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Marketing using social media


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Presented at Castro Valley Adult and Career Education on 10 March 2012.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Marketing using social media

  1. 1. MARKETING USINGSOCIAL MEDIAInstructor Heather Mellon
  2. 2. Big QuestionsWill social media make my businessmoney?What platforms should I be using?How do I know when it’s working?
  3. 3. Marketing Using Social Media  Directories & Reviews  Content Marketing  Pinterest  Twitter  Facebook
  4. 4. Big QuestionsWill social media make my businessmoney?What platforms should I be using?How do I know when it’s working?
  5. 5. Will social media make memoney?  Yes and no.  Intangiblevs. direct $ return  Platforms and tools are free, but cost is TIME  You might need to spend $ on ads  Depends on platform and your goals
  6. 6. What platforms should I use? Research  What are your customers & competition using Branding  What makes sense for your brand Comfort  What platforms are you comfortable using Time  Some platforms require more time for a bigger return Ask  When in doubt, ask an expert!
  7. 7. How do I know it’s working? Growth in audience  Will be slow, but should be steady  If you plateau, try something new Growth in customers  Shouldhelp build regulars  Eventually lead to increase in sales Note: Loyal customers become brand ambassadors
  8. 8. Directories & ReviewsTime commitment: lowEngagement: lowBest for: customer service feedback
  9. 9. Directories Google Places  URL:  Usually near top of search results  Requires Gmail account Patch Places   Good local resource  Covers Castro Valley & San Lorenzo  Other locations in CA
  10. 10. Reviews – Yelp![]PROS CONS Update basic info  Not all reviews are (hours, cost, phone) accurate Keep track of &  Pressure to spend $ respond to reviews  Hidden/missing Post offers/deals reviews? Visitor statistics
  11. 11. Yelp! best practicesDOs DON’Ts Track reviews  Sabotage your  Even without an competition account  Falsify or pay for Respond good reviews constructively to  Scare off customers negative reviews who give bad reviews
  12. 12. Content MarketingTime commitment: moderate to highEngagement: variesBest for: provide value to your audience
  13. 13. Content Marketing Providing information related to your brand  Tools& tips, behind the scenes, explanations, etc.  Should be included in all social media & on website  Gives VALUE – a reason to follow/interact/share Blogging  Blogger – best for text-based blogs  Requires Google account  Tumblr– best for photo-heavy blogs  Wordpress – good for all types of blogs
  14. 14. PinterestTime commitment: moderateEngagement: highBest for: visual brands, connecting towebsite
  15. 15. Pinterest Virtual pin board  Very trendy  Focus on images, not text  Ideal for driving traffic to your website Word of warning: concerns about copyright Case studies:  Whole Foods  Real Simple  The Beauty Department
  16. 16. TwitterTime commitment: highEngagement: moderate to highBest for: instant & direct communication
  17. 17. Twitter Real time, microblogging, 140 characters at a time Optimized for mobile phones Help drive traffic to your website Least formal platform  Use of slang, interaction, voice Word of warning: fickle audience Case studies:  NBA (@NBA)  JetBlue Airways (@JetBlue)
  18. 18. BONUS: Scheduling ToolsScheduling tools help you with timemanagement
  19. 19. Scheduling Tools Why schedule?  Optimize for time & day  Increases efficiency & time management  Tools provide analytics (data) How do I know what to post?  Editorial calendar will help you stay focused Scheduling Tools (free! Facebook & Twitter!)  Hootsuite  Tweetdeck
  20. 20. FacebookTime commitment: moderate to highEngagement: variesBest for: biggest audience of all platforms (845 million users)
  21. 21. Facebook Just launched “Timeline” for brands  You can include company milestones Most universally used & diverse of all platforms  Great for photos, video, links, text Word of warning: slow to grow at first Case studies:  Coca-Cola & Starbucks  Dove  Target
  22. 22. Facebook Insights Page posts  Shows you past posts  Sort by different categories to optimize day, time, content People Talking About  The number of unique users who have interacted with your page (comments, likes, shares) Reach  The number of unique users who have seen any of your page’s content (News Feed, ads, friend posts)
  23. 23. Thank you!Instructor Heather