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Columbia Capital Consulting Group assists financial institutions, investors and advisors in achieving their real estate ob...
Consulting reports<br />ASSET ASSESSMENT<br />STRATEGY & RECOMMENDATION<br />CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS<br /><ul><li>Public Reco...
Asset Status Review
Loan Collateral Review
Market Review
Title Review
Loan Resolution and Recovery Alternatives
Asset Resolution and Recovery Alternatives
Market Perception of Value
Hold, Workout or Sell
Reports Tailored to Client Scope, Timing and Budget
Scope of Services Based on Client Requirements</li></ul>Consulting SERVICES<br />CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION<br />RISK ADVISOR...
Construction and Project Completion
Asset Reposition
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Columbia Capital Profile


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Columbia Capital Profile

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Columbia Capital Consulting Group assists financial institutions, investors and advisors in achieving their real estate objectives with respect to non-performing or under-performing loans and assets as well as new loan and investment opportunities.<br />Columbia Capital provides independent, client-focused consulting services through a proprietary methodology that includes:<br />Assessment and documentation of asset status. <br />Development of strategic resolution and recovery options.<br />Implementation of recommended recovery and transaction strategies.<br />Evaluation and management of portfolio level risk.<br />Columbia Capital’s professional capabilities include experience in: <br />Wide range of asset classes including land, residential and commercial development; and multifamily, affordable housing, office, retail, industrial, hospitality and condominium properties. <br />Due diligence, market research, financial modeling and analysis, valuations, property and asset management, and construction completion services. <br />Disposition, recapitalization, and transaction management and execution. <br />Banking, risk management, capital adequacy analysis, and strategic planning. <br />Columbia capital overview<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Consulting reports<br />ASSET ASSESSMENT<br />STRATEGY & RECOMMENDATION<br />CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS<br /><ul><li>Public Records Review
  4. 4. Asset Status Review
  5. 5. Loan Collateral Review
  6. 6. Market Review
  7. 7. Title Review
  8. 8. Loan Resolution and Recovery Alternatives
  9. 9. Asset Resolution and Recovery Alternatives
  10. 10. Market Perception of Value
  11. 11. Hold, Workout or Sell
  12. 12. Reports Tailored to Client Scope, Timing and Budget
  13. 13. Scope of Services Based on Client Requirements</li></ul>Consulting SERVICES<br />CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION<br />RISK ADVISORY<br />TRANSACTION COORDINATION<br /><ul><li>Asset Stabilization
  14. 14. Construction and Project Completion
  15. 15. Asset Reposition
  16. 16. Risk Management
  17. 17. Credit Management
  18. 18. Default Management
  19. 19. Corporate Governance
  20. 20. Management of Real Estate Brokerage
  21. 21. Asset Marketing Plans
  22. 22. Transaction Oversight</li></ul>3<br />
  23. 23. Asset Assessment Reports<br />Asset Status Review<br />Under development/construction<br />Entitlements<br />Assessments and mitigation fees<br />Development<br />Construction improvements<br />Income-producing assets<br />Operational review<br />Lease review<br />Income versus mark-to-market<br />Identify issues that any owner will need to address<br />Loan Collateral Review<br />Provide complete and reliable due diligence file supporting the resolution or investment<br />Market Review<br />Determine current market inventory, assess supply and demand<br />Identify specific competitive factors impacting or enhancing value<br />Title Review<br />Verify Lender collateral<br />Compare legal descriptions on the deed(s) of trust with the legal description on the title <br />4<br />
  24. 24. strategy & recommendation reports<br />Assess and Critically Evaluate Loan Resolution and Recovery Alternatives <br />Forbearance agreement<br />Workout with borrower<br />Receivership<br />Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure<br />Foreclosure<br />Note disposition<br />Assess and Critically Evaluate Asset Resolution and Recovery Alternatives<br />For financial institutions, assess limiting factors<br />Asset stabilization, reposition and rehabilitation<br />Asset disposition<br />Market Perception of Value<br />Real estate principal approach<br />Prepare analyses supporting recommendation(s)<br />Provide Recommendation(s) to Hold, Workout or Position for Sale<br />Recommendation(s) support decision making process for Client<br />Evaluate of alternative courses of action<br />5<br />
  25. 25. Asset Stabilization<br />Preserve entitlements by extending active permits and applications<br />Coordinate the conversion or release of bonds<br />Order final inspections<br />Ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations<br />Coordinate asset management, such as winterization, erosion control and site security<br />Construction and Project Completion<br />Complete partially constructed projects and buildings<br />Coordinate architects, designers and engineers to complete design and permitting<br />Provide representation with agencies and jurisdictions to obtain approvals and permits<br />Manage general contractors and consultants needed to complete construction<br />Coordinate final inspections and project close-out procedures<br />Asset Reposition<br />Assist in development of value accretion construction initiatives<br />Manage general contractors and consultants needed to complete construction<br />CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION SERVICES<br />6<br />
