14.3.7 cincinnati enquirer capex


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14.3.7 cincinnati enquirer capex

  1. 1. THE ENQUIRER // FRIDAY, MARCH 7,20!4 Aai / $120,000 on c<.ii!!pnu'nt and improvements tti the space it's JeasinM. Ask your tax questions in an online chat Saturday AT&T spending $130M t o upgrade area networks Have questions about your 201.^ i n come ta.xes? Join our tax chat 9-11 a.m. Saturday at Cincinnati.com. Questions w i l l be answered live b y Tom Cooney and ('rystal F.iulkner. p a r t n e r s at CPA f i r m Cooncy. Faulkner and .Stevens, y u c s i i o n s also can lie emailed itefore the chat to taxes*" enquirer.com. A T & T lias spent nearly %m niilHon to upgrade its Cincinnati-arc.i netw o r k s , the telecommunications com pany siiid Thursday. Between 2 0 i i and 2013, the compnny said it made the i n f r a s t r u c t u r e i n vestments i n its w i r e d and wireless networks. They are pai-t o f more than $1.6 b i l l i o n i n investments made i n the state of t)hio over the same l i m e period, the company .said. Dallas-based A T & T also said i t has m o r e than 240 jobs open a r o i m d Ohio, including nearly l.S<) hew juhs Tiie company h i r e d m o r e than 9,10 workers in Ohio last year i n positions including i n f o r m a t i o n technolo)jy and engireerinn. r e t a i l , technician, call center, business solutions and corp(»rate support categories. 'AT T H E P U M P Cincmnnlt THUPSDAV fsi. K e n t u c k y THURSDAY S3.56 $3.57 A VfAR FIND THE CHEAPEST GAS! Wendy's plans to double the pace of its aggressive store renovation program this Near, asking franchisees to remodel or r e b u i l d up to 200 of t h e i r stiires b y the end o f 2014. The company's store r e b r a n d i n g effort was among the reasons that .sales at company-owned stores in N o r t h A m e r i c a ro.se 1.9 percent to a store averajje o f S1.,S m i l l i o n last year, CEO E m i l IJrolick said yesterday. >elling t o (jet real t i m e prices w t i e r e Search C i n c i N d v i g d t o r a l C i o c i p n d t i . c o r r i Click o n b u y i n g a n d . i i c A TrnAV AArlJrv U » A l U U A T W«^r4l:T NYSE you shop The comp;tny also benefited f r o m ;> push to .sell 41.S stores t<i franchisees and successful product launches. D u b l i n . Ohio-based Wendy's has been w o r k i n i i to renovate or replace i^S percent of its more than 1.400 company-owned stores b y t h e end (>f 2017. • Ma|0M'ia(>*c4. c o m m o d i t i e s , c u r r e n c i e s m o r e m t o d a y s USA T o d v » v . ' > « t - o o interest NASDAQ 0>iirM>rt _U,st Cna.'^Chg 9.19 in 6.78 36S ^rvfUSoUr 1819 *,3fc +t.09 •i •«••.• i .2 61 +.73 • 39 • 1.«9 .13 Z *I21 *U.O +Mfi • ' • . .' •1 76 •5 96 • . ' Chg ':Chg | Nime last m m ooe A 14 014 A 34 • WK A • *^ MO * MM -all • • .17 •f3 3S •18/ •i;i Cht) ^chg T liOfO 0 33 •001 A * A .25 15? tss t0.02 A A A ao 274 *i7i loscrt l3H NET CHG YIST 1 • • 9 18 3362 3068 M96 .ites 08 TRMSOWK Name, -'• I $3.82 $3.72 Wendy's t o double pace of store renovations MARiiETS Nam» tTAfi AGO AGO 271 4003 A •004 A )C9 A ' A 115