by H Mobile King James Bible
  2. 2. Fact #1 Almost all American presidents who have been sworn into office had their hands on King James Bible King James Bible
  3. 3. Fact #2 There are only three angels that are mentioned by name in the Bible; Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel King James Bible
  4. 4. Fact #3 The cat is the only domestic animal which was never mentioned in the Bible King James Bible
  5. 5. Fact #4 It is only 500 verses in the Bible that are devoted to prayer King James Bible
  6. 6. Fact #5 There are 1,260 promises that were made in the Bible King James Bible
  7. 7. Fact #6 John 11:35 'Jesus wept' is the shortest verse in King James Bible. Some other versions have job 3:2 as the shortest verse; Job said’. In King James Version, however, this is mention as Job answered’. King James Bible
  8. 8. Fact #7 The longest name in the Bible is found in Isaiah 8:1 Mahershalalhashbaz King James Bible
  9. 9. Fact #8 The word Lord appears in the Bible 6,781 times King James Bible
  10. 10. Fact #9 Psalms 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible based on number of verses King James Bible
  11. 11. Fact #10 Esther 8:9 is the longest verse in the Bible King James Bible
  12. 12. Fact #11 Luke is the largest book in the new testament King James Bible
  13. 13. Fact #12 The entire Bible can be read aloud in 70 hours by an average reader King James Bible
  14. 14. Fact #13 There are more than 30 instances in which the word salt is mentioned in the bible King James Bible
  15. 15. Fact #14 The entire Bible has recorded seven suicide cases that were committed King James Bible
  16. 16. Fact #15 There are only two types of nuts which have been mentioned in the Bible; Pistachios and Almonds King James Bible
  17. 17. Fact #16 The Bible is the largest selling of all the books that have been published on Earth King James Bible
  18. 18. Fact #17 Ezra 7:21 is the only verse which contains all letters of the alphabet except J King James Bible
  19. 19. Fact #18 The word grandmother appears only once in the Bible, in 2 Timothy 1:5 King James Bible
  20. 20. Fact #19 Genesis 28:11 brings forth a man who used a stone for a pillow King James Bible
  21. 21. Fact #20 In Numbers 22:28-29, a donkey spoke to man for the first time King James Bible
  22. 22. Fact #21 The moon and the sun stood motionless for a whole day in Joshua 10:13 King James Bible
  23. 23. Fact #22 In 2 Kings 6:29, a woman cooked and consumed her own son King James Bible
  24. 24. Fact #23 There is a man who walked naked for a period of three years as recorded in Isaiah 20:2-3 King James Bible
  25. 25. Fact #24 The original forms of the Bible did not contain verses and chapters numbered as we see it today King James Bible
  26. 26. Fact #25 David is the man who has been mentioned the highest number of times, precisely 1118 times King James Bible
  27. 27. Fact #26 In Isaiah 38:8, there is a day in which the sun moved backwards King James Bible
  28. 28. Fact #27 Christ had one ancestor who was a prostitute as recorded in Mathew 1:5 King James Bible
  29. 29. Fact #28 The word God appears in the Bible 4,094 times King James Bible
  30. 30. Fact #29 The tallest man in the was Goliath, who used a bed measuring 13 feet as depicted in Deuteronomy 3:11 King James Bible
  31. 31. Fact #30 Absalom had the heaviest hair, and it weighed 6 pounds whenever it was cut each year. King James Bible
  32. 32. Fact #31 AMEN is the last word in the Bible King James Bible
  33. 33. Fact #32 An average of 50 Bibles are sold every minute in the world today King James Bible
  34. 34. Fact #33 There are only two books in the Bible which do not contain the word God; Esther and Songs of Solomon King James Bible
  35. 35. Fact #34 Obadiah is the shortest of all the old Testament books, containing 21 verses and 602 words King James Bible
  36. 36. Fact #35 Job was the oldest book to be written in the Bible and the Israelite who wrote it is not known King James Bible
  37. 37. Fact #36 Of the 27 books that constitute the new testament, 14 of them were written by St. Paul King James Bible
  38. 38. Fact #37 While the Bible is the best-selling book today, it is also the most shoplifted King James Bible