  26. 26. TRANSACTION COORDINATION SERVICES<br />Management of Real Estate Brokerage<br />Select real estate brokerage<br />Negotiate brokerage contract terms<br />Assist in the Development of Asset Marketing Plans<br />Create asset marketing strategies<br />Work in conjunction with real estate brokerage to develop marketing materials<br />Monitor status of the asset marketing plans and sales campaign<br />Transaction Oversight<br />Participate in the Buyer selection process<br />Address Buyer inquiries through the feasibility period<br />Provide assistance to Client’s attorney to facilitate the transaction closing<br />7<br />
  27. 27. Portfolio Risk Evaluation<br />Evaluate Risk Management Plan<br />Evaluate Data Management Capabilities<br />Evaluate Decision Capabilities<br />Evaluate Default Management Capabilities<br />Enhance Corporate Governance<br />Provide Consulting for Bank Financial Considerations<br />Real Estate Loans as a Percentage of Capital and Total Assets <br />Criticized and Non-Performing Assets <br />Tier 1 and Tier 2 Capital Adequacy <br />Loan Loss Reserves <br />Income Statement and Ability to Fund Loan Loss Reserves <br />Bank’s Plan Beyond Distressed Asset Dispositions and Future ‘Right Sizing Plan’ <br />CAMELS <br />Risk advisory services<br />8<br />
  28. 28. Expertise to maximize Client recovery in full range of property types and financial structures <br />Convenience of single-source, multidisciplinary advisory services providing efficiency, organization and process for Client<br />Established alliances with professionals in the industry <br />Combined knowledge of banking, real estate finance, investment and brokerage, development and construction, and marketing to identify and evaluate recovery options <br />Team of accessible experienced professionals with proven workflow systems <br />Professionals conscious of critical nature of current market and timing <br />Due diligence capabilities to support Client recovery strategies and to assist potential buyers in feasibility and planning<br />Client collaboration to craft comprehensive road map to resolve non-performing or under-performing real estate loans and assets as well as facilitate new business<br />COLUMBIA CAPITAL CAPABILITIES<br />9<br />
  29. 29. The Columbia difference<br />Columbia Capital provides comprehensive, single-source solutions for due diligence, valuation and resolution needs.<br />Holistic versus directed approach <br />Assess all data points before making a recommendation to the client<br />No limiting factors or ‘point in time’ boundaries<br />Thorough, diligent research<br />Ask the right questions and obtain all the relevant data<br />With loans, review both collateral and asset values<br />Diverse team of real estate and capital market professionals analyze individual aspects of each loan/asset<br />Complete due diligence package<br />Result of work is a reliable due diligence report/file<br />Serves as a feasibility study for owners, sellers and buyers reducing potential for re-trading at closing table<br />Clients receive practical and unbiased solutions without an agenda.<br />Assessment of current market value<br />As-is value including outstanding cost considerations<br />Real estate ‘principal’ approach<br />Assessment of multiple exit strategies and recovery options<br />Recommended option for existing market conditions and implications for selecting alternatives<br />10<br />
  30. 30. National Coverage<br />Columbia Capital is headquartered in Seattle with nationwide Client Services Group coverage centered in New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, and Southern California. Columbia is led by a seasoned team of banking, investment banking, and property consulting professionals and is solely focused on providing best-in-class client consulting, assessment, strategy, and execution services to institutional, corporate and professional services. <br /><br />HEADQUARTERS<br />2722 Colby Avenue, Suite 515<br />Everett, WA 98201<br />(425)367-6200<br /><br />NORTHEAST<br />(New York)Ken Spears<br />Director(973) 868-9481 <br /><br />Harry Mizrahi<br />Chief Operating Officer(212) 362-1993<br />NORTHWEST<br />(Seattle)<br />Ronald Cathcart<br />Chief Executive Officer<br />(425) 367-6217<br /><br />Roberta Fuhr<br />Director<br />(425) 367-6218<br /><br />Melanie Clark<br />Director of Production<br />(425) 367-6216<br /> <br />Luke Thornton<br />Project Manager<br />(425) 367-6212<br /><br />Dan Carlson<br />Real Estate Analyst<br />(425) 367-6213<br /><br />MID-ATLANTIC<br />(Philadelphia)Bud Moscony<br />Director(215) 771-6495<br />WEST<br />(Newport Beach)Bud Moscony<br />Director(215) 771-6495<br /><br />Carl Johnson<br />Director(949) 637-1463<br />SOUTHEAST<br />(Miami)Harry Mizrahi<br />Chief Operating Officer(212) 362-1993<br />MIDWEST<br />(Chicago)George Marquisos<br />Director(847) 417-2684<br />SOUTHWEST<br />(Dallas)Tim Lanier<br />Director(214) 533-3368<br />11<br />
