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For more information, contact:Holly HollingsworthAT&T – OhioOffice: 614-223-5711Mobile: 614-312-2008holly.hollingsworth@at...
Marketing Efforts and Social Media          Small businesses in Cleveland are the most likely to rely on traditional marke...
The results of the ―AT&T Small Business Technology Poll‖ are based on an online survey of 2,513small business owners and/o...
®the most countries. It also offers advanced TV services under the AT&T U-verse and AT&T │DIRECTVbrands. The company’s sui...
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12.2.15 final sb tech poll - markets release cleveland


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News release concerning Cleveland-area results for 2012 small business poll on wireless technology use.

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12.2.15 final sb tech poll - markets release cleveland

  1. 1. For more information, contact:Holly HollingsworthAT&T – OhioOffice: 614-223-5711Mobile: AT&T Poll Reveals Increasing Adoption of GPS Navigation Mobile Apps, More Technology Trends Among Small BusinessesCLEVELAND, Feb. 15, 2012 — United States small businesses are increasingly using tabletcomputers, 4G enabled devices, and GPS navigation mobile apps for their operations, according to the2012 AT&T Small Business Tech Poll, which also revealed that Cleveland ranked last in WirelessQuotient among the 12 markets surveyed.More specifically, the national survey of small businesses with two to 99 employees found the followingabout Cleveland small businesses:General Wireless Technologies Small businesses in Cleveland appear to be behind the times when it comes to use of technology. Out of the 18 technologies evaluated, Cleveland ranks last in use for six of the 18 categories, including use of mobile phones and smartphones. Compared to the national average, Cleveland small businesses are most likely (39%) to easily get by without wireless technology, or not use it at all (9%). Small businesses in Cleveland are the least likely to have smartphones with 4G technology AND the most likely to report they do not plan on purchasing 4G smartphones. While Cleveland small business owners are among the least likely to own tablet computers, there was a 13% year-over-year increase, from 58% to 71%, in the use of this emerging technology.Mobile Applications Small businesses in Cleveland are the least likely (29%) to use mobile apps for their business compared to other top markets. In contrast, mobile apps are gaining in importance for Cleveland small businesses using them, with half (50%) saying they could not survive — or it would be a major challenge to survive — without mobile apps; a 27% jump over the past year. Of the Cleveland small businesses using mobile apps, GPS/navigation and mapping mobile apps are by far the most popular mobile applications, with 80% of Cleveland small business owners reporting use, followed by location-based services (53%) and social media (43%).2
  2. 2. Marketing Efforts and Social Media Small businesses in Cleveland are the most likely to rely on traditional marketing efforts like print yellow pages, newspaper and magazine ads, and radio advertising. Compared to other markets, Cleveland small business are the least likely to market themselves through social media – only 34 percent use this marketing tool. Only 56% of Cleveland business owners plan to invest the same or more in online marketing this year compared to 2011. A significant percentage (7%) is unsure of its plans.Wireless Security and Cloud Computing Cleveland small businesses (32%) are the least concerned over wireless security threats – compared to the national average (39%). Small businesses in Cleveland and Oklahoma are also the least likely to use cloud-based solutions – only 37% do.Regional VariationsBased on responses to questions regarding four factors – perceived importance of wireless, use ofwireless technology, use of mobile apps, and percentage of employees using wireless to work awayfrom the office– a Wireless Quotient, or ―WiQ,‖ was calculated for each of the 12 markets surveyed.Each component was weighted in the rankings. For example, use of wireless technology was viewed asmore important than the perceived importance of that technology.Last year, Miami and Atlanta topped the rankings for highest ―WiQ.‖ This year, Dallas and Washington,D.C. lead the pack with full rankings for the 12 markets as follows: 1. Dallas 5. San Francisco 9. Boston 2. Washington, D.C. 6. Miami 10. Oklahoma 3. Atlanta 7. San Diego 11. Kansas City 4. Indianapolis 8. Chicago 12. ClevelandQuotes―Those small businesses that are adapting technology solutions to their needs have the opportunityto boost productivity, increase mobility and, most importantly, connect with customers in real time,‖said Larry Evans, Vice President General Manager Tri-State Area. ―This poll may be helpful to smallbusinesses in Cleveland by highlighting emerging technologies and useful new tools that could helpthem innovate and grow.‖Study Methodology
  3. 3. The results of the ―AT&T Small Business Technology Poll‖ are based on an online survey of 2,513small business owners and/or employees responsible for Information Technology (IT). Specifically,1,232 surveys were completed by small businesses located throughout the United States (Nationaldata) and 1,281 surveys were completed with small businesses located in 12 markets – about 100in each market (Market data). The sample of participating companies was drawn from ResearchNow’s (formerly e-Rewards) online business panel of companies. Small businesses were definedas having between 2 and 99 employees, both part-time and full-time. Eleven of the 12 metropolitanareas are based on DMAs (Designated Market Areas). The other market is the state of Oklahoma.The online survey was fielded in November 2011.For more information and additional results from the AT&T Small Business Technology Poll,including market variations, please visit the poll’s media kit.General InformationSmall businesses that want more information about all AT&T products and services can visit AT&TSmall Business. For free business resources such as webinars, articles, case studies and bestpractices, they can visit AT&T Small Business InSite.Additionally, real-time information and updates can be found on the AT&T Small BusinessFacebook page and AT&T Small Business Twitter channel. Web Site Links: Related Media Kits: AT&T Web Site Small Business Technology Poll 2012 AT&T Small Business InSite AT&T Small Business Overview AT&T Small Business Services AT&T Small Business Mobility Overview Business Customer News Related Releases: Related Fact Sheets: Intuit and AT&T Collaborate to Tap Growing Small Business Telecommunications Overview Mobile Payments Market; Offer Small Businesses Easy Credit Card Processing on Mobile Devices*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under theAT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.About AT&TAT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is a premier communications holding company and one of the most honored companiesin the world. Its subsidiaries and affiliates – AT&T operating companies – are the providers of AT&T servicesin the United States and around the world. With a powerful array of network resources that includes thenation’s fastest mobile broadband network, AT&T is a leading provider of wireless, Wi-Fi, high speed Internet,voice and cloud-based services. A leader in mobile broadband and emerging 4G capabilities, AT&T alsooffers the best wireless coverage worldwide of any U.S. carrier, offering the most wireless phones that work in
  4. 4. ®the most countries. It also offers advanced TV services under the AT&T U-verse and AT&T │DIRECTVbrands. The company’s suite of IP-based business communications services is one of the most advanced inthe world. In domestic markets, AT&T Advertising Solutions and AT&T Interactive are known for theirleadership in local search and advertising.Additional information about AT&T Inc. and the products and services provided by AT&T subsidiaries andaffiliates is available at This AT&T news release and other announcements are availableat and as part of an RSS feed at Or follow our news onTwitter at @ATT.© 2012 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. Mobile broadband not available in all areas. AT&T, theAT&T logo and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&Taffiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.