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Mobile VAS


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Mobile VAS

  1. 1. Mobile VAS Hala Mehanna Principal Software Engineer
  2. 2. Agenda  What is VAS ?  Mobile VAS  Importance of MVAS  Egypt VAS Market  Egyptian Market Drivers  Egyptian Market Restrictions  Revenue Sharing Model  Future of MVAS  Global VAS Companies
  3. 3. Value Added Services (VAS)  VAS is stand for Value Added Services  VAS is any services available at little or no cost to promote the primary business
  4. 4. Mobile Value Added Services  All services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions.  Services which suppliers “add value” to the customer's information by enhancing its form or content or by providing for its storage and retrieval. SMS MMS Bulk SMS USSD WAP Push Messages Social Media Games Mobile Marketing Location Based Services Mobile Apps Mobile Money Mobile Commerce Devotional Applications IVR
  5. 5. Importance of MVAS  Mobile phone has transcended from simple communication tool to an all- powerful infotainment and utility tool  Explosive growth of Mobile Subscribers  Falling Voice ARPU and reducing operator’s margins  Spread of Smartphone and Smart devices  Evolving end user preferences
  6. 6. Egypt VAS Market  Egypt had a VAS penetration of 77% as of June 2011  VAS penetration in Egypt is likely to reach 92% by Dec 2017  Egyptian VAS revenues are likely to reach USD 3.8 billion by 2017  VAS and Data will contribute to more than 50% of the overall operator’s revenues
  7. 7. Egyptian Market Drivers  Relaxation in Government Regulations  Availability of high speed data services at affordable prices  Increased Availability of innovative Apps and Services in the market  Differentiation and revenue generation tool for operators amid declining voice revenues
  8. 8. Egyptian Market Restrictions  Unstable Socio Economic Scenario in the country  Poor Smartphone penetration owing high pricing and low disposable income levels  High Pricing of VAS services  Lack of Awareness among end users about VAS services available in the market  Absence of a transparent revenue sharing model between service providers and VAS vendors
  9. 9. Revenue Sharing Model  Presently there is no transparent revenue Sharing model between Operators and VAS Vendors in Egypt  Operator’s share of revenue ranges between 50% and 70% while rest of the revenue is shared between content provider, content aggregator and technology enabler (Service Delivery Platform Provider)
  10. 10. Future of MVAS  Mobile Health  Mobile Education  Mobile Agriculture  Mobile Governance  Disaster management/alerts  Emergency alerts  Mobile Banking: A precursor to financial inclusion  Mobile Commerce (SMS/USSD/WAP)
  11. 11. Global VAS Companies (part.1)  America Movil  Bell M Communication P.L.C in Ethiopia  CanvasM Technology Ltd  DMD Platform  Galactic Infotech Solutions  GoBindas Entertainment  Huawei Technology Inc.  IMImobile Pvt. Ltd  inmobi  Jinny Software  KongZhong Corp
  12. 12. Global VAS Companies (part.2)  Mahindra-Comviva Technology Ltd  OnMobile Global Ltd.  One97  Optimobile Technologies pvt. Ltd.  Qtelmedia Communications  Spice Digital (previously known as  TA Telecom  TeleMagic Communications Ltd.  TIMWE  Vasify Mobile Media Pvt. Ltd  VectraCom  Wavenet International Limited  ZTE Corporation
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