14.1.27 cincinnati enquirer letter to ed icw


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14.1.27 cincinnati enquirer letter to ed icw

  1. 1. lit in the t said hard rich had were poor^ attributed a "lack of said poverstances "Again, 3 d for snts: Demotances" i i i 1 ! 12-to-l; I nargin of )posals and Demi the miniurand benefits, r rank-anderwhelmpercent je hike; 63 r extenlefits. the time 'rent difficare's reader Repubemment I economic srtainly jolicy gration i is the one jt in mind: )lic opinion /ard his )f course, vhen he 317. But pend on and be- j Craig Brammer, chief executive officer. Greater Cincinnati Health Council, HealthBridge, Health Collaborative i Qtris Carle, board chair, Greater Cincinnati Health Council, i senior vice president and chief operating officer, St Elizabeth Healthcare-Florence %4 UC'sMickCronin cares about safety Mick Cronin's commitment to family, UC basketball and Cincinnati might already be well known to fans and friends of the head men's basketball coach at the University of Cincinnati. Readers, however, might not have been aware of Cronin's disapproval of texting while driving. Thanks to Mick Cronin for caring enough to express his concerns and for urging passengers to speak up when drivers start to text. . Marilyn Shaver, Fort Thomas Texting while driving can lie dangerous j j j I was thrilled to read Coach Cronin's piece highlighting the dangers of texting while driving and urging all drivers that I t Can Wait ("Coach calls foul on texting while driving," Jan. 21). AT&T has partnered with high schools, the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, and Cincinnati Public Schools to sponsor events with texting simulators and other educational.materials to showcase how deadly the practice can be. We've worked to educate drivers, and in particular teens, on the texting ban that the Ohio legislature passed a few years ago. For adults this law is a second- ary offense, but, as we've found j in our research and as Coach * Cronin mentioned, nearly half of commuters (49 percent) admitted to texting while driving - a higher rate than reported by teens (44 percent). • In 2014 we aim to continue our work with teens and look to expand our outreach and work with employers as well. Thajik you to Coach Cronin for bringing awareness to this impor- ! tant issue. / IWark Roinito, director, external affairs, • AT&T, Dow/ntown Wage requirement means fewer liousing units I found the cost to build 12 units of affordable housing the most in- | teresting thing about the FreeStore 4 Foodbank's request to demolish " buildings ("It's preservation vs. •. parking," Jan. 22). They had building estimates of $700,000, but, because of the City of ^ Cincinnati's requirement to pay prevailing wages (union workers), the cost went to $1.5 million. A staggering number; more than twice what they could have built for using effective, qualified bidding process. So now we lose 12 units of affordable housing. Does this prevailing Vv^age non- ^ sense make sense to anyone but the ' overpriced unions? Steve Byrnes, Anderson Township M