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2009 Parking coordinator Luncheon


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Parking Coordinators Meeting 2009 Update

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2009 Parking coordinator Luncheon

  1. 1. Welcome to the Parking Coordinator Committee Services University Parking Luncheon January 14, 2009An Informational Event Sponsored by University Parking Services
  2. 2. LUNCH IS SERVEDCARVING STATIONSSmoked Turkey Breast or Top Round ofBeefMashed Potato BarFresh Tortilla Chips with Salsa andQuesoFresh Vegetable Tray with Ranch DipDESSERT STATIONAssorted Sweet Bites Including: Chewy Walnut Brownies Iced Double T Cookies Cinnamon Cheesecake RollsFresh Fruit Tray with pina colada dip
  3. 3. Advisory Committee MembersStudent Government Association• Lee Bobbit, President• Austin F Pennington, Vice President• Arindam Mazumdar, Graduate Vice PresidentFaculty Senate• Gopal Lakhani, Computer Science Staff Senate• Judy Hunter, Communication Services• Audrey Pekowski, Telecommunications• John Brocklehurst, Physical Plant• Larry Burks, Physical PlantLaw School
  4. 4. Parking Coordinator Committee HandbookCoordinatorCommittee History•Representative fromeach Department•Information Resource/Sharing
  5. 5. PERMITS• New Employees• Separating from the University• Waitlist• Disability Permits• Faculty/Staff Permit Renewals• My Parking Account• Contractor/Vendor Renewals• Supplemental Parking Privileges
  6. 6. Cindy Amaya Amanda Cotton Rey SuarezOperations Manager Permits Supervisor Manager of Events and Guest Relations
  7. 7. CITATIONS• How to Avoid a Citation• Citation Payments and Appeals• Departmental Dismissal Requests
  8. 8. Brian Brand Craig Cotton Cassandra RodriguezEnforcement Manager Supervisor, Day Shift Appeals Supervisor
  9. 9. SPECIAL PROGRAMS• Dependant Parking Scholarship Program• Expectant Mother Parking• Free Car Clinic• Gold Key Training• MAPP Program• Parking Rewards• Short Term Parking Assistance• Toys for Tickets
  10. 10. Dependant ParkingScholarship Program
  11. 11. Expectant Mother Parking
  12. 12. Free Car Clinic
  13. 13. Gold Key Program•Student Orientation •Student Wellness•Music •Child Development•Rec Center Research Center•IDEAL •CHAP #1•Athletics •Southwest Collections•Dean of Students •Parent Relations•Center for Campus Life •Student Housing•Animal Science •ROTC•Career Center •Law School
  14. 14. MAPP Program
  15. 15. Parking Rewards
  16. 16. Short TermParking Assistance
  17. 17. Toys for Tickets
  18. 18. EVENTS• Entry Greeting• Lot Reservations• Game Day/Special Events
  19. 19. EVENTS STAFF Rey Bryan Ginger Suarez Quinteros Whitehead
  20. 20. Entry Greeting
  21. 21. SPECIAL EVENTS FORM And the Winner is….. Enter required information Enter Beginning and Ending Date and Time Here Describe the Parking Needs of Your Event Here Insert Your Contact WEB Information Here PAGE
  22. 22. Thank you for submitting your event. Youwill be contacted with parkingarrangements once your information isreviewed.If you need an immediate response for atime sensitive event and have not receiveda confirmation email within 2-3 businessdays, please contact us @ 742-PARK(7275).Please wait while your message isprocessed and you are returned to theevent page. Thank you.
  23. 23. EVENT TIME LINE SUMMARY7-10 days prior – Submit Web Form2-3 days post submission – Event Office Contact5 days prior – Last day to cancel or modify7 days post event - Last day to return any unused permits for partial refund
  24. 24. Q and A SessionEric Crouch•Managing Director
  25. 25. Thank you For ComingThank You For ComingThank You For ComingToday Today