Dra go n Medic a l P ra c tice Ed itionThe Spine and Orthopedic Institute CouplesDragon Medical Practice Edition with Orth...
Dra go n Medic a l P ra c tice Ed itionDespite a strong commitment to use of OrthoPad,           David Mokhtee, M.D. Hand ...
Dra go n Medic a l P ra c tice Ed itionerror, it may not be easy to recall what occurred      Higher Levels of Codingand f...
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The Spine And Orthopedic Institute Couples Dragon Medical Practice Edition With Orthopad To Deliver


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Dragon Medical Case Study

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The Spine And Orthopedic Institute Couples Dragon Medical Practice Edition With Orthopad To Deliver

  1. 1. Dra go n Medic a l P ra c tice Ed itionThe Spine and Orthopedic Institute CouplesDragon Medical Practice Edition with OrthoPadto Deliver Significant Cost Savings and MoreAccurate Documentation “ ragon [Medical Practice Edition] has been D nothing but beneficial for us. I’ve already recommended it to other physicians.” — cott Colby, CIO S Spine and Orthopedic Institute Tulsa, OKCHALLENGE Summary• he practice wanted to reduce the time T The Spine and Orthopedic Institute of Tulsa, spent documenting results as well as Oklahoma has seven physicians and one overall turnaround time. physicians’ assistant providing spine care, neurosurgery, sports medicine, joint care, hand and wrist, pain management and diagnostic imaging services. The practice has made the decision to deploySolution “front-end,” real-time speech recognition• peech-enable the EMR by coupling S alongside its OrthoPad® Electronic Medical Dragon® Medical Practice Edition with Record (EMR) to improve clinical workflow. OrthoPad to create complete, real-time The practice has recognized significant cost patient notes. savings and delivers more timely and accurate documentation that dramatically improve its level of service and responsiveness to referring physicians.results Deploying an EMR Right• educed annual transcription costs R from the Start by $70,000 As a relatively young organization, the Spine and• More thorough exams Orthopedic Institute wanted to implemented the• Higher coding levels OrthoPad EMR solution right from its inception.• aster turnaround times speed billing— F OrthoPad incorporates X-rays and other high- and payment—cycles quality images into the medical record to help• Improved patient satisfaction physicians improve care and communication with patients. h e a lt h c a r e
  2. 2. Dra go n Medic a l P ra c tice Ed itionDespite a strong commitment to use of OrthoPad, David Mokhtee, M.D. Hand Surgeon concurred,however, the physicians had reservations about “During the training session, we went over thetheir ability to document exams thoroughly using commands and nuances and at the same timethe EMR alone. The physicians believed that covered the workflow in the EMR. This was verytyping notes into the EMR would be too time important to me. It brought it all together andconsuming, while point-and-click templates gave me a good grasp of how to use Dragon withlacked the requisite level of detail. “The Orthopad.”physicians felt it would be quicker to pick up amicrophone and record the detailed notes they Exceeding Expectationsneeded,” explained Scott Colby, CIO of the While experience with older speech recognitionSpine and Orthopedic Institute. technologies had left Colby and the physicians skeptical of the technology, everyone at theUnfortunately, the standard dictation workflow practice was immediately impressed withwas cumbersome and time consuming. Dragon Medical Practice Edition.Physicians dictated their notes and gave the Dr. Mokhtee recalled, “I didn’t thinkrecorder to a medical assistant at the end of the Dragon Medical Practice Edition would recognizeday, who in turn transferred the files to a shared words as clearly as it does and have been pleasantlynetwork drive. The transcriptionist then accessed surprised. I’ve had no problems with recognition.”the drive, pulled off the files, transcribed the files,and then put them back into the folder. Later, the In addition, Colby created a number of templatesmedical assistant or a physician would have to for each physician that further simplify and speedproof the notes and enter them into the EMR. data entry with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.The Solution: A Speech-Enabled EMR These templates eliminate the need for physicians to re-dictate standard portions of the exam.Dragon Medical coupled with OrthoPad promised Instead, physicians need only specify informationto simplify the dictation workflow by allowing specific to each patient.physicians to dictate their notes immediatelyfollowing each exam, proofread them on the Lower Transcription Costsspot, and store them directly in the EMR. It wouldalso ultimately minimize transcription costs and Already, the practice is saving $70,000 annuallyturnaround time. in dictation costs for the five physicians currently using Dragon Medical and Dragon MedicalExpert Consulting from Datel Practice Edition.Solutions Real-Time Turnaround ImprovesDatel Solutions, a Certified Dragon Medical Partner, Accuracy and Serviceoversaw a phased roll-out of Dragon MedicalPractice Edition. Datel performed the installation, Previously, notes came back from theintegrated Dragon Medical with OrthoPad, and transcription service after 24 to 48 hours and wereprovided hands-on one-to- one training for the then proofread. Dragon Medical Practice Editionphysicians. “Rick Lobel was our trainer,” said Colby. allows physicians to see their notes immediately,“He works really well with the doctors. After an hour which allows them to fix any problems on theof training, they’re comfortable with Dragon Medical spot and improves accuracy.and ready to roll.” Explained Dr. Mokhtee, “When you get the transcription back after a few days and see an 2
  3. 3. Dra go n Medic a l P ra c tice Ed itionerror, it may not be easy to recall what occurred Higher Levels of Codingand fix it. With Dragon Medical Practice Edition’s Colby has created a number of templatesimmediate turnaround, I don’t have to worry that physicians complete usingabout going back and fixing problems. Dragon Medical Practice Edition and that complyAdditionally, I’ve been in situations where the note with the highest level of coding standards. Usingwas lost and I’d have to try to re-dictate from these templates allows physicians to performmemory a few days later, which could be difficult. more thorough exams and bill at a higher level.Now, if there’s a problem, it’s much easier to “Previously, we typically had more lower levelre-dictate the note right then and there.” dictations,” said Colby. “If physicians didn’t put in everything necessary for a level 5 we couldn’tThe rapid turnaround time also improves charge for that level. Now, our templates are builtservice to patients and referring physicians. to ensure that we meet stringent requirements.For example, some patients are involved with This has allowed us to provide a higher levelworkers compensation claims. Instant turnaround of service to both the patient and the referringtime for notes means that the physicians can now physician and bill accordingly.”send reports to claims adjusters within minutes.Referring physicians are also pleased to receive A Good Recommendationreports quickly. Overall, The Spine and Orthopedic Institute is very happy with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.Quality of Life Said Colby, “Dragon Medical Practice Edition hasUsing Dragon Medical Practice Edition keeps the been nothing but beneficial for us. I’ve alreadyday flowing more smoothly for physicians. As Colby recommended it to other physicians.”explained, “Our physicians see 30-60 patientsper day. Documenting each exam within the EMR Highlightsusing templates can be a 10 minute ordeal. Speech • ive physicians currently use Frecognition cuts that time in half. This allows the Dragon Medical Practice Editionphysicians to stay on schedule. Patient satisfaction within OrthoPadhas improved because the physicians aren’t sobacked up at the end of the day.” • 70,000 in annual transcription expenses have $ already been eliminated.When it’s time to go on vacation, • ather than producing canned notes, RDragon Medical Practice Edition improves quality Dragon Medical Practice Edition enablesof life even further. As Dr. Mokhtee noted, “When physicians to create thorough and accurateI go on vacation, my notes are done. I don’t have documentation unique to each patienttwo days worth of transcriptions backed up and encounterwaiting for my review when I return.” • omprehensive notes lead to confidence in C coding at the maximum appropriate levelFaster Billing • illing—and payment—is faster BBecause Dragon Medical Practice Edition allowsthe physicians to complete notes right away, the • hysicians are better able to stick to their Pnotes are in the chart immediately. The faster schedulesthe notes are finished and in the chart, the fasterthe billing process can begin, which ultimatelyspeeds payment. 3
  4. 4. Dra go n Medic a l P ra c tice Ed ition L-3529 7/12 DTMCopyright © 2012 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nuance, the Nuance logo, and Dragon are trademarks and/orregistered trademarks, of Nuance Communications, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. All other brandand product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. h e a lt h c a r e