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PHL 116 Bioethics (resource handout for students)


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Resource handout given to students in 100-level bioethics course at University of Alabama at Birmingham in Fall 2013. See my other PHL 116 documents for slides and image handouts used during the class.

I was experimenting with the Cephalonian Method, which I learned about from "Leveraging Visual Literacy for Communication," a webinar presented by Nicole Brown, Multidisciplinary Instruction Librarian at New York University Libraries ( With this method, the instructor assigns a few students handouts that have an image and a question. When the instructor displays an image on the screen, the student with the matching image asks the question on her handout, and the instructor responds to the question. (See also "Innovative Library Induction - Introducing the 'Cephalonian Method' by Nigel Morgan and Linda Davies, _SCONUL Focus_, Summer/Autumn 2004, Issue 32, p. 4-8)

This was a break from my regular presentation format and helped capture the class's attention. The images are comics from Dan Piraro's Bizarro Blog ( and are (very loosely) related to bioethics topics. Along with the image handouts for selected students, I gave each student a handout that included selected books on bioethics and the questions asked by students with space to answer them (see my other PHL 116 Bioethics documents on SlideShare). Students searched for books and articles on their specific topics during the last half of the session.

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PHL 116 Bioethics (resource handout for students)

  1. 1. PHL 116 Bioethics (Fall 2013) Mervyn H. Sterne Library Librarian: Heather Martin E-mail: / Phone: 934-6364 Arts and Humanities News Books Encyclopedia of Bioethics Ref QH 332 .E52 2004 [1st floor] Selected Electronic Books on Bioethics Topics [find these by entering the title in search box on Sterne Library homepage] The Oxford Handbook of Animal Ethics The Oxford Handbook of Bioethics The Oxford Handbook of Practical Ethics [includes essays on Abortion, Reproductive Technology, Animals, Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide] Question 1: How do I find books on my topic at Sterne Library? Answer: Journal and Newspaper Articles Question 2: Which Sterne Library databases do I use to search for journal articles and newspaper articles about bioethics topics? Answer: Locating Full Text of Journal Articles Online: If the full text of an article is not available in the database you are searching, choose or to search for full text in other databases. You can also use the Electronic Journals List to locate full text of a journal article. Print: Search the Local Catalog (Journal Title search) to identify the call number and location (usually second floor) of the journal. Interlibrary Loan: Complete an interlibrary loan request for articles not available online or in Sterne Library. Choose Library Services then Interlibrary Loan from the Sterne Library homepage. Open Web Resources Question 3: Which websites do you suggest for finding information about bioethics topics? Answer: