Mangaing online identities with a personal landing page web version


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Mangaing online identities with a personal landing page web version

  1. 1. Managing OnlineIdentities with a Personal Landing Page Heather Martyn User Experience Librarian Darien Library November 15, 2010
  2. 2. Online Identity Management“Online identity management (OIM) also known as online imagemanagement or online personal branding or personal reputationmanagement (PRM) is a set of methods for generating adistinguished Web presence of a person on the Internet.That presence could be reflected in any kind of content that refersto the person, including news, participation in blogs and forums,personal web sites, social media presence, pictures, video, etc.”(Marcus, Machilek & Schütz 2006)(Wikipedia:
  3. 3. • In a 2009 Survey, 45% of hiring managers reported using social networks to vet job candidates.• Even if you’re not in the job market, checking your online image can help protect your reputation and identity.(Careerbuilder:
  4. 4. “They say first impressions last a lifetime and increasingly those impressions are made online. Prospective employers Google you. Ditto the cute guy you met at the gym. Your landlord can check out your Facebook friends as easily as your cousin in Kansas City. The bad news is that the Internet has made it nearly impossible to hide your past. The good news is that you can use it to craft your future.”Forbes: technology-identity.html
  5. 5. Why Employers Disregard Candidates After Screening Online: (CareerBuilder Survey 2009)Candidate posted provocative or inappropriatephotographs or information -- 53 percentCandidate posted content about them drinkingor using drugs -- 44 percentCandidate bad-mouthed their previousemployer, co-workers or clients -- 35 percentCandidate showed poor communication skills --29 percentCandidate made discriminatory comments --26 percentCandidate lied about qualifications -- 24 percentCandidate shared confidential information fromprevious employer -- 20 percent (CareerBuilder: (New York Times:
  6. 6. Step 1: Clean Up & Protect Nothing posted online is private. However:You can use privacy settings ondifferent social networking sites toprotect the information you reallywant to be limited to your nearestand dearest.
  7. 7. Things to Consider:• Privacy settings on your social networks• Limit who can see photos of you or ask friends not to “tag” your name in potentially embarrassing photos or comments• Add public content that reflects the “you” you want people to meet for the first time
  8. 8. Step 2: Get Control of Your Identity• Be open and available with your public information• Distinguish yourself from the other people with your name• Create an authentic online identity
  9. 9. Personal Landing Pages• A website that collects your online identities• Like an online business card• Consolidates all the “yous” on the web into one easy to find place• A way to have an online presence without creating a full website
  10. 10. Benefits• Lets people know who you are- your work, your interests, your life• Establishes a place where people can find the “real” you, rather than the other Jane or John Smiths out there• Establishes credibility and authenticity
  11. 11. How to Choose:• What services can you link to? – What services do I need?• What features are offered?• Does it fit my lifestyle?• Is it easy to use?
  12. 12. Card.lyPros:• Easy, elegant design,• “” is not a silly url• lots of networks availableCons:• No premium features, no custom domain
  13. 13. Flavors.mePros:• Easy, partially customizable design,• premium available (custom domain),• RSS feeds supportedCons:• might be a silly url,• not as many networks supported
  14. 14. Chi.mpPros:• Free .mp domain (• Can update directly to site• Easy to useCons:• Not as customizable
  15. 15. ClaimId.comPros:• Will work with any website or page that you would like to claim• Easy to useCons:• Very basic layout
  16. 16. Sites:•••••••
  17. 17. References• Marcus, Bernd; Machilek, Franz; Schütz, Astrid (2006). "Personality in cyberspace: Personal web sites as media for personality expressions and impressions". Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 90 (6): 1014–1031.• CareerBuilder “More Employers Screening Candidates via Social Networking Sites”• Forbes: “Managing Your Online Identity” identity.html• Lifehacker: “Five Best Personal Landing Pages”:• New York Times: “The Facebook Skeletons Come Out” Nov 5 2010:• Lifehacker: “Establish and Maintain Your Online Identity”
  18. 18. Featured Flickr Sites: Photos: • Mags3737: com/photos/mag 3737/191407627 7/sizes/o/in/phot ostream/