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14.8.24 cincinnati enquirer college id theft - daudelin


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14.8.24 cincinnati enquirer college id theft - daudelin

  1. 1. FOR MILLIONS, CABLE TV FADES TO BLACK DEFECTORS GROW AS NEW TECHNOLOGY COMES ONLINE SUNGBOX SIMPLEJV For Seth Holt. ditching cable was a matter of principle. “I feel like cable is the one compa- ny that punishes loyalty, " said Holt. 33. of Pleasant Ridge. "With ey er}; cable company, my bill COHIIDUOS ll) go up the longer I am 1: customer Anywhere else, be it Kroger or at hotels or with airlines, I'm l‘(. ".V1xldCd the longer I stay a customer. “ 30 when Holt and his wife, Gene» vieve, moved into a new house em years ago. they didn't bring Dl[‘I; CTV and its $100 monthly hill . h then]. instead, they Joinedthe Jami To million I, " S. lioiisehulds that ‘mix v left ROKU AMBER HUNT O @F. epartarAmber l'm your cortsumer wtztchdogfnctlszng I rm res affecting you and your family Contact me at LZ]ll17lt@L’? lqlllTE'l‘ mm. pay tele-*i, <ion behind. The number of pay—'l‘V defectors is otezitlily rising: About 6.5 pcr<: <:nt 'lfh1)L| SC‘l‘N)](lSIlillCi0l]'iLlE have out the cord, ‘lp ~: l'. «_{htl_v from {,5 percent ‘ ill}. accurdzzig to research ov Experian Marketing Services. (Yes, the label is a slight misnomer, as most "cord cutters" do still deal with some actual cords. ) Nearly one-fifth of Americans who have working Vetflix or Hulu Plus accounts dori‘t <ubscribe to a cable or satellite TV service. Michael Greeson, coefounder and director of research for the Diffusion Group, has been tracking cord-cut~ ting trends since 2007 For the past several yeairs, his surveys have con- sistently shomi that about 15 percent See CORD CUTTERS. Page AG Mcconnell sidestep: Sunday talk Prep football ' Your team’; outlook r Airlines on volcano in lcelamfae ’ g 3 usnronnvi mm Warning, students: Your ID truly at risk College kids most likely targets of identity thieves By Amber Hunt alurfiztenqurrer-: r>rn Heading off to college? You've got more than course schedules to worry about. You’re among the nation's most likely to have your identity stolen. As the area's young adults make that milestone move from their par- ents’ homes to campus dorms, securi— ty experts suggest that parents initiate a different kind of coming—of—age talk “College is a time where students are the most independent they‘ve been in their lives. but they might not know a lot about credit or identity protec~ tion, " said Becky Frost, senior man- ager for consumer education for Ex~ perian’s ProtectMyID anti-theft program. "When it comes to your identity these days, you have to pro- tect on multiple fronts. ” That means digital, physical and everything in between, she said. Here are the scary statistics: Peo- ple between the ages of 20-29 made up 20 percent of all reported identity theft victims last year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. That's the most-victimized age bracket, fol- see ID men. Page A5
  2. 2. < IN‘, 9| lrltZ‘t‘ult‘l‘ éilftsl‘ . l bit of r work. You can --ven trlzllte paper this *: ly. )_ _ » Pay attention when shopping College kids most likely to face JD theft ; ‘?§1§. iEl': ;:‘l? ‘l£‘i‘l{§{7E: ?€l‘? l}‘l¥’§i*: ‘§ that's not 1; fuil: ~‘: ,it': - (think lllidk to the tr-can vrorn Page A1 esnlstire the archcite has tuken ltppro JIC znenslircs to protect your znfu. lowed c: 'o. <ely behind by zugcs . lt)—. $9. » Have complex passwords that More than lo million people. or " per- cent of the nations population age 16 you don't tape beneath your key- xmd older. report having their 1dent1— board. Daudelin hit on advice l’ve ties stolen cVt‘l‘§i year, according to the given before: Get in the habit of hay. Bureau of . lustice Statistics. -nu hardvto—gue: ;s p’ past words to people, “ he added, Not even your ifllllrliy Fibltéffi. from from becoming one of them: » Don’: use public Wi~Fi. Collclze campuses are rife with them ~ plenty of cosvconscious people even maker: cma . port of hopping from one free net- in c-mail with :3 vague description work to another. But the truth is that xlong with :1 tempting link or a text doing anything remotely sensitive : nessa ge from someone you don’t over public Wi-Fi makes your data bank balance or log in to your crctllt Eng those damn links. accounts while on a public connection. » Leave your important docu- pus, ::0u‘ll be inundated with “i‘ree" ments with parenb. Were