  39. 39. Fact #38 If you read three chapters of the Bible everyday and 5 during Sundays, you will go through the entire Bible in one year King James Bible
  40. 40. Fact #39 There are two chapters in the Bible which are almost identical;2 Kings 19 and Isaiah 37 King James Bible
  41. 41. Fact #40 The bible was the first book ever to be printed on press King James Bible
  42. 42. Fact #41 The Bible has been the highest translated book of all times. It has been put into different dialects and languages King James Bible
  43. 43. Fact #42 The Bible was originally drafted in 3 languages; Koine Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic King James Bible
  44. 44. Fact #43 The middle chapters in the new testament are Romans 8 and Romans 9 King James Bible
  45. 45. Fact #44 Luke 1 is the longest chapter in the new testament King James Bible
  46. 46. Fact #45 17 is a unique number in the Bible because the rain in Noah’s time started on the 17th, the ark rose and also rested on the 17th. King James Bible
  47. 47. Fact #46 The phrase angel of the Lord’ has been mentioned 53 times in the Bible and most scholars have associated the phrase with Jesus Christ himself King James Bible
  48. 48. Fact #47 In numbers 12:3, Moses is portrayed as the meekest Man after Jesus Christ King James Bible
  49. 49. Fact #48 There are only two men in the Bible who never died, yet they caught up with God in the heavenly sanctuary; Enoch and Elijah. King James Bible
  50. 50. Fact #49 The famous garden of Eden was situated close to Persian Gulf’s top King James Bible
  51. 51. Fact #50 In U.S.A about 168, 000 Bibles are either sold, given away or distributed each day according to statistics King James Bible
  52. 52. Fact #51 Over 2000 verses in the Bible are devoted to the topic of money and earthly possessions King James Bible
  53. 53. Fact #52 There is a variety of 49 foods which have been mentioned all through the Bible King James Bible
  54. 54. Fact #53 King James Bible has 8, 674 Different Hebrew words King James Bible
  55. 55. Fact #54 The entire Bible has 773,692 words, with 592, 439 words being in the old testament King James Bible
  56. 56. Fact #55 The Bible has over 3 million letters King James Bible
  57. 57. Fact #56 Lions have been mentioned in the Bible 55 times while dogs are mentioned only 14 times King James Bible
  58. 58. Fact #57 The word Christian is only mentioned thrice in the Bible; Acts 11:26, 1Peter 4:16 and Acts 26:28 King James Bible
  59. 59. Fact #58 With Psalms 118 as the middle chapter of the Bible, there are 594 chapters before and after it King James Bible
  60. 60. Fact #59 7 Different Jeremiahs have been mentioned in the Bible King James Bible
  61. 61. Fact #60 Trinity is considered an important word by believers but it is never mentioned in the Bible King James Bible
  62. 62. Fact #61 During the period of the old testament, the Mediterranean sea was referred to as the Great sea King James Bible
  63. 63. Fact #62 By 500 B.C, all the thirty nine books of the old testament had already been written and stored in Hebrew King James Bible
  64. 64. Fact #63 There is one major theme addressed in both the old and new testament; redemption of mankind King James Bible
  65. 65. Fact #64 The word bread carries a lot of significance in the Bible. Jesus was born in Bethlehem which essentially meant the house of bread. He became the bread of life and before ascending to heaven, he broke pieces of bread as a symbol of his body King James Bible
  66. 66. Fact #65 The ark of the covenant carried three items; the ten commandments, the rod of Aaron and manna King James Bible
  67. 67. Fact #66 Around 30,000,000 copies of the Bible or its principle parts are sold each year King James Bible
  68. 68. Fact #67 The word Christian was first mentioned in the new testament, Acts 11:26 King James Bible
  69. 69. Fact #68 7 is a number which is linked to perfection and completion, a reason why it is mentioned several times in the Bible King James Bible
  70. 70. Fact #69 'Do not be afraid’ is a phrase which appears 365 times through the Bible King James Bible
  71. 71. Fact #70 During the floods, the raven became the first animal to come out of Noah’s ark King James Bible