  31. 31. Executive management<br />Ronald Cathcart - Chief Executive Officer<br />Ron’s wealth of experience in the financial services industry makes him the ideal leader for Columbia Capital. Having held numerous executive leadership positions in both domestic and international financial institutions, he was most recently the Chief Enterprise Risk Officer for Washington Mutual, the largest thrift in the US with $300B in assets, a 2,200 branch network and nationwide lending/administrative offices engaged in consumer and commercial banking services, credit cards, commercial real estate financing, and home loans. Ron had oversight responsibility for of all aspects of credit, market and operational risk as well as compliance, regulatory and internal audit. His invaluable risk management capabilities and thorough understanding of the regulatory framework which guides financial institutions uniquely position him to provide Risk Advisory Analysis (RAS) services to our clients. This unique portfolio analysis service delivers significant value from a loss mitigation perspective, and provides practical working solutions to executive officers.<br />Ron has an A.B. in English from Dartmouth College and an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Western Ontario – Richard Ivey School of Business.<br />Harry Mizrahi - Chief Operating Officer<br />With a 25-year career in investment banking and corporate and structured finance, Harry is integral in the development and management of Columbia Capital’s operations and national expansion. He has advised financial institutions, corporate clients and federal and state government agencies on real estate loans, assets and portfolios through positions as Managing Director, Structured Real Estate, at Ambac Assurance Corp., Principal at Eastbridge Ventures, Chief Operating Officer at American Spectrum Realty, Director at Salomon Brothers’ and Salomon Smith Barney’s Real Estate Investment Banking Groups, and Partner at Eastdil Realty. His experience also encompasses international finance, including the acquisition bid for Canary Wharf Group plc, a £6 billion property company.<br />Harry has a B.A in History from Northwestern University, an M.B.A in Finance and Real Estate from Columbia University Graduate School of Business and was an M.P.A candidate at Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government.<br />William Rich - Executive Vice President<br />William (Bill) brings a strong financial management and strategic planning background to Columbia Capital. Bill is a CPA by profession with additional credentials in business valuation (ABV - Accredited in Business Valuation; and CVA - Certified Valuation Analyst) and management accounting (CMA – Certified Managerial Accountant. Bill has an MBA with a concentration in Management and Finance. He has several years of experience much of it involved in the turnaround and disposition of struggling divisions and subsidiaries of large publicly held companies such as Allegheny International, Henry Schein, Inc., and as the CFO of SMC Corporation. During the past nine years, Bill has built his own successful turnaround consultancy and developed long standing relationships with the special assets and workout groups of several regional and national banks. Bill also has advised business owners on Exit Strategies and methods to enhance business value. Bill’s experience and relationships are very well suited to the clients and services offered by Columbia Capital.<br />Melanie Clark - Director of Production<br />Melanie leads Columbia Capital’s Production, Contract Administration and Transaction Coordination teams including the company’s Project Managers and Real Estate Analysts as well as outside consultants, engineering firms and contractors. Her experience managing real estate development projects through the design, entitlement, construction, and completion processes allows her to provide the insight necessary to solve even the most complicated real estate issues. With years of progressive experience in land development entitlement, permitting and construction project management prior to joining Columbia Capital, Melanie has effectively managed land use development projects from feasibility analysis through construction, worked with professional engineers on specifying design parameters for projects, including site grading and infrastructure systems, and was responsible for the timely delivery of millions of dollars of residential development in the Northwestern region.<br />Working with other members of Columbia Capital’s senior management, Melanie developed and implemented the company’s Asset Assessment and Strategy & Recommendation reports, processes, and procedures. She has comprehensive expertise in research, document review, preparation, editing and production. Melanie manages key staff involved in research, report production, and project completion. <br />12<br />
  32. 32. Columbia capital contacts<br />Ronald Cathcart<br />Chief Executive Officer<br />(425) 367-6217<br /> <br />Harry Mizrahi<br />Chief Operating Officer<br />(212) 362-1993 <br /> <br />William Rich<br />Executive Vice President<br />(541) 419-3249 <br /> <br />Dusty Allen<br />Board Director<br />(702) 604-5267<br /> <br />Melanie Clark<br />Director of Production<br />(425) 367-6216<br /> <br />Roberta Fuhr<br />Director<br />(425) 367-6218<br /> <br />Bud Moscony<br />Director<br /> (215) 771-6495 <br /> <br />Ken Spears<br />Director<br /> (973) 868-9481 <br /> <br />George Marquisos<br />Director<br /> (312) 607-6020 <br /> <br />Tim Lanier<br />Director<br /> (214) 533-3368 <br /> <br />Carl Johnson<br />Director<br /> (949) 637-1463 <br /> <br /><br />THIS PRESENTATION CONTAINS CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION OF COLUMBIA CAPITAL CONSULTING GROUP, INC. (THE "COMPANY"). ANY RECIPIENT OF THIS PRESENTATION AGREES TO KEEP ITS CONTENTS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL AND AGREES TO USE THE CONTENTS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF EVALUATING A BUSINESS TRANSACTION WITH THE COMPANY (THE "PURPOSE").  SUCH RECIPIENT AGREES NOT DISCLOSE THIS PRESENTATION EXCEPT TO OTHER MEMBERS OF ITS ORGANIZATION WHO (1) HAVE A NEED TO KNOW THE CONTENTS HEREOF FOR THE PURPOSE AND (2) AGREE TO KEEP THIS PRESENTATION CONFIDENTIAL ON THESE TERMS.<br />13<br />