talking offers in exchange for credit card Social Security cards and birth certitl applications. “Is a free towel worth it icates. If you must bring them with if you end up with a 23 percent in- you. store them in a security deposit box or at least a lockable b0‘(. Carry physical Copies only of the I D that you actually need, such as your drivers license and student card. » Consider shredding, This one Cincinnati Better Business Bureau. "I worry stirred debate among parents in the ' 0 no oom. What tiny dortn mom has abqut lealgdbe the space for a . <hreclder. and. besides, ~« , . aCC1dQntS_ dontcollcge kids do everything unline r—-~ . ._. ~ . . L , ‘ ‘_ . ., A , ,,, _,e anyway? Frost stood film: “Although this demographic likely is connected electronically, unless they can say that they receive absolutely no mail. using a shredder is still an important part of the identity protection landscape. " Andy Dautlelin, AT&T's vice presi- dent for security solutions, agreed, saying that most thieves start with the physical before switching to cyber territory. “Shredd.’s not obsolete, for sure, " he said. ( And if you’rt: '. vur« lied about a bulky shredder, you could Illilllllllllllllllll - <k Vzmv ~'(I('qhU(‘£. . Hung Bought Imnv 131-- " exercse :1 let , r,scal cs ytt '5, "all: siren urinary "“"Mil'| !flCl (SUI). Met irate (e an I‘; a vi : t'§££. " R -~ ii ll rec it app‘ication; t a table or online. .‘l; ll<e sure you'2‘c bu} ‘rig liT: l'l1 Elceirthlc-ed hug), it's your heat bet to V » Be wary of ATMs. Picture this: pt-retinal nifo stored on your card and ‘swords that you Here are some tips to help keep you t'vp, ularly change. “Never reveal your ~. » Don’! click that link. lf you get on ' saying you‘ve won something or share too much. rein them in. Think : lbotittl’1r': personal questions that ‘ many Web ‘ICCOUHIS ask to help pro- fmow with a link attached, don‘t click -’cct privac easy pickings, Never shop, check your st 1 can't repeat it enough. Quit click— » Skip freebies. Once you hit c: im- , n.nden name? if any of those answers are available through your Frtcebnnk or other social media profiles, scrub them clean, Daudelin said. safe. A few years ago, it was consid- cred unlikely that a v irus or phishing terest rate? " asked Sandra Guile of the lttcmpt that could take down yourPC at will infect your phone. That's not the c *l! lWnv)l"C. Dzsudeliu said: “. /Iobile llL‘(. 'Tl0l‘l we on the rise. " AT&T of— furs too i preloaded; other pro- , i c i C , ~itc from your pii gt ams can be installed on the cheap or wror-i protected Internet for free, for all service providers. ttion. « » Trust no one. One woman Frost dealt with applied for .1 student loan on only to discover that a multitude of and a credit card and utility accounts had rrw -l on «. . oultllft fill owh on c slnpii here sontcone ilsl "C s -1- in .1lrai'aftcrhour<: nid 2 poll . =-it cash for last mats Tl‘ t‘ l . ‘.t in the darkened corner been opened in her name dating years ‘-ll '2 bccn outfitted with a back. After research, she realized the ~« mm t . “tier that will steal the culprit was an aunt — not an estranged one. but one with whom she was close. ml j/ our BIN givirig [l‘lle‘JC$ easy I‘ t'cI: ltive had spotted her Social ttr czisli. "Skintming' le- 3:. -c , tmber ycars ago in the gi. rl’s . *t'l'(>>‘pot‘.1.i"9enrhc§ tc >~. cn. t~, and clmpted her credit. , -ll—lit hank A’l‘Ms But in u Monitor your «edit report rag- iingv bar corner? Not so much. ularly. Sounds lame, right? Welcome_ » if your social media accounts to, adulthood. Regular monitoring will help you catch their early on and get your credit rating back on track if you do find you've been targeted. Sure, it seems boring, but so are the 14,000 phone calls you‘ll have to make if your sdentity is stolen. I vnber Hunt works with five Enquirer’: Cull For .1.ct: ‘on team, which takes consumzr rnrnplnints and resolves disputes in the Cincimmfl region (‘all 523-768-89733 benvzen 11 am. and 1 p m. Monday through Friday. 0!‘ mbmit your complaint online at Cmcirmat1‘. con1/cullfaraction. Ha . TOTAU-l5’0RGAN| iZ5’ it 1 1: 1 RECEWE UP TO. .. $250 i - IN FREE ACCESSORIES , WITH THE PURCHASE OF A ; I COMPLETE CLOSET ' SYSTEM‘ ‘hat was the name of ‘sur first ho_ rid’ What's your 3‘ name? What's your mothers W Don't assume your phone is ‘- ‘(N01 in mm in-/ . u! TWA! amen mu: APVIJED to Itrauouu us! {uti- I eitw own: cum EXPIRES 916/ M 7"’, -;. ""? »..7f"~f”l, ;’I@. :«. :.‘. ... M in in : +