  72. 72. Fact #71 The first ever baptism in the Bible was Conducted by Moses who used the blood of an ox in baptizing people King James Bible
  73. 73. Fact #72 Genesis 4:26 was the first verse to mention prayer King James Bible
  74. 74. Fact #73 There is a total of 3294 questions in the Bible King James Bible
  75. 75. Fact #74 A sheep is the animal which is mostly mentioned and referred to in the Bible King James Bible
  76. 76. Fact #75 The first question that God asked in the Bible was directed to Adam-'Adam where are you’ King James Bible
  77. 77. Fact #76 The top ten old testament characters that are quoted most include Moses, Abraham, David, Elijah, Isaiah, Jacob, Isaac, Adam Judah and Joseph in that order King James Bible
  78. 78. Fact #77 Jesus quoted the old testament 76 times in his teachings and all these quoting come from only 12 books in the old testament King James Bible
  79. 79. Fact #78 The Bible was written by people from two different worlds in terms of education. Paul and ,Moses were highly educated while John and Peter were considered ignorant and less educated King James Bible
  80. 80. Fact #79 The new testament was written by only 8 people of the total 40 who drafted the entire Bible King James Bible
  81. 81. Fact #80 The connecting word 'and' is mentioned 46,277 times in the Bible King James Bible
  82. 82. Fact #81 The bible is the only book which explores the origin, mission and fate of man after death King James Bible
  83. 83. Fact #82 In Deuteronomy 21:11-13, an account is given of women who had to shave their hair before they could get married King James Bible
  84. 84. Fact #83 Judges 20:16 describes a unique army of 700 soldiers who were all left-handed King James Bible
  85. 85. Fact #84 Authors of the new testament are the most appealing to Bible readers because they seemed to have first-hand knowledge of Christ’s character King James Bible
  86. 86. Fact #85 Easter is regarded as one of the holiest holidays in Christian history, yet it was named after a pagan goddess King James Bible
  87. 87. Fact #86 They have not been named in the new testament but the two thieves that were crucified together with Jesus were actually Gestas and Dismas King James Bible
  88. 88. Fact #87 The seven deadliest sins include anger, pride, lust, envy, sloth, gluttony and avarice King James Bible
  89. 89. Fact #88 The wife of Moses was called Zipporah King James Bible
  90. 90. Fact #89 There are seven great virtues in the Bible and they include prudence, temperance, courage, faith, justice, charity and hope King James Bible
  91. 91. Fact #90 There are seven archangels ever known; Michael, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Chamuel, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel King James Bible
  92. 92. Fact #91 The Christian holidays begin at midnight, those of Hindus are set for sunrise while Jewish holidays actually begin at sunset King James Bible
  93. 93. Fact #92 Cardinal Hugol is the personality behind division of the Bible into verses, which took place around 1250 King James Bible
  94. 94. Fact #93 King James version of the Bible was published in 1611 for the first time King James Bible
  95. 95. Fact #94 There is a total of 1189 chapters in the Bible King James Bible
  96. 96. Fact #95 The bible was written for nearly 1500 years King James Bible
  97. 97. Fact #96 There are 31,102 verses in the Bible King James Bible
  98. 98. Fact #97 Paul quoted the old testament 131 times from a total of 17 books King James Bible
  99. 99. Fact #98 The old testament was originally written in Hebrew while the new testament was written in Greek King James Bible
  100. 100. Fact #99 Obadiah is the third shortest book of the Bible King James Bible
  101. 101. Fact #100 Revelation is the youngest book in the old testament and perhaps the only one which fully expounds on the topic of prophecy King James Bible
  102. 102. Fact #101 The chariot mentioned in 1 Kings 10:29 was imported from Egypt and its price is estimated around $77, 000 King James Bible
  103. 103. Fact #102 The number three has a great significance in the Bible. At 12 years, Jesus disappeared and was found after three days. After his crucification on the other hand, Jesus rested from three days before resurrection. Sitting beside charcoal fire, Jesus asked Peter three times whether he really loved him. In the end, Peter denied Christ thrice before the cock crew. Three is therefore important not in terms of days alone but also in relation to the events that went on through the entire Bible King James Bible
  104. 104. Fact #103 Mary was betrothed and not actually married to Joseph King James Bible
  105. 105. Fact #104 God breathed to Adam and gave him life during creation while in John20: 22-23, Jesus breathed to his disciples, giving them the power to restore spiritual life to people through confessions King James Bible
  106. 106. Fact #105 Genesis 5:27 describes the only person who happened to live 969 years and is regarded as the oldest person King James Bible
  107. 107. Fact #106 Two people were sold in the Bible for a few shekels of silver; Jesus and Joseph King James Bible
  108. 108. Fact #107 The longest verse in the Bible contains 89 words and 425 letters King James Bible
  109. 109. Fact #108 2 John has the fewest number of verses in the Bible, yet 3rd John has the lowest number of words King James Bible
  110. 110. Fact #109 The middle verse of the Bible says it is better to trust in the Lord than put confidence in man-Psalms 118:8 King James Bible
  111. 111. Fact #110 In Matthew 3: 4, man ate locusts for food King James Bible
  112. 112. Fact #111 The Bible was cut with a penknife in Jeremiah 36:20-2 King James Bible
  113. 113. Fact #112 Samson is recorded as the strongest man who even fought a lion King James Bible
  114. 114. Fact #113 Jacob is the only man in the Bible who wrestled with God King James Bible
  115. 115. Fact #114 King Solomon was not only the wisest man but he also tamed seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines King James Bible
  116. 116. Fact #115 2 Samuel 21:20 records the story of a man who had 12 toes and 12 fingers King James Bible
  117. 117. Fact #116 Adam was the first human being to be created on earth King James Bible
  118. 118. Fact #117 In the book of Genesis, the Serpent is regarded as beautiful while in revelation, it is a deceiver King James Bible
  119. 119. Fact #118 Nebuchadnezzar was recorded as the proudest man in Daniel 4 King James Bible
  120. 120. Fact #119 King Solomon was the richest man ever recorded King James Bible
  121. 121. Fact #120 There are less than 500 verses in the Bible that are devoted to faith King James Bible
  122. 122. Fact #121 Psalms is the longest book in the Bible King James Bible
  123. 123. Fact #122 Revelation 20: 4 is the longest verse in the Bible King James Bible
  124. 124. Fact #123 Sir Robert Stephens is the man who divided the old testament into verses King James Bible
  125. 125. Fact #124 136 old testament characters are referred to in the new testament King James Bible
  126. 126. Fact #125 1 Chronicles 4: 10 has all letters of the alphabet except “Z” King James Bible
  127. 127. Fact #126 Over 10,000,000 copies of the King James Bible have been sold since 1611 and this is not inclusive of those given out in missionary work King James Bible
  128. 128. Fact #127 Although Jesus was crucified, Pilate found no guilt in his account King James Bible
  129. 129. Fact #128 Noah and his sons were the first people to see the rainbow. Genesis 9:8, 13 King James Bible
  130. 130. Fact #129 Peter and Jesus at some point used a coin that had been found in a fish's mouth to pay taxes. Mathew 17:24-27 King James Bible
  131. 131. Fact #130 God declared that the longest time a human being can live is 120 years, Genesis 6:3 but the Psalmist declared that the lifespan of humankind lies between 70 and 80 years-Psalms 90:10 King James Bible
  132. 132. Fact #131 Marriage is not meant for procreation alone but rather to prevent fornication too. 1 Corinthians 7:2 King James Bible
  133. 133. Fact #132 Sarah is the most frequently mentioned woman in the Bible(57 times) King James Bible
  134. 134. Fact #133 Noah and his family were not saved by the ark but rather by water, which is symbolic of baptism. 1 Peter 3:20 King James Bible
  135. 135. Fact #134 By the time Jesus turned water into wine, all the guests attending the party were drunk. John 2: 6-10 King James Bible
  136. 136. Like these Bible facts? Check out our King James Bible app on Google Play King James Bible